the garden

come to my garden,
let me show you the way...
walk in my footstep,
like the shadow, i am!

the day is fading away.
can you smell the parfumof ether,
exoctic flowers rotten to the core,
each one with a bleeding heart!

feel the thorn of the dying rose,
getting each night,
a little deeper...
another fading passion...

moon reflecting on white lillies,
feeding on my tears...
my flesh turning into ashes...
the earth fed with the salt of my being!

can you see the flashing colours?
blinding your innocent eyes...
your feets slowly going into the ground,
buried into the garden of my perverted mind!

my perversion of today,
my innocence of tomorrow!
my garden is eternity,
filled with corpses of memories...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1 of my favorite place....
When i am lost/ Alone

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If I could die in your eyes,
I would awake in your caressing arms.
Your body you surrender to me,
As your lips tell unworthy lies.
For you my life I'd stake,
But I know your heart I could never take.
Your eyes avert, untrusting.
As our bodies collide, en-thrusting.
The motions of sex to me you give.
When with just one passionate kiss, I could live.
Your mind, a puzzle too difficult to read.
And your emotions, undetectable; the stone that can't bleed.
I have concluded that sex without emotions equals emptiness,
As does with emotions unreturned and rejected.
So I fear that I may be an empty person,
Empty within myself and you.
For I am just a fool beaten and dejected.
But what fate lies ahead of these empty souls,
Is a question for us two.
This question can only be answered by the eternal God of Time.
My emotions, though I should beware.
Are a bold statement within the air.
And you act as if you don't care, or you don't want to.
The voices know that I can't refuse,
Even though they know that I will lose.
And to the eternal God of Time;
Impatient, but he must wait.
For truth is not within fate.
As this pair of souls have committed their crime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written on the same night as Pleasure... over the same girl. Blah Blah.

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