a world full of sadness

a world full of saddness 2015




what if there was no sadness or no more fear what then would we feel


to live with out depression or pain would be like a dream that felt so unreal


what then would we do if there was happiness in the world where we live


would others be loving and more inclined to smile and be willing to give


what if the world was made up of the good and have none of the bad


would the world be too boring or would there be no fun to be had


what would it be like to live with out fear to live with out the mess


that comes with a war that we didnt want and to live with out sadness


to live with the peace we all truely deserve would that be to much to ask


or live with out poverty and sickness or to live with out hiding behing a mask


i believe we would combust if the world wasnt mad or terribly sad


we would probably die of bordom from the same old emothions we all had


but what if we all try a little harder to be positive more or less


and then maybe we could live with out a world full of sadness




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one has been on my mind a lot i hope you like it



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