The wish

English poems

When you were brought to this crazy world

With you came joy, peace and hope

I just stared and looked as you were curled

Kicking around as you grope

When you smiled, oh my heart leaped so high

Impatience grew much inside

Wished you’d open your eyes and crawl by

So you can play more wide-eyed

You gained more weight, I can’t carry you

Then I wished you would soon walk

Wished then you’d run and I’d buy a shoe

We’d play more around the clock

Then you would demand by crying loud

Wished you could talk and say so

When words started to flow I was proud

I wished then you could read slow

Then you read and you counted away

I rushed to school to enroll

To write your name was now what I pray

And to sing songs, the next goal

And time flew fast, each day a new wish

High grades and top of the class

A college degree, work to finish

Your own family to pass

You made me proud, my wishes came true

Happiness was all you gave

But deep inside me a longing chew

The time that I used to crave

As you walked down the aisle, now your dish

How I wish again you’re small

I wished those wishes I didn’t wish

Now I wish time I can stall

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