DaddyO, Can You Teach Me How To Make My Girl Squirt?

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by DaddyO


Face it guys, women ejaculate! From my experience, a flooded bed sheet is not uncommon.


Female Ejaculate


When a woman has an orgasm, how much comes out?


The amount of ejaculate a woman produces is debatable, but studies show it can be as little as a teaspoonful per ejaculation. The flooded bed sheet scenario comes about when a woman is led through multiple ejaculatory orgasms.


Skenes Are Keen


Her ejaculate is produced and released from the body’s Skene glands (also called the Paraurethral glands) during sexual arousal. This ejaculatory fluid is essentially the same fluid you produce, but without the sperm. The fluid itself is clear, milky, and fairly odorless* with a watery consistency.


The size, capacity and placement of the Skene glands varies greatly between different women. The positioning of the glands plays such a major role in how effectively your woman can be a "squirter" that some women think they are not capable of squirting. The truth is, if they are having orgasms, they most likely already are ejaculating.


Most All Women Can Squirt


Due to the differences in each female's anatomy, instead of the fluid being released from the vagina, on some females it is pushed back up into the bladder when her muscles tighten post-climax. So the fact is, many women experience retrograde ejaculate, while others ejaculate outside the body.


Some women produce so little ejaculate that it’s not even noticeable. At best, a little may drip out rather than squirt. Just as some men are able to thrust their ejaculate out and others simply dribble forth, don't be dismayed if your woman isn't able to produce a squirting ejaculation. She may simply not be biologically equipped to do so. There are some rare cases in which a woman is missing her Skeen glands, or it is so underdeveloped, that squirting becomes an impossibility.


If she is able to have her ejaculate fluid shoot from the Skene glands through the urethra, it can cause a much more powerful and intense orgasm. This is similar to the way the ejaculate liquid rushing through your penis creates an intense climax for you. The “exploding” sensation of the rushing hot liquid adds to the intensity.


The G-Spot


I like to call it the "O" Spot


So how do we get this magically orgasmic experience to occur? One must learn and discover the Grafenberg spot (commonly referred to as the “G-spot”). This is an area on the front wall of her vagina, about two inches in, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. Women who have their G-spot stimulated tend to report ejaculation much more often than women who don’t. Some women can orgasm and ejaculate when their G-spot alone is stimulated. In fact, for some women the urge to ejaculate may never occur without G-spot stimulation! But this doesn't mean all women need G-spot stimulation for ejaculation to occur either. Many women learn to ejaculate without G-spot stimulation at all. G-spot stimulation seems to make fluid expulsion more likely to occur for most women. A woman can learn to ejaculate under any kind of stimulation as long as when she orgasms, her pelvic muscles contract intensely enough to expel the ejaculate fluid.


DaddyO's Finger-Banging Technique


Men have died trying to obtain this valuable information; but I'm going to give it to you for free


There are some G-spot manipulation techniques that I have found work much better than others. The three fingered come-hither motion with the mermaid-tail rhythm on the G-spot is what I have had the most success with. It works most ideal on women with vaginas where two fingers fit in quite easily. Inserting the third finger seems to solidify your control. You then need to do it with force, but you also have to be careful not to scratch the G-spot with your fingernails. Like any vaginal stimulation, it needs to be done slowly and sensually at first. The woman also needs to be assured to "let go."


I will go into this step by step in greater detail later, so keep reading...


G-spot stimulation responses vary from woman to woman. Some love it, others won't. Be flexible with how she responds to you. Her first ejaculation through G-spot stimulation, if she’s even capable of it, may take from ten minutes to over an hour. Explain that just prior to ejaculation, she may feel like she’s about to pee. If this happens, make sure she relaxes her bladder and allows the fluid to pass and press out as if peeing. Otherwise, if she follows her initial instinct to stop peeing, the ejaculation will stop. Remind her that the feeling is simply a sign that she is about to ejaculate and if there is any urine at all it will be just a little and diluted. Since it supposedly feels like she will need to urinate, make sure she knows there is no shame in wetting the bed.


Tip: Have her empty her bladder right before playtime so she knows the release is mainly ejaculate and not urine.


And for God's sake, don't just reach into her towards her G-spot right away! Until she’s highly aroused, her G-spot won’t respond to your touch and her Skene glands won’t have had a chance to fill with ejaculate fluid. Plus her pussy will be raw and non-lubricated. You will actually be making her less turned on.


Don't bite! (unless she likes biting)


And no! Licking your fingers or spitting on her cunt is not acceptable. Do your work arousing her or apply lube to your fingers.


That's it. You got it.


Have her lay on her back with her legs spread apart. If she enjoys giving up control, have her wrists restrained or if you are in a group setting, have people hold her arms down. Begin by stimulating her clitoris and vulva with your tongue or fingers until she’s aroused and very wet. Then lay down next to her, with your hand between her legs into a position where you can insert your fingers into her easily. I have found having one hand cupping her neck and the back of her head while your dominant arm reaches across her belly and your dominant hand maneuvers between her parted lips and into her vaginal opening, makes the best position. Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed short and filed dull, otherwise she’ll be very sore. Apply some lube to your index finger, even if she is dripping wet and begin exploring. Once inside, turn your palm up and signal with your index finger to make a hook. Imagine you want to signal to someone to come toward you with a “come hither” motion. In this finger position, feel your way along the upper front wall of the vagina with your finger. If she is aroused enough you will find a two inch area which will feel enlarged and slightly rough. It is located directly beneath the clitoris.


This is it! You have found her G-spot. Consider the G-spot to be the iceberg and the clit to be its tip.


Initially, stroke it with your finger slowly, rubbing it with a very soft up and down motion, as if rubbing a tiny little kitten. If the little pussy starts getting aroused, start pushing harder. Gradually increase the pressure and gauge how she feels. Most women I have experienced get more aroused as more pressure and force is added, but that may be due to the fact that I play with women who are either masochists or enjoy rough play. As you continue stroking her G-spot with your lubricated finger, try stimulating her clitoris at the same time with your other hand or mouth and tongue. This technique is optional, and does not work with everyone, but can do wonders for some. Use a constant and steady rhythm and pace. Maintain some level of constant pressure on the spot until the very end. Do not pull out your fingers until playtime is long over.


The Double-Finger Stroke


Once the single finger stroke is mastered, move on to the double finger stroke, which is the same as the single finger stroke, but uses two fingers instead of one. Alternate between using the two finger stroke and the walking fingers approach, which is to use your two fingers as you would in the double finger stroke, but move them in opposite strides of each other as if your fingers were walking. After mastering these techniques, try sliding your two fingers out a fraction of an inch and violently pushing them back in, similar to the in-and-out motion of hard intercourse, but with smaller strokes. This is extremely important: when you feel her vagina contracting and she nears orgasm, you may be tempted to stop. DON'T DO IT! Instead you must stroke faster. Apply a firmer and more intense touch if she is enjoying it, otherwise stroke gently but always stroke more rapidly.


This is one of the key nuances of finger banging that cannot be taught without lots of practice. Remember to remind her to relax her bladder and press out as if urinating when her orgasm begins. When she orgasms, her vagina may push your finger outward. Don’t pull out! Instead, press in gently. This is generally when the most surprising amount of "squirt" happens. If it’s more than a few teaspoons, remember, it’s a mixture of female ejaculate and diluted urine, so watch your eyes!


Sadly, she may orgasm and not ejaculate any fluid. Take pride in the fact that she has had an orgasm. Ejaculation takes practice and might not happen for her the first time. Also, she has a trick up her sleeve: Unlike for you, this is not the end. A woman’s capacity for pleasure is enormous. Many women are capable of multiple or serial orgasms, so it is quite possible that she can have multiple orgasms and/or ejaculations with further stimulation.


For many women, stimulating her G-spot makes ejaculation easier the first few times, but once she starts ejaculating easily and becomes comfortable and familiar with the process, she can learn to have powerful, liquid squirting orgasms with clitoral stimulation alone. Some women even learn to squirt from spankings, predicament situations or simply arousing words being spoken. And since some women can cum on command, squirting on command is not out of the realm of possibility.


Other Positions


There obviously are other positions. I have used the stomach and knees position, but have found less success with it: When she is on her stomach, have her get up on her knees and lift her butt into the air. Then come from behind her, and slide your index finger back into her vagina, facing downward in a hook. Find her G-spot and stroke it in the similar manner as described above. Lubricate your other hand, and use it to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.


While she’s on her stomach and knees, you can also try inserting your thumb into her vagina and stroking the G-spot with your thumb. Take your other two fingers and lay them down on either side of her clitoris. Allow the entire curve of your hand between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her vagina and clit. Stroke with your thumb and rub her clit with your other two fingers at the same time.




Since a woman can’t comfortably reach her G-spot with her own hands, you are a hot commodity knowing this information. Still, she still may opt to buy herself a vibrator specially designed for G-spot stimulation with a curved head (they are around twenty dollars). Don't worry, this will not render you obsolete. Encourage her to learn her body so you can both have better knowledge of where to stroke and you can know how fast, and how much pressure to apply. Even if she is able to rub a few out on her own, she will have a much easier time letting go by giving you control.



*The smell and taste can vary between partners and even with the same partner depending on diet and other factors.


Some of the information in this writing comes from:

Jesse Charger's Seduction Science

Isis Media

Dr. Laura Berman

Also, tanyatoy (for whom my interest and, dare I say, "expertise" on this subject was gleaned) 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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A wet dollup of cum lies hardening on my pubic hair.


Off the cuff, and drifting into blissful body high with my babygirl in my arms,

I laugh and tell her: "it's pubic hair conditioner!"


Babygirl says:

"No Daddy, it hardens. It would make better mousse."


Together we start trying to say:


"Pubic mousse."


I betcha you can't say that ten times fast!


"Pubic mousse, 

Pubic mousse, 

Pumic muss,

Pubic moooo,   

Pubic muse, 

Pubic mews, 

Poobic mousse, 

Pubic mousse, 

Pubic mouse,

Pubic ahahaha haha"

We conclude it is just too impossible to do

And move on to trying new tongue twisters.

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My apologies go out to dozens of women whom

I mistakenly misled to believe they weren't peeing

When they squirted during my fingering.


You apparently were.


But look at it this way:


I apparently like drinking piss.

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