A Little Child


Have to be a little child from my father,

Have to obey Cthulhu evermore.

And all bad things turned into dust,

By my evil and good Father.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts about Father Cthulhu.

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my ode entitled dark and light weave


 Ying and yang

Good and bad

High, low vibration

Weave happy and sad


Dark in your head

Cannot be separated

Please don’t hate

Manage it instead


Same for materialism

Spirituality, polar opposite

In everyones prism

Also got to manage it


Light does not exist

Without darkness too

Materialism’s remit

Hides spirit in you


Hypnotises with fame

TV Hollywood too

A priority to re-arrange

Makes your soul blue


We should be tribal

Living a primative life

Instead, moneys the bible

World causes maximum strife


Or thats how it feels

Humanity is suffering

Doesn’t seem priority

Though many accepting


Their part in the play

In this bogus system

Got to recognise demons

Before their managing


Higher realms observing

Looking after interests

Humanity is learning

Must feel second best


it does, they win certainly

exactly what they want

dont give darkness energy

it’s almost had it’s lot.

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Like blood running red

From a bullet in my head

I am my worst enemy

And I just lost a battle with me

See, it’s clear

I am the one thing that I fear

For I can only truly be free

From anything other than me

I want to do good, I know I can

But in the mirror is a man

I don’t recognize

Whom I despise

Because it’s me I’ve idolized


I’m sick of the lie

That I’ve been handed

That I’ve been branded

That the world revolves around me

It can’t be

Or else I wouldn’t be in this mess

To keep God God, I’ve learned is best

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my ode to the humble bycicle

Riding a bicycle you are free

To enjoy the road; liberty

You can use footpaths too

Back alleys help you

To cover more ground

Cycling is well sound


Even in the pouring rain

Something very gratifying

No problems parking up

Funny how always in luck

You might get a bit wet too

Might need a radiator or two


But cheaper than turning key

Cycling costs you no money

After an initial investment

Down a boot sale, a tenner

Cycle to hearts content

Unless your wheel is bent


Takes you back also too

Earlier years, cycling youth

Seems ground covered now

That’s if your body allows

You might not be

As fit as me

I’m as fit as a preverbal flea


Cycles though are a joy

Should be something to enjoy

Even in hail and rain

Tho miss snowy days

Better with more gears

And a lack of any fear


Hi viz jacket, lights too

Both will really help you

British roads are narrow

Some trips end in sorrow

Even cycling champions

Get knocked off bikes

Like the best of us


The moral of this rhyme

I really do advise

Cycling for getting around

And for keeping healthy

Sound as a pound

Keep those kneed bending

And keep on peddling

For fuel efficient days

And for keeping

Chiropractors away

So have a peachy day

nothing left to say

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There is little that is common in decency.
Shreds are found shared among village or city
but only when plights can be devalued and seen
as an alternate scheme by which we'd receive
bounty. And thus, a true altruistic being
cannot exist simultaneous with needs
unmet, unaddressed, unfulfilled or well-buried
beneath a "real" or projected empathy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have been watching way, wayyyy too much QI.

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The World Turned Upside Down


(From 'ThoughtShock; A manifesto' Chapter 13)


Chapter Thirteen

'The World turned Upside Down'


Epilogue “My oh my

              My oh my, look at what we've done.

Found ourselves a pretty little gun.

Towards the heavens we looked, as we squeezed the trigger.


          My oh my, barely holding onto what we have left.

Still searching for god during our dieing breath.

Picking up these pieces, of these shattered reasons

memories and dreams of that perfect season.


You only lose; surrender when it is then you chose not to stand.”


                 The king is dead, as we believe every word that's said

and through the fires we shall walk among the liars.

We seem to have forgotten what this life is really about,

and you wonder why, I want to call you all out.

We see no evil, but can't resist being deceitful.


              My oh my, there is so much more than what we see.

A universe within a universe is that really so hard to believe?

Courage can no longer be found in a world built in sin.

Cruelty feeds evil in this game I am determined to win.

The devil will kick me while I am down,

it will be my own doubts that will keep me bound.

Chained to failure it will become a trophy

Look deep and you shall see its my apathy.

Caged within a society, who has a depraved mentality.

Epilogue “The world turned upside down


Journal Entry;

November 16th 2012


                          Nothing seems to make sense anymore. As if chaos were knocking at our door and I want no part of your insanity, fueled by greed and vanity. Where corruption is often rewarded and somehow truth is abhorred. We live in a world where valor has been slain and conditioned at birth to not even use your brain.

As the tides have shifted, as the deceptions get more twisted and even more wicked. With so much that has already gone wrong. I often wonder if this is truly where I want to belong. Where are the angels, where are those saints? In an age of knowledge god is not the only one who creates. By our hands we have the ability for such beauty, and by our hands the blood soaks so much travesties.


                        The only creatures that can think outside of the box. The only creatures to seek peace by talks. Though we choose violence to convey sympathy. An eye for an eye mentality and still too blind to simply see. That through the madness, when the dust settles. We will find ourselves on the other side of the battles.

I find myself wanting to fade away, why survive when hope seems to have left this day. Left stranded out in the freezing rain, an entire world drowning in suffering and pain. Desperately struggling just to survive, just to remain. We become the storytellers to the children, unfortunate that the lessons taught is the result of our sin.

Cowards will always hide behind the lies, their trickery makes for a perfect disguise. This is the world that is being shaped. The world you helped create. It's a world built on greed and hate yet never forget that this life is and always will be what you make.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was really starting to doubt myself again, until well this started brewing in my mind. I was really pleased with the way this came out, and I bet you all forgot about my book "ThoughtShock"

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No Ultimatum

Were in 2012

Where some believe the devil dwells

And the end is near

Or is it just more propaganda to spread fear

And encourage more conspicuous consumption

The government always looking for a way to sell something

And controls mind

Hidden behind

A veil of contempt and greed

However my warnings of the impending danger the people will never heed

Deaf ears to the truth guess that's just what the devil needs

For people to un-initially commit evil deeds

Long ago the dark one sowed his apocalyptic seed

Now he is here with a crooked smile and an open hand ,reaching for his ill gotten goods

Only if the mass would pay attention ,and at least act like they understood

Naw but he's doing and she's doing logical fallacies a bad excuse for your vice

Theres no good or morality, I'm not perfect but do offer advice

Not an ultimatum but maybe you should try to get to know the lord our Christ

Well at least if you value your life ?

No more your internal spirit

Just because you aren't listing doesn't mean you wont hear it

If thinks thing are bad you haven't seen nothing yet

From what I hear there are things worst then death

I know you don't want to hear me say this

But you should know nothing can be forced upon you it always your choice like Janus

Being kind or committing acts that are quite hanus

Sorry I don't know any other way to explain it

Any way i just open the door, as you no theres no place for my voice

Remember No Ultimatum, now matter what any says its Your Choice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The pendulum swing and time wines down , what will be your choice .Will you go up or go down

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Good Night

Good Night,
Hold Me Tight,
Sweet Dreams,
It Feels Right.

Good Night,
Sleep Tight,
Don't Forget Me,
The Next night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem that just came to me, and the rhyming came to me.

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It doesn't really get better than this
Don’t act like you're not surprised
It's gonna happen sooner or later, baby
You can call me LEADER.

Too fast to live, Too young to die
My body is small but my voice is loud
My age is young but inside is wise

‘Cos I’m hot, always the best
And this number 1 spot
Is my home sweet home

You ain’t in the game
You’re just cheerleaders

Okay be mad at me all you want
But I'm major league
So you just gotta stop hating
And step your game up

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've noticed that a bunch of the poems on here are extremely sad and depressing, so I wrote a self-confidence boost type of poem! :D

Show the world what you've got, guys!

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