Can’t you see it rising
The waters of your emotions
A great wall of your depression
Take care that you don’t drown in the flood!
Rising above your head
Pulling you down into the torrent
Down into it’s watery grave
Why don’t you swim away
Can’t you see yourself supplying the water
A great ocean of apathy
You’ll drown!
Swim away!
You have the strength
I will help you
But don’t try to pull me in with you
Take my hand
We can do this together
Don’t drown in the puddle beneath my feet
The weight of your emotions are merely rain
Don’t be so weak as to succumb to it

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Help is on the way

Help is on the way

like a calm before the storm
Ima bout to blow
the fucking top off this world
carry the wounded and broke
the fallin from long ago
that have been the ones left alone
to feel the cold
I'll Give you the strength
to get back up on your feet
Sick of seeing people walk on by
Kill the dreams
hate on the fallin
feist on the weak
dont worry !
I'll move mountans
build bridges
put the wieght of this world on my shoulders
i only ask for one thing
Thank you!

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The right way

So much hate in this world, So many tears, and So many fears in this world that turns.
Turns So slowly like and empty merry go round abandoned by the children.
They loathe and conquer the meek. They digest souls as they walk aimlessly.
They are everywhere omnisciently waiting to devour.
They know not another way to live. They wouldn’t change if they could.
If you, like so many wear your heart on your sleeve they will steal it from you. They will fight one another for your heart for theirs does not beat with love and compassion, it only knows hate.
Their hateful hearts feed off love. They steal love like something on a shelf unaware they are captors.
They devour and indulge in helpless souls that endeavor to find love.
You expect one day for them to see their evil ways. It will never happen.
You wait foolishly like the rest just to contest and complain, all the while rotting your brain to nothing.
You let your heart bleed out precious blood. This is the blood that saves instead of prey, the blood pure with true intentions and valuable lessons. This is the blood that was passed down generations just for your heart to beat and be torn to pieces like a vicious lion mauling its victim.
You must move on. You are better than this. The entire world is not this way.
This world is not only dismay and destruction. It is more! You must find your way in this darkness we call the world with no light. You must fight and struggle to break free and find peace.
You will obtain the peace; you will find it like lost keys one day, probably in front of your face begging you to look while you turn the other way.
You must for now continue the journey and the learning, the struggle and the yearning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I approached writing this in a much different way that when i usually write. I'm just experimenting with this and will probably add much more to it.

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Today was a good day I got my pay from work , got to hang out with my best friend
I was at elm park and I noticed a guy and girl sitting at the bench and get up and walk away
I didn't pay much attention , Then me and Bj went for a little ride around town to water font ,
Cause there was a storm brewing the clouds looked like they were from the deps of hell ,
We biked a bit and we were riding in elm park and I glanced over to were the girl and guy were
sitting and something caught my eye I thought IT was a smoke pack But then I sa something shiny I stop the
Bike real fast and IT was a 600$ Iphone 4 I was in shock the first thing to come to mind was to try to find
The guy who lost it , And me and my friend biked away really fast in the derection the guy went away in
But No luck So we went back to elm park to see if he went there , And All of a sudden The "lost phone"
Started to ring So I picked it up It seid "dad" I seid " hello do you know who owns this phone ?"
He said "yeah" then I said "I found it in elm park on the bench " he said He will send the guy who lost it to me
I hung up A few minutes later he called back and said " Okay there will be a guy In white camo pants to get it "
O said okay I'm in the middle of the park , A few minutes later A black car pulls up and The guy who lost it
Got out and started to walk so I walked towards him And We met it had just started raining a few minutes earlier
I was soaked , I handed him the phone He had a Big but odd smile on his face like he just realized there are still
A few honest people around here I handed him the phone he said " Thanks I really appreciate it " And then he handed me 10$
I said thanks and I walked away he got in his car then left I Biked home in the rain and dryed off and Jumped on the computer ..

I sit here and wonder How it felt to him looseing a 600$ phone , and How happy he was to get it back ,
Still to this day I love to help people out .

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Helpless, desperate, wanting to help.
Questioning, wondering, unsure of myself.
How can I aid you during a time of strife
when I have no idea of my place in your life?
We are not lovers, but feel like more than just friends.
We’ve been close for a while, but aren’t ones who spend
time together with frequency, yet we talk all the time
and everyone knows you’re always on my mind.

I feel your pains as strongly as if they were my own,
yet I don’t know what to do while you struggle all alone.
I want so much to help, to heal, to comfort, to protect
but I don’t know if it’s wanted, desired, or even if you’ll let
me show you how it feels to have someone at your back
there to hold you up, even while others attack
you from the front and side and every which way.
I hope you know that I’m here all through the day
ready, willing, waiting to be just what you need.
When you call I will answer with the greatest of speed,
but I don’t think you trust that my motives are real.
Take a moment, don’t think or analyze, just feel
the warmth of the love I’m sending your way.
Believe with your heart that I’m here with you to stay.

I know you’ve been hurt many times in the past.
I know you’ve had others where you thought love would last.
I know you’ve faced times where you were left all alone
I know you’ve been left without one to call your own
I know you have more reasons than I could ever count
for why it is so much easier to believe all your doubt
than to believe that I am different, that my motives are sincere.
I’m trying so hard to show you, to tell you, but you can’t hear
the words I say with an open mind and heart
and I cannot seem to conquer the distance we’re apart
largely because I don’t know what it is you want
or if it’s even possible to defeat the ghosts that haunt
you – the memories of others who linger
in the corners of your mind, like a string around your finger
destined to remind you of things you’d like to forget.
But I’m here for keeps – I swear I’m a guaranteed safe bet.

Yet I know that these are words – simple, plain and true.
But you’ve heard plenty of words before, only to have them betray you.
It’s my actions that I hope will truly stand the test of time.
My simple act of being here will clearly show that I’m
not someone who will hurt you, run, abandon, go.
I’m quite unique. Different. Unlike anyone you know.
Standing with you comes easy to me – not because I’m rare,
but because I learned long ago that is how you show you care
for someone in whom you choose to invest your time
I want to be part of your life and for you to be part of mine.

Yet the Fates have not made the path between us clear.
So while what we are remains fuzzy, still you are so dear
to me that I’d sacrifice many things to demonstrate and prove
how sincere my dedication is, despite the fact that you’ve
not given a clear indicator – not any kind of sign
that I am more than a passing thought running through your mind.
What puzzles me most is that despite the complete lack of clarity
there is no question of how important you are to me.

So although I cannot know right now exactly how you feel
or precisely how to help you survive through your ordeal
I realize the best thing I can do is simply to be here –
as a friend, as a confidante, as a shoulder, as an ear.
I will do my best to support you just by being me
and hope with all my heart and soul that you will come to see
just how honest and true my words have always been
and that the secret to long term love starts with just a friend.

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Savoir Save Me!
Please don’t let me fall
Any more
Broken, dying on the floor
I need you God!
Keep me from killing myself!
It’s all my fault
Six years of death every day
My conscience is seared
Just to white wash my tomb
I forget how to feel
Are you still here?
This is all my fault
I’m the only one to blame
How do I get back in your arms again?
How can I be strength to another
When I am so weak?
How can I hold someone up
When I’m sliding
Help me…..

Author's Notes/Comments: 



Lifes a lie,
I won't yelp.
But I cry,
I need help.
Nothing anyone will do,
And no one truly cares.
It's nothing new,
It constantly tares.
And along with tears,
Comes blood and scars.
It all really sears,
Hidden unlike cars.
Help is not asked,
Because they just ignore.
I feel like an outcast,
It digs to my core.
One day Ill cut deep,
Purpose or accident?
The knife will seep,
Ill find out what I meant.
Suicide or a slip,
Either ones great.
Knife will take a dip,
Everything and everyone will be to late.

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Oh Lord


Oh precious Lord
Your love sustains us
Your ways give us peace
We long for your touch
We love you so much.

Even when I don't see
When I'm asleep you dance over me
When I'm asleep you sing over me

How I yearn to be where you are
Oh Lord touch us today
Give us strength to keep going and keep giving

Keep us under your wings
When I fly I will fly home to you
Your my one true love
To you I give my all

Keep loving us
For your love sustains us

Written By Betty Bolden
Jesus is my joy Ministries

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Alcoholic - by KK Ryder (The Rebel Princess)

Alcoholic by KK Ryder by KK Ryder (The Rebel Princess)

Alcoholic- by KK Ryder (The Rebel Princess)

Invisible, embarrassing wall of shame
an alcoholic will hold you ransom with all there is to blame
baggage swallowing up your environment
Your personal growth suffocated  wraped up tight as vines
Become sour grapes

An alcoholic keeps you hostage with the razor blades spewing from thier mouth while the stench of thier drug of choice insults every one of the sences in your inner and outer being 
Jelousy induendos make you question even the slightest 
motives for going beyond the shadows and the depths of thier mere heckle of their Jeckle and Mr. Hyde existence 
 an acoholic will make you break every concience decission to break rules break laws just to get them to stop acting like a four year old fire breathing dragon who needs the soothing security blanket of that crack of dawn baby bottle of booze
 an alcoholic exists in Your world permeating and draining every ounce of energy you have and then you give give and still give some more an alcoholic steals Your
strength and thus becomes for some incompleted unknown question of how did I get
here how and why do I stay and last but certainly not least how do I get out... How do
I leave.... Better question is when................. Get out, while you can,while you still have the strength to leave!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel personally so strong about these words - I truly hope to help the mentally and physically abused - your life is yours to live and enjoy! :)

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