Oh! Icarus

Oh! Icarus, why?

Why did you fly,

Like a bird so high?

Tell me why?


Didn’t you know,

That it was foolish to go,

With wax wings near,

The red star?


Not paying heed to your father,

You went after,

Chasing your subconscious dream,

Tasting the momentary freedom.


Yet natural world,

Didn’t stand,

  Your defiance whatsoever,

Throwing you where you started over.


For you feel pity I,

With a cavernous sigh,


Yes, ever.  


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Wishing Upon a Polymer

Sometimes I sit alone, among the fire,

Like a Cartesian lover, holding desire.

I wonder what is love at all,

Be it lust or, like a blinded fool,

Is it nothing? Is it like air,

Breathed through despair?

Or something solemn, unkind,


You fly, drowned in the Icarian Sea,

Giddy with joy, soaring curiously.

Oh Daedalus, help me to fly,

Not too close, from the sun in the sky.

Lay me among natures beauty,

In those moments I sit and think of you.