Last day of her life

My thoughts of seeing her again clouded visons

in the shadows of my eyes.

Lid on her casket was the last time
I saw her face.

Years passed not forgetting her nor my love for hr

Our hearts meshing together during the last week

of her life hear on this earth.A

Love to others flowed from her soul.

Fifty people all her friends came to say a last goodbye

in that hospital room

Last day of her life; she waited for me

while I went to make sure of her final

resting place.

When I returned I told her I loved her for all time.

fifteen minutes later she was gone.

Now the time has come to reunite

I go to her resting place the spot is opened

Angela all dressed in white reaches out to hug me.

I suddenly am dressed in white too.

Mama she says I came back for you

to take you home and you will never be

alone again.



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What's this?
I found something amiss.
There's a pencil there,
Just lying on the stair.
Picked it up and what did I find?
A pencil of the same kind
That was a month ago I lost,
And a heartache it did cost.
But here it is, good as new.
Pencil, I'm glad I found you.
If you're the same one,
Guess what! You're home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem, and the sequel to her Lament of the Pencil.

She just put it up on Facebook with this text;

"Some of you may remember my Lament of the Pencil a while back. Well, I found a pencil that was curiously alike today, lying on the ground in the same building. Thought it seemed appropriate to write another little poem.

(Insert the poem here.)

It turned out pretty good, which is unusual. So now I'm convinced I can't write poetry unless it has to do with pencils."

So as you can see, my sister has little confidence in her poetry skills, which seems to be unfounded. Don't you think these are good?

Anyways, like before I will be letting her know about any comments, so just feel free to address them to her directly!

Link to Lament of the Pencil:

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My Immortal


In life, you were beautiful
Your smile brought light where there wasn’t any
Your laugh dispelled any doubts
Your kiss forgot all pain
My whole life was based on you
I loved you

But time took it’s bitter toll
And you were taken away from me
Although I cannot see you
I know you’re still here
Haunting me
Never leaving me alone in my grief

One day I’ll join you my love
And then we’ll be reunited
Brought together again
Like missing pieces finding their place
And on God’s white shores
Where time touches reality
Where death has no sting
Where the angels sing with you now
I’ll hold you again
And kiss you
Forgetting all the past pain
And I love you still
My Immortal

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