In My Mouth

We should be more than this.
Every time I close my eyes we kiss.
Just want your snake bitten lip, in my mouth,
with my hands moving South.
It's about time we found an end,
to this game we call pretend.
We both know this is more,
and it's time we explore.
I won't runway if you give in,
it's about time to sin.
See I've been waiting for you,
I know you love how we do.
And I got all the time in the world for this....
just to feel your snake bitten lip,
in my mouth.....
-Jay Pierce
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about one night 2 years ago that has never let me go! 

Naked in the Garden



She ran from him just fast enough so he could catch her, and he followed as he knew he should. When the wind blew and the leaves on the trees rustled, you would expect them to feel the chill of the air but between them there was only heat. It emitted from every pore, from every breath, from every inch of them both. For the first time in his life he could feel the rotation of the earth. In fact, he swore he could hear it move. No quiet night had ever been so loud. No act of defiance had ever been so in tune with its surroundings. She ran from him just fast enough so he could catch her, and he followed as he knew he should. Until she stopped to turn and face him, by a tree — near a brook — and with one look, they were naked in the garden.

Watch you, Watch me

My Everything

You watch me,

Dilated eyes

A hunger,

A need


I watch you,

Widened eyes

A craving,

A plea


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim


You feel me

Shameless hands

A journey

A design


I feel you

Stirring hands

A show

A crime


The space surrounding

Grows to a dim


Just you and me

And this Wednesday whim












A Love For Today

My Everything


Oh sweet, sweet love

This day is meant for us

This day of passion and romance

With a hint of lust


Your crimson lips I yearn for

Your crimson lips that stain

Each and every memory

Helping me stay sane


Memories with a scent

Only your presence can leave

Another lost breathe,

That has been taken from me


Eyes molded in every thought

Angelic flesh beside me; lay

Sensations left on my skin

Reminders of the day


Traces of you are found

Intertwining with my heart

Footprint after footprint

A perfect love to impart


A day so sublime

A night so ideal

Today is meant for us

Flawlessly surreal




Quench the thirst of dying Earth
Great chasms of interlocking spider-webbed
fractures platforming horizon. 
Sun blistered and writhing. 
Free your brittle skeleton 
and sandblasted.
Snarling hiss of wind ripped barren.
Your Freedom exists
swelling within the infinite timeless power
of thunderbolt storm-cloud rain-dance.
Quench the thirst of dying Earth 
  penetrate each bliss-filled fiber
Thirsting endlessly for their saving grace.
Never forever.
Then up the spout again.   
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Pleasure and Judgement in The Garden of Sin


Bodies intertwined like serpents in the garden of sin
souls dieing again and again
to find the pleasure in the pain
the judgement the sentence
the dream to awaken
to nurture the flower of skin
to consume the nectar that awaits within

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Making Love

 Making love with her,

Is like a nectar,

She loses herself when I move my covetous fingers,

Between her soft pillars.


Her fragrant breath can I feel,

Her firm embrace seems to suffocate, to kill!

I feel that the world is right there,

Between me and her!


When the sugary storm is gone,

I feel like being reborn!

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Your egotistic delusions of self waste

I am the shadow, fading into silence


I am the words you shoved in a box


I am blood, sex & violence

behind the symbol of peace


I am light enraptured unto the void

from a thousand years of cosmic darkness

chasing the souls of stars


I am the mirror you wish to avoid

with the tears that coiled down the drain

& the years wasted on nothing--

but what you thought was yourself...

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