"This is it,

the last time.

Not my last time,

for there will be many more,


but before I go,

take a second.

Or two.

As though leaving a humble abode


for the last time.

Or realistically,

one to be proud of,

one no need for humility.


A tendency to be crass, 

the one-stop coffeeshop 

that was the first building

foot stepped in,


the exact final destination

of a journey

across from

one Ocean to the next.


First impressions,

wild differences between

vernacular and tone,

'shaka brah', 


and an immediate inquiry

as to where the hell

I come from.



but immediately warm

the very first contact

turned out to be,

only to observe


more than a year of stumbles,

pieces scribbled,

baristas in and out,

one to be a brother


calling this location


locomotives blaring by

in a flash of red




the count not of years,

but of poetic conveyance,


written in the soft glow

of this shop,

this shop the subject

times so often giving


detail to who,

what, where,

and how that one girl,

that one time,


smelt as she walked by.


the time spent 

since the Spring,


but some things never change,

and that's how at home

I feel in this booth.

Bottoms up,


here's to you,

one last brew,

one last time. 

No more lines


to be written


skate to the next place,

though it won't be the same."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Home, closed down... I'll be wandering around town on a longboard for awhile. Two books written here at Brash Coffee, the local coffee shop I walked in the first hour of being in Chattanooga.


Cheers, Brash.

Universal Expansion


Into the soil we plant our seed

Surround it with affection to prevent a weed

We feed and water this delicate notion

With love we give our hearts devotion

It's begins to sprout, our little conception

Tiny leaves, the feelers of innocent perception

Basking in days of naïve exhilaration

Unaware that it is a product of creation

Our little shoot has grown to tree

With rain and snow beating down on thee

Wonders of why there are such days

Thoughts of times spent better ways

Exhilaration turns to thoughts of despair

More misfortune than our little tree can bare

With fear in it's heart and a tear in it's eye

It visualizes the days, it's spirits were high

Suddenly the sky darkens and stars shine through

Screaming “That's exactly what we wish you to do”

Just think of love and appreciation

For you are indeed our finest creation

We adorn you with light, guidance and acceptance

You need only to walk through our lighted entrance

Keep aligned and focus on all things good

And you will discover our brotherhood

You see, we are all connected in every way

And have been since the dawn of day

For your thoughts become our expansion

That's how the universe has built it's mansion

For you are god and he is you

Together you work like paper and glue

So think your wants and your hearts desires

And you will ignite creations like wild fires

Keep positive thoughts and make it your goal

To keep feelings of gratitude and passion in your soul

So stop the martyrdom, irritation and rise

To focus on life through rose colored eyes!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe we truly create our lives. What we live, we decided to live. You can never appreciate the good without the bad.Wink

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The most Ancient Gods,

Prototypes of all the Gods,

Worshiped before humanity;

And all came from one source.


The source is called Mlandoth,

All Gods are manifestations of Him.

Ngyr-Khorath, the mad and monstrous thing

Whom haunts this region of space

Before the solar system was formed,

Is a local eddy of Mlandoth's Race.


Yidhra, who was born with the life of Earth

Intertwining with all Earthly life-forms,

Teaches reverence for Mlandoth.

Before death was born, She was born;

For untold ages there was life without death,

Life without birth, life unchanging.

But at last death came; birth came;

Life became mortal and mutable,

And thereafter fathers died,

Sons were born, and never the same.


The slime became the worm

And the worm the serpent,

The serpent the yeti of the mountains

And the yeti became man.


Only She escaped death,

Escaped birth.

But She could not escape change,

For all things will change;

The trees of the North must shed their leaves.

She learned to devour the mortal creatures;

From their seed to change Herself,

And to be as all mortal things,

Living forever without birth, without death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Goddess Yidhra.