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I'm not a poetry nut, but lately I've found it to be a great creative outlet. For most of today and tomorrow and the next day, I want to live life to the fullest. For the remainder of those days, let darkness fuel my intentions and desires for a fulfilled life. Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger. That is the compass for which to find and become Atlas.

I enjoy life. My family and the drama that surrounds it. My nephews and their innocence. My new perfect niece and God's sense of humor for sticking her with us. My sister who's the devil in disguise. My two brothers, old and young, like the moon, promote my tidal waves and seasons. My parents, Mary and Joseph. My ego.

I like to jog, snowboard, play softball, ride my motorcycle, be entrepreneurial, play chess, play spades, play w/ my niece and nephews, volunteer, tutor homeless children, read books, smoke cigars, drink scotch, play piano, be romantic, breathe deeply, focus sharply. I'm honest to a fault. Soon I will take art/painting and scuba diving lessons. Then I will move to Maui for a few months.

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no one dares to know,
how deep black holes can go,
All matter, even you,
Annihilated too,
A galaxy to create,
the task that's on its plate,
give birth to countless stars,
to journeys long and far,
Great wisdom I'll attain,
nurturer of my brain,
admiring its great worth,
nurturer of my birth

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