Mr. President, I could not have asked for a greater gift,

Seeing her, has given my soul a lift.

Thank you is all I can say,

And may I present to you,

Ms. Linda Lieaday.

Thank you son, but we have already met,

I can’t stay long, they are holding my jet.

Yes sir, I understand,

But I would like to introduce you

To my family if I can.

Absolutely, but I need to finish this.

Colonel, dismiss the assembly.


Mr. President, Linda, May I introduce you to the love of my life,

Seina Costickson, my lovely wife.

Mr. President, I am honored, though I didn’t vote for you,

I see I made a mistake that again I won’t do.

Thank you for your honesty ma’am,

It is refreshing to say the least,

If we had a little more of it across this land,

We would be the best from west to east.

Linda, I have heard so much about you,

How do you do?

Seina, I am so glad to meet you

After all this time,

Without the help you sent us

I would have gone out of my mind.

Your husband was a rock for us,

He helped with the children and got the bus.

If you ever want to give him away,

Remember my name…Linda Lieaday.

Mr. President, this is my Mom Effie and Fred my Dad.

Mr. President, the job you have been doing is not bad.

Thank you sir, it is because of the fine people like your son,

That the war on terror will be won.

Mr. President, Seina’s Mom, Maggie, and Wes her dad.

The pleasure is mine Sean,

I can see where Seina gets her good looks.

Tee-hee. Mr. President, don’t be bad.

Yes sir Mister President and she can cook.

I bet she can sir. And who might this fine young crew be?

Mr. President, may I introduce, Harlan my son, Leann here, Lily, and Lacy.

This is the partner in my practice, Dr. Morgan Vance,

And Vance brought his son Abu,

Which was one of the orphans over there,

That needed reconstructive surgery

That we could only do here.

It is an honor sir,

Shake his hand Abu.

It is okay son,

He won’t hurt you.

No son, you have been hurt enough,

I know so far your life has been tough,

But we are trying hard to turn your country around,

To a new democracy with peace all around.

Miss Linda! I member you.

I remember you too Abu.

My you have grown to quite a young man.

Do you like it here in this land?

Yes, but I miss my friends.

I wish they could be here.

It is like I died and am in heaven.

Maybe someday Abu,

Your country will be like heaven too.

Sean I would love to stay for sure,

But I must go, but if you would like

We can get a group picture.

Yes Sir, I know you have to go,

But there is one more person,

Sir, may introduce Colonel Ron Majors, my CO.

Colonel, I have heard a lot about this man,

Try to keep him on board if you can.

I have been recruiting sir,

Even Vance here would have to concur.

Okay all move in close,

Good that is a nice pose.

Smile and say cheese,

Thank you all…Achoo! Excuse me.

Goodbye Mister President and thanks again.

We will keep up the fight, sir, until we win.



Linda, how? We thought you were gone.

How did you get home?

It is a long story,

But right now I need a big hug,

So get on over here you big lug.

Seina, you are one lucky lady,

I couldn’t even get him to flirt with me.

He definely is a keeper, you hear?

God goes with him it is clear.

Now, how did I get here?

Well I left theater early and flew to Germany.

I called the station from there,

And they said take some time to sight see.

At the hotel, when I started to check in,

I recognized an insurgent so I followed him.

I heard about the crash and knew your mind,

But I didn’t want to lose this guy,

And to write you, I just didn’t find the time.

Well I got a good story out of it,

And the cops busted the little sh*t,

Then I ran into your sergeant who told me about this ceremony,

And there was no way I would miss this honey.

So, here I am, alive and well,

Sorry if I put you through hell.

It is enough to have you here,

You were right, it was what I feared.

I had resigned myself that it was true,

But a memory would be all that was left of you.

What do you think of my little family?

Little? It isn’t that little from what I see.

Seina, what was the name of Sean’s CO,

He is quite handsome if I do say so.

Is he married, I hope not,

Cause those steel gray eyes just make me hot.

His name is Ron,

And it is your lucky day hon.

He is not married and is a doctor too.

He is thinking about retiring

to join Sean and Vance the dynamic duo.

Hmmm. Introduce me if you would.

Only if you promise to be good.

Oh honey, he will think it the best.

After tonight he will need a rest.

Linda! Shame on you! You don’t even know him.

He is a man,

I am horny,

I want to jump in that pool and swim.

Ron, this is Linda Lieaday, a lost friend,

One we mistakenly believed had met her end.

Ma’am, it is a pleasure indeed.

Sean has spoke highly of your work,

Say’s you are a journalist,

I guess you have a lot to read.

Colonel, Colonel, may I call you Ron?

Let’s not talk shop hon.

This is a time to rejoice,

Let’s all go down town and make some noise.

Mommy, can we come too?

Mom, Dad, do you mind?

Girls I think it is getting a little late for you.

No dear, you all run along,

We and the Costicksons will take them

and make sure they are fed.

We don’t do well in thongs,

So we will put them to bed.

Thanks we will try not to be too late,

But this is like a first date.

Ron, don’t think this forward of me,

But would you be my escort for the eve.

Ma’am, it would be my honor, may I take your hand?

Colonel, play your cards right and that isn’t all you can take my man.

Linda, what are you doing around the holidays?

I am not sure, go home and sit through those insufferable plays.

I don’t know, I haven’t made up my mind.

Well, if you would like to join us,

I am sure, room we could find.

That sounds great Seina,

can Ron come too?

Ma’am, I may have plans.

Don’t worry Ron my man,

I know you do.

Seina, Ron and I would love to come,

You know…it feels good to be home.

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