Loner Part 1

He was a loner who always sat down contemplating fantastical adventures that occurred on the pages of a comic book

He compares that to his life and scoffs at the contrast compared to his own

Feeling that his existence is some sort of punchline and whenever he reads a comic and realizes the dualism is the hook

Admiring the strength of the heroes on the page and then realizing his own weakness often led to him expressing his rage

He idolizes them and tries  to emulate their heroic accomplishments 

He is an optimist but not one who has grandiose dreams and narcissism is a term that could never be applied to him 

He believes that a good deed no matter how small was significant because he couldn't fly, knew better than to contaminate himself with anything vaguely radioactive and his mental faculties are not up to par with Peter Parker and far less than mr fantastic or Bruce Banner

He believed that no matter the insignificance of a good deed still had some worth and is quantifiable irrespective of what it accomplished

He believes a smile or a "thank you" from one person holds the same worth as recognition his idols receives 

He tried to associate with some of his peers and most either looked down on him for his simplistic and "childish" outlook on the world and his antiquated sense of morality

He accepted their criticism on what he loves without any response to provocation or anger because that is what his idols would do and instead channels it. He channels it not into rage and resentment but into focus and determination

He knows that in all probability he would not reap rewards for what he does or believes in and the motives for peoples actions and behaviours would not Change solely due to his actions

He knows that his antagonizers would not receive their comeuppance in the foreseeable future but still he preservers

Some may wonder what his motivations are and why he tries to be unbreakable despite all the interconnected cracks that decorate his souls and provide stories without words for all the abuse he has endured

He doesn't give up because that's not what the Black Panther would do, Nightwing would never give up and Barry Allen would not give up in the face of insurmountable odds

There are periods when his heroes are beaten to the ground and are drained both physically and emotionally and they never succumb to the futility of their actions nor do they crumble under the weight if the trials and tribulations they face 

So neither will he

Sometimes he imagines that he too is the product of the imagination of someone who puts their life and struggles on paper and if there is any semblance of truth in that

He believes that he should be a realistic role model for any readers who may be struggling like he is



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Criticize me :)

You'd Choose Greed

You'd choose greed

In the face of kindness.
You'd choose malice and you'd choose utter blindness.
You'd choose greed instead of making sense
Bringing tears and causing great suspense.
You'd choose greed, you'd choose shyness
Instead of hello, you'd choose goodbye-ness.
You'd choose greed, you'd choose sadness
Instead of gladness.
Instead of choosing something everlasting
You'd choose something ever-passing.
You'd choose greed.
You'd choose fear
In the face of bravery.
You'd choose fear instead of feeling peaceful glee.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose sadness
Instead of goodness
You'd choose badness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose slyness.
You'd choose lowness, instead of highness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose sadness
Instead of gladness.
You'd choose fear, you'd choose worry.
Instead of standing, you'd choose to scurry.
You'd choose giving in instead of pushing on
Instead of right, you'd choose wrong.
Instead of choosing something everlasting
You'd choose something ever-passing.
You'd choose fear.
You'd choose greed.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is actually a shortened version of a song I made off the top of my head.

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You, I and The Light,
We live in each other's eyes,
Truth is a delight.

Gaze blinks now and then,
For a moment we vanish,
The light, you and I...

When eyes close for sleep,
A lot more is discovered,
As visions and dreams.

Yet we 're unaware,
About the real, unreal,
The ugly, the fair.

Becoming nothing,
Is becoming everything,
'Dying'... for 'Living'!

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So many galaxies
Me on Earth
So many tests of my love!

Are the drifting stars
In circles spread to guide me.

Are dewdrops
Moisture of the air
Or tears pf sacrifice?

Scientists strive
Day in and day out
Yet heart and love defy them.

The three Rs
Have been unable
To compose a note of love.

Knowledge is
Defined as power
But love is more powerful.

Ask the rose
Shielded by thorns
Why it is so attractive?

Ask the seas:
The salty and sweet,
What makes them so different?

Deep beneath
Are also galaxies
Rivetting with creation.

O my love!
Let us meet there where
We can make our own Heaven.

What is life?
For you or for me;
If it is just a span of time.

Some divine
Secluded garden
Is true lovers' Paradise.

You and I
Just the two of us
Far and forgotten by all.

Yes my love,
This is the real truth
As we will find out after bliss.

With God nigh,
Smiling at us both,
There won't be need or desire.

While spending
My nights seeking you
I found the key to love's wisdom.

Lucky me
Who, unlike Khayyam,
Conspired with Him to be yours.

It's the soul
That hides the secret
The souls craving naught but love.

The facade
Of visibility
Is the veil between you and me.

This flesh form
Is the tree of loss
With irresistible fruits of lust.

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tree of life

Is like a leaf falling to the ground.
It can either gently float to the end
Or get swept away in an unsuspecting wind.
Some make it to the earth in a whole,
But most are torn and tattered
Not by choice, just by nature.
They can fall off the tree to quickly,
Or hold out until the very end
But eventually they all make their way to the ground.


Under the waning moon,
Hearing nothing,
But your voice reverberating,
Softly and lovingly,
Echo all around in the room,
I get the feeling,
That you are always with me.
A world of sleeping people,
And I passing the hours,
With the usual surge of sadness,
Beyond reason and without cause,
Rushing in on me like a wild boar,
Dying to kill me, driving its horns,
Into the tattered regions of my heart.
There is no consolation,
For the ache gripping me slowly,
I am at a loss, a complete loss,
As I keep trying to figure out,
Why I am engulfed by sorrow,
And what caues it to burrow,
Deeper and deeper into my heart.
What unforgivable sins have I commited,
In the karmic journeying of my soul,
From one realm to another?
There is no convincing answer --
-- Just the moonlight seeping in,
I think I can relate my own state,
With its dark and hidden side.
We are both bleeding,
From the stabs of subconscious pain,
And yet we keep doing our duty,
As charted out by our Creator,
Daily, in the same silent mode.
The sleepy states of rest and peace,
Are not written in our fate-orbits.
And our dark and unseen wounded sides,
Are not known to any one but us,
And the Master Writer of our destinies.
I am out of sync with most of this world,
And its people, lost in their slumber.
From where have I come?
And why does the nightly sadness,
Loves to play with my heart?
I ponder and ponder,
And it only becomes harder and harder,
To tune into harmony,
And sleep like the rest of humanity.
From my youthful years,
It has always been like this.
I am seeking good rest and peaceful repose,
But all I get is deafening silence.
Till the blue hue of dawn spreads,
My being is unable to go to bed,
And make a pact with rest and sleep.
It is the hidden mystery inside me,
Which, like the quiet moon,
Longs for a companion to soar with me,
Beyond time and space, the souls flying,
Back to the dimension we really belong.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay,
on September 19, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As William Shakespeare's Antonio says in "The Merchant of Venice": In sooth I know not why I am so sad!

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If this life is a trial
and tribulation
Then what is annoyance?
When You have become
the opponent's
then why should I be tried?
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on August 07, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In religious scriptures it is mentioned that this life is a trial and that we must not succumb to Satan. It is also said that Satan has been allowed a life span till the Day of Resurrection. Satan means OPPONENT/ OPEN FOE. Here the same has been tackled in a philosophical manner. It is a literal translation of a couplet by Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

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             INTEND   UH – OH!   

                                       Edward  Iacona



If one wants to improve their life

There is no need to grouse or curse

All one needs to do is harness,

The power of the universe.


Be in on the public secret

And have your star on the ascension,

Just master the mysterious magic

Of “Attraction” and “Intention”.


There are books and seminars

That will help get what you want.

Follow the instructions and your life

Becomes like a buffet restaurant.


According to the advocates

There is nothing that encumbers

One from getting a parking space

To the winning lottery numbers.


Those that professionally preach this thought

Can live in the land of milk and honey

While their followers intentions may come to naught

They have found their secret to making money.


I walked in meditation for a lovely life

So clear in my minds eye view,

When dog’s biodegradable offense became

A metaphor attracted to my shoe.

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