If I could die in your eyes,
I would awake in your caressing arms.
Your body you surrender to me,
As your lips tell unworthy lies.
For you my life I'd stake,
But I know your heart I could never take.
Your eyes avert, untrusting.
As our bodies collide, en-thrusting.
The motions of sex to me you give.
When with just one passionate kiss, I could live.
Your mind, a puzzle too difficult to read.
And your emotions, undetectable; the stone that can't bleed.
I have concluded that sex without emotions equals emptiness,
As does with emotions unreturned and rejected.
So I fear that I may be an empty person,
Empty within myself and you.
For I am just a fool beaten and dejected.
But what fate lies ahead of these empty souls,
Is a question for us two.
This question can only be answered by the eternal God of Time.
My emotions, though I should beware.
Are a bold statement within the air.
And you act as if you don't care, or you don't want to.
The voices know that I can't refuse,
Even though they know that I will lose.
And to the eternal God of Time;
Impatient, but he must wait.
For truth is not within fate.
As this pair of souls have committed their crime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written on the same night as Pleasure... over the same girl. Blah Blah.

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