Thoughts On Love

Love is like hot cocoa

On a cold winters day

Snuggled up in a blanket

Watching the snow outside


Love is like having a dream

Good or bad, it doesn't matter

Because if you roll over

You'll be held all night long


Love is like waking up

To dew outside your tent

The birds singing for the morning

 And the smell of a woodfire

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"I Want It All, I Want It Now, And I Want More"






The world is a cold place, full of people who are protecting their own assets, and doing whatever they can to gain more and more. People seem never to be satisfied anymore. They see nothing wrong with knowing there is so much suffering in the world already, and continuing on the same path. 


Human life is a beautiful experience. On the other hand, this world, anymore, is not so much a beautiful experience. Oh yes, when the first days of spring come, and the buds begin to bloom on the trees and flowers, we get a glimpse of those finer things about the world. The beauty of a summer rainfall and the smell of just cut grass will always make those of us who have no pollen allergies giddy, but rarely does it make us giddy enough. We need more and more, until we are chopping down rosebushes and burning every tree. It isn't important anymore to admire the tree growing from a tiny seed. It is more important to have a fireplace in our already solar heated home during the winter to "gaze" at as we finish it off. When we do not have food in the fridge, we suffer until we can scrape up the money to buy some, but when the money is there, instead of living off of grains, fruits and vegetables, we gorge on rich deserts and breads, and steaks with enough fat to get a polar bear through the winter, and cause us to need a pill to control our cholesterol level. We could buy clothes from a second hand shop that would be just as warm as clothes from the mall, but we don't, because somehow we think new is warmer and if we don't think it's warmer, well, it's definitely better for our ego, and that, we 'think', makes us content and happy.


What does it take to fill you with contentment? Is there anything? 


Contentment cannot be bought. Not for anyone. Contentment is a state of mind you can only arrive at alone. It is a place of truth. A place where truth is always welcomed, and courage is plentiful. A place of inner peace, and things like joy, sorrow, fear, pain, regret and envy may casually waltz through, but never stay very long. It is a place where the world is small, and virtues are big and overflowing, and the universe has everything under control. It is a place you choose to go to for the sake of everyone having matter where they live, what color their skin is, what religion they are, how fat they are, how different, or ugly, or bad, or good. The directions to the place called contentment begin with a decision to be content. We all have the capability to go, and it does not cost a dime....or even a penny.


How content are you?





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by life.

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Two stray cats went exploring out in the world one day

One found it much too boring the other bright and gay.


They came upon a lonely man looking for a pet.

He said, “I’m sorry but I can take but one, I do not need a set.”


Cat #1 said to cat #2, “You go with him to live.

I was hoping to get more out of life than what he has to give.”


Cat #2 was ecstatic he thanked the stars above.

That the first man he encountered would offer him his love.


He needn’t look any further, he did not need to roam

How lucky was Cat #2 for he’d finally found a home.


Cat #1 kept on looking but liked no one that he tried.

And never finding what he thought he wanted in time he finally died.


After many years had passed I ran into Cat #2 one day

 I said, “I have a question I must ask, answer if you may.”


“Why are you still living while your friend died long ago?

What’s your secret, please dear cat, you have to let me know!”


The cat looked at me thoughtfully and a smile crossed his brow

“After all this time it’s hard to say but I’ll try to answer now.


My friend was always searching...I’m not sure what he was looking for,

He was never happy with anything, he always wanted more.


He could not find the joy in life which I found very sad

Because he never felt contentment with the things he already had.


I was very lucky… perhaps touched from up above.

For though my life was simple it was filled with joy and love.


I stopped searching long ago for things I’d never find

And spent a life of satisfaction with purrfect piece of mind.”


As Cat #2 departed on an old park bench I sat

And contemplated the lesson I received from that old cat.


If he’s correct, and we want our lives every day to feel blessed

Then we’d be wise to follow the wisdom he professed.


For we can search the whole would over but nothing will compare


With the beauties right before us if we stop to see them there. 

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Contentment hidden within love's eternal fire

I shielded you from flames, and fire
 your wounds I did bandage
I promised to fight your every fear
Because you gave me courage, and strength
Your presence alone brings contentment
But my feelings I will keep hidden
Your heart you have kept hidden
And inside burned a fire
With every touch was instant contentment
As I unwrapped the bandage 
And held you with subtle strength
Not enough time is what I fear
I look into your eyes and sense a little fear
You have a secret kept hidden
How, you have kept silent with strength 
How, my words burned like a fire
How, they stung like the ripping of a bandage
I will leave you with no contentment 
For you took away all my contentment
And did what I fear
For we stuck together like the adhesive of a bandage
And our love was hidden
Like the dousing of a fire
Like a light, losing strength 
But I ask, from me do you draw strength?
Do I, bring you contentment?
In your heart, do I light your fire?
Is it me, that you fear?
What is it that you have hidden?
Is it your scars that I bandage?
Or is it your heart I bandage?
Where do I find the strength
To keep my love hidden?
For in you, I seek contentment 
A broken heart is what I fear
For love is a fire
Let this fire melt the bandage
Together we will fight fear and give each other strength
And no longer will we keep our contentment hidden
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this at work for a friend. I told her to give me six words and ill write a sestina for her. 

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True happiness.

True happiness
doesn't come from the treasures
or wealth that we acquire
but the contentment
of love peace
and the place we call home
within our hearts and minds
our love for God
and spiritual growth
to which we aspire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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A Maize of Listening Ears


Young love
An old truck
Cornfield with a picnic lunch
Just the two of us
But with friends close
Get away from a crazy world
Getting to know you better
You call it romantic
I just call it life
‘Cause this is how I want to spend the rest of mine

Lost in a maize of listening ears
Watching to see what we do
Both our families on our side
Praying to see us through
I want to do this right
Screwed up once before
And I don’t want to go one more night
Without you knowing
Who I adore

Now I’m not rich
But I get through
Love’s more precious than gold
So this ring
I give to you
Shows you you’re my whole world

Lost in a maize of listening ears
Watching to see what we do
Both our families on our side
Praying to see us through
I want to do this right
Screwed up once before
And I don’t want to go one more night
Without you knowing
Who I adore

Now I told her
If you want me
You’ll find me near God’s side
He’s my best friend and Father too
Now He’s smiling at my bride
Growing old
Growing up
Never seemed so hard
Lot of broken dreams
Broken pride
But I never gave her up

Lost in a maize of listening ears
Watching to see what we do
Both our families on our side
Praying to see us through
I want to do this right
Screwed up once before
And I don’t want to go one more night
Without you knowing
Who I adore

Who knows
Someday down the road
I hope it looks like this
Two rocking chairs
Crowded with kids
And all of them are ours
We work hard
But it’s worth it
To see them grow up strong
And see their mother smiling at me
Wrap her in my arms

Lost in a maize of listening ears
Watching to see what we do
Both our families on our side
Praying to see us through
I want to do this right
Screwed up once before
And I don’t want to go one more night
Without you knowing
Who I adore
You’re my hero

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the experiments piece #1

naughty ramblings

i dig you deep in ways that i don't want to describe

things you think you see and say i hide

are not exactly what they seem to be,

and though you like to think that this is my influence and thought processing of you,

even though i consider you my boo,

you are so much more

including the not to be ignored

knowing you insures that i have endured more

than it seems or i'll admit

and has transpired

because our interactions keep my thoughts higher

and don't spit

it's even truer

sometimes when my thoughts go in the sewer

because there are fewer

willing to sift through what's true for what's real,

which is not about how i feel

or whether i can deal

but if this is in fact real...

is it real?

you think i conceal

out of fear that this will end

but that all depends

on what you want it to be

cuz for me

it is a good dream that is a glimpse into the space

right before i get to the place

that i dare not race for

i want summore

cuz parts of you i simply adore

and others i simply want to explore

until my checklist of getting used to you is torn into the many pieces

that only genius

can put back together

so i say it's whatever

and whether or not

you find me hot

never really mattered since you were my experiment

into the compliment of feeling content.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i will love this existence as much as the others...

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I closed my eyes
Thinking of the blue sky
So serene and wide
I made a contented smile
As I feel peace inside
I saw a sparkling ball of white
Ahh it’s the clouds hanging by
Sprinkling its finest spray
Cutting thru the sun’s golden ray
Creating a prism that sway
What a beautiful rainbow I saw today.

How many of us got to see a rainbow
Where fairies dance and swing with gusto?

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As I slip into your arms
snuggle close to you
feel your heartbeat
I find a place of contentment.

 copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A place of contentment.

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