Accompanied by a single fearful soldier A General spoke of an acient tale passed down through generations He spoke of a lone, powerful king whose empire enveloped the earth the man that approached him the child that left his eyes sparked terror yet absent of fear constant visions of saddness death and despair yet he stay unnafected by these, cowardly things... his mind that led what his hands had built the song of his queen eased the pain of his will, listen 2 his voice of power and command which flows throughout the hearts of men, "LOOK AT ALL THAT I HAVE DONE YEE WHO ARE AMBITIOUS FEEL MY AMBITION YEE WHO TRY AND CONQUER ME TREMBLE IN DESPAIR" the general looked at his soldier and said with open arms that the king which once had lived gave up everything for me and he did the same for you and with profound love, that soldier knew it 2 be true

Welcome to a place

Welcome to a place where words are unspoken,
Dreams cease to exist, and promises are broken,
Welcome to a place over run by hate,
Safety has died, and only fear reins,
Welcome to a place where screams go unheard,
Love had fled, and has been replaced by hurt,
Welcome to a place where anger rises above all,
No one cares to catch those who fall,
Welcome to a place where no comfort is found,
Those who are broken dare not make a sound,
Welcome to a place where the weak stay hidden,
Having thoughts and feelings are forbidden,
Welcome to a place where pain has become a drug,
Addiction to abuse, addiction to cuts,
Welcome to a place where one looks forward to the end,
Ones only escape is death,
Welcome to a place where a friend is a knife,
Welcome to a place, that is my life.

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God get it out! I'm bleeding..

Watch, from my skin, it's seeping,

See my chest, It's heaving,

Fast and uneven breathing,

Dripping, sliding, down my wrist,


Gathering it's warmth, in my clenched fist,

I'm screaming, God, I'm screaming,

But no matter how loud, no one hears me,

I'm drowning, suffocating, in this dark,

It's eating, and tearing, at my heart,

It wants me dead, it wants me gone,

I'll escape during the day, but in my dreams, 

It'll haunt.


On my knees, I'm begging,

For anything, for something,

A release, no more pain,

No more confusion or hate,

..But it never comes, no, it never will,

Its scream is near, Its scream is shrill,

It haunts all that is me...

Dear God.. It haunts my dreams.


I'll close my eyes, after a long day,

I'll fold my hands, and I'll pray,

For one night of bliss, just some sleep,

I pray the lord, my soul to keep.


I can run, but I can't hide,

In my dreams, they will die,

In my dreams, It will haunt,

My most innocent of thoughts,

It'll tear it apart, until It has had enough,

It'll tear it apart, until nothing is left.


What is this darkness, that haunts my dreams,

Makes me sweat and shake, makes me scream?

Makes me shed, every tear,

Well my friend...

We know It by the name of,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nightmares gettin' to me, heh.

no regrets



who cares if there 

are flowers on my corpse 

if I'm dead?

if love is your intent

then bring me

some good memories

and things you learned 

to make your life easier

and more worth living.

wrap it up in a rusted coffee can

from some dark alley where babies lie in dumpsters

and place it somewhere all can see and be comforted

that someone thought about them, and cared

about why their lives ended, and tried to understand

not to punish, but to prevent it.


give me life in my death,

and not sorrow for

what you forgot to do

or not do, to prevent 

yourself from being hurt

on the day I leave here.

funerals are for the ones who are left here,

because the only thing I intend 

to leave you after material possessions

are divied out,

is the same thing since the day 

I first looked in your eyes,

the gratitude for having shared moments together.

we have all been dying since the day we were born,

and if we arrive at our final resting place in peace,

and not at the hands of violence,

then we have been granted more than enough

to say we have been blessed.

I spend my days now thinking what a beautiful soul you are.


5:35 PM 8/4/2013 ©

inspired by http://www.postpoems.org/authors/huliganfish/poem/964713




It is dark.

The old ones groan pierces the silence as his back is bent.

I knew he would, I could have expected this.

He surprised me although he didn’t.

A door opens.

The faint light of a single candle shines upon a grinning face.

I deny it, knowing that I know he knows.

It hurt, although it didn’t.

The Edge of Fear

THE EDGE OF FEAR by richard wing

The world so different out here,
Living on the edge of fear,
With every sound the wind sings:
But when the sound disappears.
It reawakes my fears.
My breath I hold.
It becomes so cold.
So don’t look back.
It will give you a heart attack.
Or maybe a stab in your back.
Don’t listen for foot step,
Apart from your own.
The fear will hold you.
not even time to blink,
Do not think or you hart will sink.
Don’t listen for a sound that’s not their. Just be aware

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A Hole: Pain Through The Brain


I waked up,

In the mirror I had my closeup.

There was a hole in my throat,

Fastly I slipped into my coat.


I went to the hospital,

I was worried I recall.

I gave the fault to Abra,

Who was able to the macabre.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had.

go with the opposite, silly

A friend of fear is doubt.

A friend of fear is shame.

A friend of fear is that darned dark feeling

that you are not worth anything.

A friend of fear is a trixter.

He'll make you feel that he is right.

Consuming your thoughts with his false confidence, 

he'll scare you away from your own heart's light.

So don't make friends with fear.

Instead make friends with love.

For love is fear's opposite.

And Love deserves your precious time.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by RoC's "Friends of Fear" 

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Coward I am

For being unable to lie

Coward I am

For being unable to say no

Although this I accept,

I cannot make a change

Something holds me back

I don't want control

Of the person I am.

I need direction

A path to walk through

I want to speak my mind

And deny myself

Of things I do not need

I need to cease

Being a coward