Like a shooting star,
I am rising.

I am becoming more powerful,
and stronger within.

I am proud of who I am,
and if you can't except it
then I don't need you in my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A feeling of success and glory.

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On my feet

Work, work, work

Life is a contest
The tough can make and reap success
But it’s so lonely up here
Tis’ a place made for the few
Telling people what and how to do
A desire to stay afloat
Would take a toll on your boat
One should be firm but remain soft
In order not to end up
Feeling stressed and burn-out.

Feel so tired at the end of the day
Yet I must stay put and be happy
For what would happen if I wouldn’t be?
Can I just curl up and stay away?
When mundane things sometimes go messy
Could I ask somebody?
To take over just for a little while
So I can catch my breath
Renew my strength
And be on my feet again.

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Success Motto!

Success, Success, Success the whole mankind is running for,
Working hard on so many chores….

Is money success? Is name success? What is Success?
Is Success always having more and never less?

There is no definition to success clear,
We make our own opinions for success,
We make our own notions for failure and fear…..

Then what is the “Success Motto” blowing around….
Is there something permanent you have found!

Yes the motto of success is to be happy now,
You’re not living successfully,
Contemplating on thoughts of past and future how?

Success is to concentrate, be consistent and determined,
Successful are those who take adversities as a positive wind….

Real success means, I am happy no matter what?
Real success is a well lived life,
When the lord takes a glimpse shot!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An irony to success in today's world!


Today would be the day,
If I did not woke up from fairies tales.
This is no day to died,
I am going to delay my sins,
What happens? Silly me!
Letters, words, calls,

I guess, we all wanted to go to Hollywood,
The smell of decay felt like achievement,
Today could be the day,
But I shall die another night,
And seating still, I kept silence,
Watching you, craving for success…

Close your eyes and you might see me,
Keep open your senses,
And play the part,
We know, who pulled the trigger,
And I survived the betray,
The bullet never came!

Few syllables penned on a page,
But no letters drifted in my loneliness,
Potentials turned to bullets,
So I close all exits!
To find my way to freedom,
And so, I shall die another night…


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All Part Of The Plan . . smh

Random Poems

Yea im doing shit ppls thought I couldn't do ; breaking there solid thoughts & ignoring there sense of view ; & even if I point them out man they still won't have a clue ; cuz I was expected to fail and only believed by few ; congratulating my success stfu I see right through ; fake smile me all u want but I ensure ur words are long overdue ; like dam u must gotta addiction to wanting people to meet with disaster ; but I guess I shouldnt blame or judge u for even the matter ; since we was all raised in the environment where failing was da only thing that seemed to mattered ; like it was favored becuz to you that meant shit was going as plan ; U got used to seeing failure during the course of your lifespan ; like I needed to get a kid & a G.E.D to be considered a man ; & if I'm constantly disrespectful then sure yea u understand ; blaming ppls like u for my life yea ikno ; part of the plan ; smh. . like dam ; . . . dam ; . . .dam

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Old Fashion

Love Poems

call me old fashion but i used to wear my heart on my sleeve ; but ever since u left i no longer believe ; so with my doors lock and my wall back up ; no longer is ur trust backedup ; & without that ur love no longer has my address ; so with that distraction gone i can now focus solely on success ~


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Oceanic Life

Unique Poems

Yea everyday I'm on my new beginning // racing in this ocean of life but never finning // Just call me dat lone shark knight dats always grinning // & don't follow my past path cuz it be ginning // you'll become one of my fans that'll stay spinning // & I only be racing myself so I stay winning // yea I'm on my cash cab driving from my fast past // thinking it could bypass but my future is my steadfast // so I can only surpass feeling so enthusiast // u becoming so close I swear u can kiss my ass but as i begin to leave ur sight I leave u all flabbergast // & yea u can be my hater bee knowing u ain't flee as me // but u might get a waiting fee // jus saying it ain't guaranteed // I cud be dat argon & baby u could be my mulan // I just need my paragon to help me run this marathon // yea I kno da odds are on but lets become that phenomenon // that one unique liaison // dat nobody will ever break upon // & even tho I can't see da finish line I know that you'll be mine // so all ima do is enjoy dis shine // and reminisce on all da false guidelines // who try to get me going straight on my lifeline // but life got my back so I'm on her spine knowing that I'll always be on her mind // cuz even tho she be throwing tidal waves // it never knocks me off my successful way ~


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i wanna be succesful

i can't really see or hear the best,
but i feel like success is standing in front of me screaming at me to come get
an to be honest im a little intimidated,
cause if i fail then all my dreams will be erased then,
an money issues im already havin
so to try an be what i want to be at this time is unrealistic
but the longer i wait the less chance will be of me having it
an if i ever have it ill be loyal an treat it with respect
an i never cared to win the lotto but i always fantasize about success
waiting patiently but everyone else thinks im a big mess
an gave up on me ever being what i know they all wanted
but i walk by faith and not by site
an trust me ill have you when the time is right!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know if what i write is poetry to others i know to me it is but i always feel like other ppl may not get it so i never really wrote poetry because of that feeling till recently but its how i feel more than anything

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