What is success?

 Ask myself I,

 Is it like those stars?

Appearing close like a mirage but not nearby.



Success like love can’t exactly be defined,

 It perhaps is that sigh of relief,

 After accomplishing something grand,

 As did fleetingly happen to Santiago lessening his grief.



As the axe of luminosity cuts the darkness,

 And the torchbearers like the saints pave ways,

 The same goes true with success,

 What the honest heart says.



Though the feeling like a thunder is momentary,

 But keeps flowing as blood the legacy of success,

 Injecting into others’ minds microbes friendly,

 Which boost them up to kiss the heavens.      



Success is feeling proud of the magnificent works,

 So sweet like honey,

 It’s at times being the muse and icon before others,

 Yet the meaning does vary; it’s not inevitably connected with money.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the poem, I have tried to define ‘success’. In the 8th line, Santiago is the old fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” who catches a very big fish viz. ‘marlin’ and feels extremely excited and proud just after that. Unfortunately, the marlin’s blood leaves a trail in the water and attracts sharks. They eat almost all the parts of the fish and Santiago returns home only with the skeleton. Therefore, the feeling of success is in fact “momentary” but the effect lasts longer. That means Santiago has become the source of inspiration for others and in this sense he is ‘successful’.

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I could have never imagined a love like ours

I could have never imagined the feel

Of losing myself so completely in the passengers seat

Letting you take the steering wheel


I could have never imagined the heartbreak

I could have never imagined the pain

Of losing my breath when I thought of you

Couldn’t bear even saying your name


I could have never imagined talking to you again

I was determined to be self-fulfilled

I settled for half of a sunshine

Half of a heart was all I could yield


But perhaps that’s because we grow up

And our imaginations go dim

We sink to the demise of reality

Instead of ripping it apart at the hem


My imagination brought me solely here

To a world full of all my dreams

Bright with color, majestic sounds

Where dancing abounds,

And the most gorgeous flowers bloom year round


My soul has ceased to frown

When your powerful wave washes over me

I could have never imagined that I’d

Swim, not drown


For now I carry you in my heart

It’s a hell of an imagination, I agree

But you fit there perfectly

In my (imagination’s chosen) untainted memories


This life I love and the peace in my soul

May not always win the war

Reality is a fierce competitor, yet to it I shut the door

I shut my eyes and my own world begins to rise

With it, the brightest sun

My world is what I make it

And my imagination has won.


what the future holds
and what the past had
what the present is
and what now is now !!

run after ur dreams , overcome ur fears and start to achieve

dreams and hopes all put togethor
it is now or never..
tomorrow and forever,
today and ever

it is todays's gift ... open and take it
it is yesterday's dont forget it
it is tomorrow's and look for it

take it ..and aim for it
dont miss it or sleep on it
chase it and cope with it
ur dream is what u long for it..

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Al-GUROBAA (The Stranger)


A Stranger
Living in the entagle of peoples' fear
In a rough path he is a scavenger
Souls are rejoicing in jahiliyah
Glad tidings to the stranger
In the midst of turbulent cheer
Of rebeliousness at top gear
While Sapiens have torn the viel of fear
Alien he is; he's bullied and labelled a liar
Yet, the truth he doesn't despair
He ramains a stranger
and he's treated like a scavenger
Suffering, his lot; yet his conscience's clear
Glad tidings to this stranger
Forever victory will be his share

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The empty space is what fills the hole inside my heart. Funny how others success brings me down to a beaten level where I wander forever aimlessly on the paths inside my brain. I doubt everything I’ve ever done and everything I do because what am I worth, what am I even needed for if I can’t even tell the success story of any of those who matter.

I’ve become a dementor of sorts, but rather than suck the positivity out of them, I wrap my mouth around my heart as it weeps the blood that once motivated. I viciously suck it out with every gasping breath. I don’t want to live a life of being told by others what someone I love has done. Don’t think I want pity for knowing there is not even presence in my absence. If the one who succeeds understands my helpless cries of devotion, then they alone should know each song that will need to be whispered in my ear to stop making me feel like the empty bottles in the road that get run over and burst, eventually flattened into useless trash.

I had a dream last night
That I needed you
As I do every day
Funny thing is
That this time
You tried to pull away. 

Calling Myself


A flicker, a flight

Shadows made of light.

A thunder, a blur

It's too much to endure.


I crawl to the shadows,

Only to fall out again.

To search for something more,

Some clue, where I might begin.


I follow another,

It's a path and a door,

Thinking maybe there's more here,

I press on like before.


And to my surprise,

...or maybe it's not,

I got all the way in,

Before I forgot;

My soul's sacred journey

The reason I came,

And so far I've learned,

Everyone else is to blame.


A giggle, a smack,

Keep Mr. Ego on track...

A crash and a splash,

illusions melt in a flash.


Back on my road,

The path ahead seems long.

Sometimes I worry,

What if I'm wrong?


These nibblets of shadows,

That creep through my brain,

Are my only real enemies,

And yet the power they've gained!


I close my eyes tight

I focus on my cause

I bless all the world

And give a brief pause.

I thank all the workers,

Those who wield light,

For yours is the journey,

I give my will and my might.


There's a sizzle and a fizzle,

As light starts to drizzle.

A crack and a pop,

As everything stops.


In my minds eye,

The periscope of my heart,

I wrap myself in this light,

Now I'm ready to start...


As the light breaks upon me,

Shadows break and they fall,

And to think all it took,

Was my making a call.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've always loved the word "periscope" :o) points for word usage! lol

Success: The Dream of ‘Heaven’ on Earth

 All and sundry making headway,
Endeavouring to lay a hand on success,
Save for success akin to air cannot be clasped,
Can merely immerse in its ray.


Said's pessoptimism stanchly coerces its helm,
Seeing as Man proposes, God disposes,
Hitherto time mends the lesions,
Ins and outs of its realm.


The dreamers shall indeed taste success,
Squashing the negativity, mendacity and faithlessness.





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His World

Without her near, his love cannot exist,
His brilliant love for her he must eclipse,
How to mask such love but rule the world?
How to rule the world while masking his love for it?

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Like a shooting star,
I am rising.

I am becoming more powerful,
and stronger within.

I am proud of who I am,
and if you can't except it
then I don't need you in my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A feeling of success and glory.

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