Lifes a lie,
I won't yelp.
But I cry,
I need help.
Nothing anyone will do,
And no one truly cares.
It's nothing new,
It constantly tares.
And along with tears,
Comes blood and scars.
It all really sears,
Hidden unlike cars.
Help is not asked,
Because they just ignore.
I feel like an outcast,
It digs to my core.
One day Ill cut deep,
Purpose or accident?
The knife will seep,
Ill find out what I meant.
Suicide or a slip,
Either ones great.
Knife will take a dip,
Everything and everyone will be to late.

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Hey i really like this poem ,

Hey i really like this poem , but its sad, and dude i know what its like, to want to disapear, to die.
Iv been there, and if you EVER need somebody to listen to you, to help, or maybe want some advice, im deff here for you. Iv got your back. Iv had my fair share of hell, and im here if you want my help. K?
BUt good poem. BUt dont give up.