"Princes, Potentates, Warriors" Rise!!!

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Fuck religion,

Fuck ideology

Fuck virtue signalling

and all other forms of individual oppression.

Note: Quote from Paradise Lost, when Satan addresses his army.

Make no mistake though, I am not a satanist.

I am  using Satan as a symbol of freedom, not of evil. I'm a Christian but I feel

that the Christian religion can be used to oppress the individual. I guess you can

say I'm more or less a radical Christian. I believe the original christianity has been corrupted into 

this oppressve religion it is today and has more or less become a religion of fear and not of love.

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The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Clan

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This poem is meant to represent the idea of an authority tell people who they are and who they should be, and punishing people for exploring and embracing their individualism. Although the Vanilla Bean Queen refuses to let you see the true of herself directly, the true of her is nonetheless exposed through her actions (i.e., "I SEE YOU").