Our First Kiss 2012

Kiss of Honey

Having you so close to me
In this moment, when all I want to do
Is kiss you, hold you and keep you near
It is hard to breathe, let alone fight these emotions
All caught up in the sensation you create

Always been so closed, with you within my life
So hard to keep my book closed
I don't want to rush you, there is no need
I will take the time needed
I don't wanna mess this up

A kiss in the pale moonlight
I asked a friend to the movie's
Finally, having you in my arms
Feeling the touch of our bright fire
I don't want to ruin our love
Pushing you too far
Just a chance, you are the one
I been waiting for my whole life
For tonight, I am all right with a kiss good night

If I allow patience, we could grow strong in love
Brings us closer, deeper in the love we want
It has not felt so real, so pure

I didn't want to say good night, leave you
Not after all this time of waiting for love
But I know we will have more time soon
See you in my dreams tonight milove

But first, I need a kiss good night
Kiss goodnight

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"Eye Loves"

My Work

He never thought tho skilled in the art,
how anyone could understand.
And so he kept his wayward heart,
hidden in the palm of his hand.
Going back to a lonely bed,
not comforted by the clock.
The tormented life that he had led,
a mind that raced nonstop.

I have seen this; in my mind,
the tossing and turning each night.
Waiting for some open heart's sign,
with promise to feel the light.
So he trudged thru weary days,
struggling to breathe.
Not knowing peace, but confusing ways,
deciding not to believe.

She always dreamed; tho not out loud,
of that special kiss.
Every time she sang for crowds,
something was amiss.
The social life that she had known,
was coming to an end.
And every night she slept alone,
needing more than a friend.

I have watched this, I have prayed,
trying to help her believe.
As she struggled to just stay brave,
wearing her heart on her sleeve.
So, she worked faithfully,
to keep the wolf from the door.
Not having much security,
but she knew there had to be more.

One day she met this stranger,
his merriment sprinkled with glee.
But in his pretty eyes she saw danger,
and whispered,"what's happening to me?"
From here on out she couldn't turn aside,
not that she even wanted to,
her feelings could not be denied,
she had to think this through.

Meanwhile, his heart was enraptured;
though he never said a word.
Her cute little smile, his lost soul captured,
others thought this absurd.
She brought him chips, a coke, and seemed
to just always be there.
They felt like they had met in a dream,
they had so much to share.

So by and by through much duress,
their secret could keep, no longer.
Late one night, they had to confess,
together they were stronger.
And now their days are blue skies;
for sweet love they have found,
and she is lost inside blue eyes,
and forever he, in brown.

"Happy Anniversary"
to 2 people who HAVE FOUND the magic..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A gift for my daughter, and her awesome boyfriend, on their 5 month going together anniversary. A bit of whimsy...

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Today would be the day,
If I did not woke up from fairies tales.
This is no day to died,
I am going to delay my sins,
What happens? Silly me!
Letters, words, calls,

I guess, we all wanted to go to Hollywood,
The smell of decay felt like achievement,
Today could be the day,
But I shall die another night,
And seating still, I kept silence,
Watching you, craving for success…

Close your eyes and you might see me,
Keep open your senses,
And play the part,
We know, who pulled the trigger,
And I survived the betray,
The bullet never came!

Few syllables penned on a page,
But no letters drifted in my loneliness,
Potentials turned to bullets,
So I close all exits!
To find my way to freedom,
And so, I shall die another night…


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Memories Fading


Please love,
Kiss me
Before the memory

I will kiss you
Pour all my Heart

Please love,
Press against me
Caress our lips

Soft touches
Slowing hearts

Please love
Don't leave
Me in the night

Kiss us
While the memory

Combing fingers through hair
Lingering in a locked kiss
Fear of letting go

Oh love!
Kiss me one last time
As the memories fade

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This Kiss


Holding me close

Closer than ever

Kissing me so deep

Are we the only ones

Here on earth

Or is it me


Slight of tongue

Soft tender lips

Everything stops

For us, for this

Our perfect kiss



Written on

September 13, 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to a boyfriend t the time talking about how his kiss affected me.

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   I saw your picture in my secret musical box,

Once we used to be lovers,

And now we can not even be friends.

Is cold outside,

And yes, I am not in love anymore,

But we melted our flesh once,

And his cold outside,

When are you coming inside?

I can hear you whispering me,

“Remember you, I only love you”,

That fine, I shall leave the music box,

On the stairs and I know you still have the key,

Remember is better to forget then cry,

I wish you would come

But I wish impossible things

So I hope I won’t find your delicate frame frozen,

And if so, remember,

We used to be in love,

And my precious music box,

Sing our song,

The one we dance under the stars,

But is not the same you,

Even the song of my magic box

Tonight seems so tacky!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

everyones shouldhave a secret musical box...

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              Shall we reassure them straight away…we would not had it any others ways!

The ultimate price we had to pay to feel so alive was the pain of loosing each other’s.

If we did not too, we would have drift ourselves into the same absurdity of everyone else’s, I shall thank you for it, and I shall, always love you even more for it?


since the day, you choose to leave this masquerade, you came forever in our garden, sleeping with our dying flowers, speaking to the fading moon.

While, I am trap into the neglect down below.

How many words could speak about you with justice?

How many pictures could portray the complexity of a human being?

I do not think if I could write these words with my own blood, which I am sure would feel so painless, I could ever give justice to the memories…


A muse you have become, a saint, you shall stay, the tragedy somehow have washed it all…

How do you introduce the dead?

Do you speak by making music with your bones? Maybe ashes by now?

How do you explain the shadow of your eyes?

The beautiful intensity of your dark soul?

Shall they ever understand, shall they ever knew?


Does it really matter after all? It must, because this is what keep me alive, this is what keep me going my sweet angel, the whispers, I listen in my sleep, oh I know, you are so close, when I speak about you, I promise remember?

Till my last breath you shall exhale…


Remember, our first kiss in Paris? Two ignorant lips sealing our goodbye, unknown to the child we were, those split second, shall never leave me.

The world should know, neither for sympathy or anger but if the souvenir of such sweetness can bring peace to one heart, we shall have won all over again, the purity of this magic second, frozen in time of the declining broken clock.


You had the luck of misfortune to feel the lost of a dear one, at the time, we did not realised, it would not be long before yours….

God we felt so alive remembers?


There is nothing surely, after such a twisted? I spend a long time wondering for you, for my sanity? But somehow diminishing fast into the abyss, I find the comfort of your memory, maybe that is all there is…


I bled and bled and never find happiness, so I turned to faith, the devotion of the hollow holiness and suddenly find your face again.


Gruesome the body they buried, ghastly and strange was our goodbye 

Striking, the angels are flying high tonight, you must be happy; I almost envy you…


Shall we end up this privately for the time being…? I think.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ode to my first love, passed away at 22 years old .R.I.P.

time might have pass, but the the memories have never fade...Margot.

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