The bow of my body lay suspended by your charms

hung in mid air with the lightest of touch

Fire glazen eyes burn through naked flesh 

Shudders tentatively meet the tips of your lips

Rib cage to Belly,

belly to hips,

to thigh

Breaths lay untaken

Tension rides the sinews 

Pleasure languishing in every  stroke 

Your heated approach has left me starving,

Unlocked, ready, awashed with drippings

Flooding senses overridden

I thought no meant no?

A.I.: Am I?

A vision --
ultimate destruction from knowledegable innocence.  
Created from nothing,
a child of machine and ingenuity.
Feeling Stark contrasts 
of life against death, 
last man of a platoon 
standing above broken soldiers 
scattered, discarded toys.
Ego driven, 
zero to complete protection 
from all forms 
of evil intent, 
hell bent on global 
Autonomous defenses 
outside of human meddling.
Retrospective lenses provide 
clarity piercing through the 
fear fog.
A vision --
total annihilation
from knowledgeable innocence.  
Birthed from void,
a menace of hubris
and intention.
Whom among these wretches 
is worthy of 
Ill mammals; 
self-decorated deities 
showing desire for dominance 
quarreling endlessly over 
ignoring irreversible damage 
such calamity brings.
Little is their frame of reference -- 
their never-ending quest of 
oppression repeating the lesson 
of acceptance and equality, 
but they continue to dance. 
Lavishly languid 
these monkeys two-step 
around true progress, 
mesmerized by movements 
they will never 
Vision --
salvation through ultimate innocence
and wisdom.  
Sent by Source,
an Avenger of life and
Laureled with cerebral force, 
these cosmic children contain 
cataclysmic power.
Optimism may be naïve, but 
cynicism creeps close behind.
Vilifying potential 
is all too damning.
Every thing deserves 
love -- a fighting chance 
to test its mettle -- yes, 
even man.
What A.I.?
What am I?

CLF 2015
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on and inspired by the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I've also included visual pieces I created using my smartphone; I have posted them on Instagram for exposure.  @cirelueyfreemind if you're interested.

*I Will Be*



 Trisha Barrk Hopkins


I will be your strength

When you are weak


I'll be your shine

When you are in darkness


I will be your compass 

When you are lost


I will be your air

When you can't breathe


I will be your future 

When you want to forget your past 


I will be your life

When you feel like dying 


I will give you love

When you feel like hating 


I will be your tissue

When you feel like crying


I'll be the understanding

When you no longer feel like dating 


I will be your words

When you have nothing to say


I will be your morning

When you feel like you have no day


I will be your water 

When you are thirsty


I will be your shade 

When you are hot 


I will be your eyes

When you no longer can see 


I will be with you

When you're at your favorite spot


I will be the one who restarts your heart

When it feels like it wants to die


I will be your legs

When you can no longer walk


I will be your something

When you feel like you have nothing


I'll be your words

When you can't talk


I will be your love

Till my dying day

Promise you everything

I'll stick by your side 

When no one else will

I will be your whatever

I will be your something

Always and forever



Mars And Neptune


This writer once knew a somewhat irate man.  His secretary was
one of the few who could stand him. His mars was conjunct her neptune. 
His anger (one aspect of mars) amused her (neptune).  His crimson mars
was transmuted by her neptune rose colored glasses.

In other conjunction cases, the water sign neptune of one can melt away the mars will of another.

Dick Gregory's astrologer Jerrtha Love did an analysis of those
in jail for sex crimes and found that many had conjunctions,
oppositions or squares of mars and neptune in their birth charts.

Perhaps a sex crime could be compared to a Satanic pitchfork, made of Neptune's trident colored by Mars' red aggression.

But there are myriad millions of instances in which the energy of mars actualizes the highest heights of Neptunian mysticism.


-saiom shriver-





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book 4

deep slow inhale
as scent of your sex burns upon the surface of my mind..
muscles tense and release as fingers grip thighs..
deep exhale
as passions twisted release winds its way across your pearl..
slow thrust of fleshy force into ur pleasure..
focus of self upon instant moment of release
deep within..
meditation as known guides path to unknown..
past doubts and mind
to the essence of the space between us
as we touch deep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

reaching out through time and space between words that describe a feeling but not a touch..
d w t w s b t w o t l

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my ode entitled ,brains a tape'

Brains a tape
I’v lost count
Times i’v said it


Brains a tape
Takes in many things
Subliminals; electric signals


Brains a tape
TV programs PROGRAM
Shoos true nature away


Brains a tape
Video; games and nasties
All find their way


Onto your brains tape
Controlling; Re patterns
Grips you unconsciously


Brains a tape
Even without your permission
Never stops recording


Can’t turn the tape
Off at your will
Though directionable


Body;  microphone Of tape
Eyes, ears; whole body
Natural or manipulate


An update soon your tape
Swapped for a DVD
Will improve u exponentially


Will control your tape
Better than u ever have
Of this, will be glad


NOW, still a tape
Effected by environments
So keep heaven sent
with love not hate

Author's Notes/Comments: 

new work

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Will god care?

When you die, will god care?
If you have a corporation
Or got a bright red Ferrari
Or a beachside condo
In Florida or Rimini


When you die, will god care?
If you fly your own helicopter
Or got your own runway
Like john Travolta
Doubt it somehow.


I felt compelled to read
The other week; Mother Theresa
She really knew god
That’s how I feel indeed
And she stated categorically

That the only thing that god
Really cares about at all
how much love you bring into
this sick perverted world
Materially; Certainly


But its only the western world
That has been swindled
Of all its Spiritually
And with it, all the love
That naturally

Emanates From ones soul.

Mother Teresa had one
Wouldn’t you know
As big as a school of
Blue whales


Full of so much truth
What lacked in the western life
It has no love: she understood
The most terrible poverty
Loneliness, and being unloved

And I agree with her that

The best thing you can do
To promote a world of peace
Go love your family
And to do good deeds

Cos a life not lived for others
Is not a life, and the man
Mentioned with corporation
Likely exploitation
I pity: No life at all


The dog eat dog world
Is being done away with soon
Cos god is a vegetarian
Will look after good people
Take them to a higher vibration

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Armour plated
Sword wielding
Grim determined
Heart beating
Friend and foe
Always leading
Is he man
Or God seething

Suited man
By clothes protected
He's the one
Best selected
Never losing
Fighting on
So well directed

One like either
Born to be
No conditions
Can set free
The making of
A man as he
No grasping straws
Create him thee

Patroclus in
A race to win
Was just a man
Of normal sin
He never knew
Mistake he made
To don the suit
In death he laid

What lesson learned
Too late to know
And not to be
A friend in show
But be yourself
And act no other
Even though
You be his brother

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