Regalia of Diffidence

I fasten tight my helm of careful thought
Eyes like arrows cannot pierce me here
Their pointed tips always finding weakest spots
Bare and open flesh; mine own Achilles’ heel

I hide behind my shield of introspective retrospection
Tongues like blades cannot cut me here
Their double edged slash never relenting
So quick and cruel; fiery shout and chilling whisper

I cower behind my wall of silent apprehension
Judgments like clubs cannot crush me here
Their brutal blows rival those of stone and steel
Announcing condemnation; already faults are clear

- ¡¿†¥lΣ®?!

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And 10,000 Miles Left in Question

Gone and running in an irreversible tension
And 10,000 miles left in question
Of ideas we just forget to mention

And the thoughts are left in the dark and disappear
and in comes walking, the unavoidable fear
A unknown direction, a road we somehow got sucked in to steer

Trying to take calm within the unpredictable shadows
Take control of your senses and dodge your arrows
and forget all of the anxiousness that somehow follows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was on the bus and the beginning part just clicked in my head,

The rest I came up within a few minutes.

Enter My Fear

All of the welcoming emotion suddenly dies.
and the darkness shrouds the land in only misery's cries.


Enter grief!
A timeless ocean. 
Trapped of despair, trapped without relief
Enter the moon!
Endless racing of the thoughts.
Including you alone, trapped dead inside an empty room

The dead is holding you stiff once more!
Staring into your eyes, never have you felt so gone before

The time comes again, to pit against all that is you
Will you ever find the part of you that is actually true?

Paint the sky bleak
Consider everything we cannot speak

The one painting with the sun I painted as a child is lost.
Reality has broken the barrier, this is the ultimate cost


I Fear Love


I fear love. 

For it is not stable.

It can shatter,

Fall apart.

In the blink of an eye

or the whisper of a word.

And yet I find myself longing for love. 

For days spent together

and for nights spent wishing we were.

For short kisses and long hugs.

For long kisses and short hugs.

For forever.

I long for love,

above all other things

because sometimes your deepest fears can also be your deepest desires

and that is why I need love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeh so I guess I just have a lot of feelings about love right now... Enjoy reading! 

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Fear Life Not Death.


I have never understood those who are afraid of dying.


We should not be afraid of dying,

we should be afraid of living,

for living is a struggle.

Living is a fight for survival.

It's a challenge.

It's stressful.

It's soul destroying.

It's earth-shatteringly cruel.


We should not fear death,

we should fear life.

For death is easy,

it is life that is hard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeh so this isn't really a poem or very good but hey ho there you go. Enjoy! 


just notes*

doubt can tear you apart...

that horrible nagging little feeling can kill you,

if you let it get to you....


believe me it will eat at your insides till there's nothing left...

but sadness and loneliness...

if you let one voice in...

it's over...





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some days im fine, 

some days im not

all these things i try to hide

i look for a place to run

should i just give up,

would i be able to walk away?

how do i do that

i been keeping quite

it wouldnt be fair to you

if i said what i wanted to say

i respect how you feel

and i cant change that 

 i can only hope that things will get better

but its hard some days

and doubt feels my head


how did i get here

where do i turn 

could i do i just turn around and walk away

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The wind howls red




Fingers frozen, jacket tight, the merlot leaves taking flight

Foot steps long ,quick in pace, better hurry home, you are not alone

The wind howls red, the chill runs deep, you should be in bed, to Grandmas keep

The bramble cottage comes in sight, everyones sleeping, there is no light

You skip closer, just a little more, oblivious to the danger lurking beyond the door.



A new love, a new start

A new dream, with new hearts.

New words, new emotions

New fears, ever growing.

A new life, with new obsessions

New rules, and new catches. 

New loss, new devotion

With no pretenses, no commotion.

A new calm, before the storming

He is the llight, before the mourning. 

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