I Wish I could Kiss You in the Rain!

I daydream time and again,

To kiss you in the rain,

Holding you in my arms,

Surprising you with all my charms.


I wish time stopped at that very second,

No noise bothering you, no tension,

Only the sweet sound of the raindrops,

Should only be there before the rain stops.


Perhaps you will tremble because of coldness ‘my dear’,

Perhaps it is my prolonged kiss that will make you shiver.

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*A Friend*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


One that's by your side 

Day and night

The purring he never stops or tries to hide

He's happy when I come in sight

To visit or spend time with me 

Hours on end 


He meows when he wants mt attention

So I give him a hug and kiss

As I pet him

And in return he gives his loving affection


Tops has brough me joy

And will always

He will stay in my heart

Forever and until my dying days

He's so precious from my mind he won't part


Everyday I go to work and call his name 

He comes running my way

He's so funny when I play the string game

Tops is truely a great friend

I tell him that everyday

I will love him till past the end 


I will never forget

How he curled up in my lap to fall asleep

Thank you God for a special friend I met

He means so much to me 


I wish I could keep him forever

I don't want to set him free

But no matter what we are in our heart

We are together 


He's my best friend

I ask of you God to protect

And make sure he gets all the love I send 

Because He's my friend

One that's purr-fect



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my stray Tops from Tree Tops at Fernwood Resorts. I love and miss him

*The way You Touch Me*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The tips of your fingers

Are so smooth as the caress my skin

The feeling just lingers

My heat just spins


It puts chills down my spin

And a tingle through my body

I makes me want to wine and dine

And have our own little party


The warmth feels so nice

The heat we create

Could melt any size of ice

The only thing that could have brought this passion together

It had to fate 

It was meant to burn so deep forever


The way you touch me 

The feeling within

It's set free

Your touch makes my head spin


I'm wanting to experience your kiss

To be in your arms

This feeling I don't want to forget or miss

Just promise you'll keep me from harm


I want this feeling forever

I want us to be 

To always be together 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't like this poem much. I'm going to edit it some more 

*A Lasting Impression*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

A first kiss
A first touch
A first glance into those eyes
A first hug
A first for everything

That first kiss I really miss
That first touch again I want it so much
That first glance into your eyes
An imaginable lover in disguise
That first hug I cant wait to feel your arms
Warm and snug
The first for everything to me I want you to bring

A lasting impression
Is what i left
A loving affection
Is what i wish to get 


A lasting impression
Is what i brought to your mind
A lasting question
Why does God bless me with such a find


A lasting impression
Is what i bestow
A lasting gentleness
I love how much it grows


A lasting kindness
With great happiness
A lasting loveliness
Is what will show
And a bond so great that we will know


A lasting impression
I left on your heart
Is one I hold dearly
Always forever and never part



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British Surprise

British weather is cold and windy,

One two three

He is like no other.


Accidents happen most of the time;

He is her accident,

He is her surprise; a wonderful surprise.


Thousand miles away,

Are hands that are yet to be touched,

Lips to be kissed,

And bodies to meet.

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The Power of Your Kiss

  Whenever I am not in me occasionally,


And like an orphan star,


Seems to be lost and afar,      


Your kiss brings me back certainly.



Whenever my heart is covered with misery,


Your kiss on my forehead,


Acts like a nectar making me glad,

As if the cloud is no more shady,


The feeling of your kiss stays,


Even for days.  

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Christina was with friends
schoolgirls like her
and she saw me


coming across
the sports field
she left them


and met me
and I heard them
cackle like hens


I’d turned down
Reynard's game
of football


to be there
what's tickling
their fancy?


I asked
towards the girls


on the field
O you know
what girls are like


any juicy bit
of gossip
to bite on


what gossip is that?
about the gym
and us the other day


she said
and that prefect
turfing us out


O that
I said
looking at her eyes


seeing worlds there
I wish I was in your year
she said


then I
would be leaving school
this year


instead of next
shouldn't wish
your life away


or before you know it
you'll be an old lady
with grey hair


and wrinkles
God forbid
she said smiling


we walked up
the field together
she talked


of her parent's rowing
and her mother's moods
and how her big brother


had  done things
but then she broke off
and talked


of the girl in her class
who thought
she was dying


because she had
started to bleed
during P.E


we got to fence
which separated
the field from the road


where cars and lorries
were going by
she looked back


at the field
we don't get
enough time together


she said
you being
in a village


miles away
and I living
in this boring town


at least we do
see each other
I said


not enough
of each other though
she said


her lips stopped
and parted slightly
I gazed at her


for a few moments
taking in her eyes
and lips


that kiss
in the gym
she said


that could have
led somewhere
could it?


I said
yes it may
she said


someone called my name
across the field


who the heck is that?
she said
my mate Reynard


I said
what's he want?
football game I expect


you're not going
to play football
are you?


she said
I waved away Rolland
indicating I wasn't playing


and he ran off
with other boys
towards the goals


on the other end
of the field
she looked at the boys


kicking a ball around
never understand boys
she said


what do they see
in kicking a ball about?
never mind them


I said
we have limited
time together


she nodded
and she looked back
at the field seeing


who was nearby
and who was who
then she came


close to me
and kissed me
her lips warm


and wet
skin on skin
tongues touched


a fire like sense
raced along
my nerves


I closed my eyes
and so did she
and we were


in places
and positions
in our minds


we wanted
to be.

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Yehudit walked with me
in the woods
and sunlight pushed
through the branches


of trees overhead
birds sang
a rabbit rushed off
through the thick


she wore
the dark green skirt
and white blouse


school had ended
for the holiday
wonder if our swan
is there


she said
reminds me
of the Wagner opera
I liked the way


the sunlight
lit up her hair
as she walked
tints of dark brown


and light brown
a hair grip
held in place
unruly bits


she said
that's it
that's the opera


she had undone
the green school tie
the collar loose
the tie untidily


pulled away
neck showed
last time
we saw it


at the lake
(the name
she called
the pond)


we sat and kissed
and you put
your hand
up my skirt


she said
where the blouse
was stretched
her breasts


pushed out
seeking escape
and there was that bloke
fishing over the way


and we didn't care
a toss
she said
I liked how


her soft
plump hand
held mine
her fingers


gripped mine
preventing their escape
had they wanted to
(which they didn't)


yes I remember that
I said
(we only noticed him
just before we kissed


tucked amongst trees)
is it unusual
for swans
to come to our lake?


she asked
I shouldn't think so
I said
(I hadn't thought


about it at all)
as we walked
I glanced at her profile
the nose


the flushed cheeks
the eyes blue
clear blue
as if


in white dishes
her hair brushed
in her usual
careless way


I hope he's not
there today
she said
it's not the same


in front of others
I doubt he is
I said


yes I had heard
the highlights
of the opera


on the radio
a few times
the swan bit
she had said about


as we came
to the pond
(my word not hers)
we  saw no one


was there
except ducks
and moor hens
and fish swimming


just under
the surface
we sat
on the warm


grassy bank
and she sat
with her chin
on her knees


her hands holding
her legs
she said


a crow sounded nearby
a woodpecker tapped
away at some tree
I could see


the impression
of her bar strap
through the white
cotton blouse


at the back
how do they manage
to undo them?
I thought


my hands each side
of my legs
balancing me
I love it here


she said
I like it anywhere
I said
she turned


and playfully
hit my arm
I meant the place
not that


she said smiling
still no swan
I said
she looked


at the water's skin
a Mallard swam by
do you think of sex
all the time?


she said
pretty much
I said
I thought so


she  replied
there was that heron
landed that time
I said


yes there was
she said
the sun was warm
white clouds


no swan
and us
making love
in my head.

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Canned Meat

An arrow head in my mouth


Rations in calico 

Crying for the butler like a child for its mother

Lapping what I cache inside this trench 

Spread and cruxified 

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