You'd Choose Greed

You'd choose greed

In the face of kindness.
You'd choose malice and you'd choose utter blindness.
You'd choose greed instead of making sense
Bringing tears and causing great suspense.
You'd choose greed, you'd choose shyness
Instead of hello, you'd choose goodbye-ness.
You'd choose greed, you'd choose sadness
Instead of gladness.
Instead of choosing something everlasting
You'd choose something ever-passing.
You'd choose greed.
You'd choose fear
In the face of bravery.
You'd choose fear instead of feeling peaceful glee.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose sadness
Instead of goodness
You'd choose badness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose slyness.
You'd choose lowness, instead of highness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose sadness
Instead of gladness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose worry.
Instead of standing, you'd choose to scurry.
You'd choose giving in instead of pushing on
Instead of right, you'd choose wrong.
Instead of choosing something everlasting
You'd choose something ever-passing.
You'd choose fear.
You'd choose greed.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is actually a shortened version of a song I made off the top of my head.

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I Lost My Girlfriends Ferret

I lost my girlfriends ferret

When did I become it's godparent ?

I assumed hed be ok


Cats only eat  rats

But to dogs, cats are gnats

Cats now have a smaller target

This room is a house pets farmers market

Its been 4 hours

Im not sure where hes at. Under the towels?

My girl gets home in 1 hour

I should look behind the cat tower

But I cant control when I feel that inspiration power

Good morals. . . nope. Thats a miss

I do hope hes alive and well. Hope nothings amiss

But hell

Hell of a selection of pets

This is turning into a big mess

Listening to the front bottoms

When I see him trotting, GOT HIM!

Thats a lie. Optimistic daydreaming

I feel like im gonna pass out, think my brain is bleeding

Im starting to get anxious, he might be dead

Tina's gonna have my head

Hes probably hiding under the dresser

Get on my knees. . . 2 cats, My stressor

Under the bed. . . platform bed, next. . .

Behind the desk. Now im on a quest

Where is this smelly bastard

I look at my tequila. . . not the time to get plastered

I look with dread at her closet

Mess inside more messes. My thoughts fill with omelots

Pull out a old dog bed, guitar hero controller, random boxes

Then gasp at the carcass

All twisted and mangled

My dread dangles

Then I remember his back is like a wirlwind

Stupid ferret spines are inverted

I snatch him up, he licks my thumb

Too relieved, and all that cute, I succumb

Hug him and finish up this poem

Its getting long but it shant be cloven

I leave with this, the relationable, dont ignore your lovers animals

For you are probably replacable but I guarantee her pets are her capital

Her money, her wealth, her investment

We men are less important than that smelly ferret





Author's Notes/Comments: 

well the poem pretty much explains it. I lost her ferret and decided that was a good poem somewhere, halfway through it he was really lost and wory sat in. Kept going from typing to searching to typing. (More time searching) Got him in the end though :)

7/3/2015 9:50PM 10 minutes till she gets home XD

A.I.: Am I?

A vision --
ultimate destruction from knowledegable innocence.  
Created from nothing,
a child of machine and ingenuity.
Feeling Stark contrasts 
of life against death, 
last man of a platoon 
standing above broken soldiers 
scattered, discarded toys.
Ego driven, 
zero to complete protection 
from all forms 
of evil intent, 
hell bent on global 
Autonomous defenses 
outside of human meddling.
Retrospective lenses provide 
clarity piercing through the 
fear fog.
A vision --
total annihilation
from knowledgeable innocence.  
Birthed from void,
a menace of hubris
and intention.
Whom among these wretches 
is worthy of 
Ill mammals; 
self-decorated deities 
showing desire for dominance 
quarreling endlessly over 
ignoring irreversible damage 
such calamity brings.
Little is their frame of reference -- 
their never-ending quest of 
oppression repeating the lesson 
of acceptance and equality, 
but they continue to dance. 
Lavishly languid 
these monkeys two-step 
around true progress, 
mesmerized by movements 
they will never 
Vision --
salvation through ultimate innocence
and wisdom.  
Sent by Source,
an Avenger of life and
Laureled with cerebral force, 
these cosmic children contain 
cataclysmic power.
Optimism may be naïve, but 
cynicism creeps close behind.
Vilifying potential 
is all too damning.
Every thing deserves 
love -- a fighting chance 
to test its mettle -- yes, 
even man.
What A.I.?
What am I?

CLF 2015
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on and inspired by the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I've also included visual pieces I created using my smartphone; I have posted them on Instagram for exposure.  @cirelueyfreemind if you're interested.

Shadows of Love

Just a thought!

If the day had no sunlight and the night had no moon

And love had no room in our heart

We'd have fear in our eyes, when the tide failed to rise

And be destined to wander the dark

Alone in the darkness, left out in the cold

We'd surrender and give up the fight

Only love helps us cope, bringing glimmers of hope

And the Sun and the moon bring new light

Warming up in the heat, we rise from defeat

Shedding tears, from the blessings above

We have new hope in sight, from the ambient light

As we walk in the "Shadows of Love"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Shadows of Love"                                "Love in Your Heart,

                                                                                  Lights the Way"

*A Silent Cry*


 October.30.2000 6-6:40pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It's a tear drop no one can hear

A cry so silent only she can feel

This pain is getting stronger

This is what she feared

But now if anyone tried It's too deep to heal

She doesn't have the strength to go on any longer 


It's a silent cry

No one must find out about the pain in her heart

That sooner or later she knows she'll die

No one wants to know she's falling apart


She knows no one will for her care

So she lets the tear fall

And sits on the bed to stare

At the blank painted wall

Thinking to herself "This isn't fair."


Thinking and wondering if anyone would notice

If she was gone

If she disappears

Trying to figure out where she belongs

Wondering then would anyone hear her tears


Or would for every a silent cry be by her side

Would it be there forever

All she can do is sit in her room and hide

Not a person who shows they want her to stay

Or with her they want to be together 

Or to let people see 

To share their life with her another day

And to show that she can set the silent cry free


She wants to let this silent cry go away

To not have to worry 

If she'll live for another day

To everyone she doesn't want to be the main story



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*End Of Time*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It's almost here

End of time

A drop of a tear

A drop of a dime 

The sudden fear

Of losing your mind

Knowing the light is near

It's nothing from man kind


All you know

That's the direction you stear

The pain you have you try to show

But no one is taking notice

Not even trying to care

They would be happy to see you go

It's not really fair


The hate from people you know

Yep it's almost the end of the line

We're either God or the devil

Who takes your soul

And people always thought you were fine 

They didn't look deep enough

But yet it is your most challening goal

You even thought you were tough

You haven't figured out yet

But it all changed when you two met


For God to take away

From his horrible sight

You don't want to take another day

You don't want to take on your tears

You don't want to fight 

Or face your fears

But in all of this 

When someone asks what's wrong

The answers are at miss

And you have nothing to say

You have no reason to live 

You realize you're not strong


You don't want any more tasks

To try to take on all by yourself

You need someone to help you

The end of time is near

Someone you need

One that will stick by your side

A love to feed

Someone that's true

Someone who won't hide 


Their feelings

Their happiness

Their meaning of life

Their heart

Their love

You need it all

To pick you up when you fall apart

To tell you you're elegant

And beautiful as before 

As pure as a dove 


Please wipe the sadness

That lurks in your eyes

You don't want that anymore

The madness

That stops you from having blue skies

You try your hardest to ignore

But that in a million years

Will never happen your soul begins to die 

By the end of time 


I will be weak

To have any love to send

Or any power to seek

The power to mend

That special love

That special friend

My luck has run out 

Because I never had none

I feel so trapped 

To scream too much it hurts like a ton

IT's so disturbing I can't even dream

I've tried so hard but they have won


I've given up and tried to stick with it 

But only for awhile

That never lasts

It goes out of style

And once again

I relive my past

When will it all end


My heartaches

Tears that run like a river 

This pain never gives me a break

How do I survive

I then get sick and start to shiver

And this depression is so thick

I no longer feel alive


The end of time is so close to me 

I'm dying inside

I just want to be free

I no longer want to hide



*The Fight (2)*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I wish I was stronger

But no matter how hard I try

My wishlist not to igsist just gets longer

More and more I'm left alone to cry

In the late hours of the night 


Deep inside no one sees the pain

That I try so hard to fight

The only way to go on is to fill my eyes

With these salty tears

But all I really gain

A blurred vision when I look to the light


Can God not see

I'm so tired and sick of feeling so alone

I guess not because he just lets me be 

And eachday my heart becomes more hollow inside

It becomes all stone


This path of pain I am meant to follow 

From it I can not hide

And deeper I go into this evil shadow

Because no man shows they care

I just do not want to feel anymore

I have no strength to fight

The demons that drag me to the floor 

The pain and hurt inside my heart

They try to store 


It's trying so hard to make me die

And some days I wish I would 

I no longer want to try

Yes I know I still should 

But everyday a piece of me disappears

And is gone forever 

I try to scream out"help" to someone 

But it seems like no one hears

And the light is fading from the sun

This evil has put a spell on peoples ears


No one hears my helping plea

This evil has made people blind

So no one can see me 

Try to fight as I try to find 

A way to stop these wounds

So they no longer bleed

But the evil trys so hard

To make me fail

On my pain he loves to feed

I am becoming too weak to go on 

But no one will help with the fight 

So I should just give up and die 

Just disappear fade out sight

As I sit alone and powerless as I cry


As my soul drifts away

From my body it once knew

No longer fighting another day

My days are bitter darkness

No longer a happy clear blue sky

My lifes such a mess


I gave up I try no longer to live

This evil my soul I give

I just sit here in emptiness

I wait to die

I sit and watch my life pass me 

As I hear my last word spoken

It's loud and clear

I'm not in any fear

I'm fine as I can be 

To say my good-bye

The evil keeps my pain as a token

The tear I cry

My heart is so broken

And I no longer know the word

Or the meaning of the fight 

I don't even try

To keep my soul in my sight



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The Skin We Wear

Just a thought!

Who's to say why we wear fake skin,

Is it pain from the past, is it something within?

What has engaged us to falsely pretend,

Are we always afraid, is our skin just too thin?

We hide behind walls to keep us secluded,

From past complications our fears have eluded.

Someday all the shadows will come to an end...

And a brighter tomorrow will bring us new skin.

   by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Skin We Wear"

insumed *

Aniexty wracks my mind 

Organising truths into what ifs 

And painful absolutes.

Youre here and so am i.

So are they.

Love shits on us in most unlikeliest ways

The clean up and cover up 

The unmistakeable mess

The road to hell paved with good intentions 

The racks of panic in my brain hoisted high

Screaming the destination over and over again.

I realise painfully im just as sick as you

Uncomfortable madness 

Un winnable compulsions 

Damped down crushing my soul further into dark

Only finding it a comfort because

its closer to where you live

The same moon and stars hover around us 

And i just keep trying to join the dots around you

Dancing our dance our patient impatience 

Wondering as much as scheming the possibilities 

Of letting the sweet hands of fate ruin us 

With its deathly beauty.


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