No Angel



Stitched wings

Attached to frail bones

Darkened eyes

Lifeless as stone

Halo teetering

By uneven horns

Once a smile

Before being born

No color shown

Pallet a pasty pale

Never any sunshine

In a world so stale

Lips crusted over

From the words unspoken

Corrupted mind

In a soul that’s broken

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I met my world, my self, my mother. 
So precious and belonged, an extension of my creators.
I am dependent.
I capture a memory that's lost in a dream, your sound is known to me.
I mirror your love.
Your energy fills a room, you are their, I am yours a calming understanding shared.
Innocent and pure, a blank canvass for the new, protected and safe.
I develop from your care. 
Each day brings learning, I have no fear, I am content yet still curios.
Guarded by your love, unconditionally.   
Through experiences I make connections, shaded by love, your energy's alien to me. 
I will change, disappointment welcomes me, Repelling your love.
I won't be bad, you are angry.
So un worthy and lost, an extension of my creators. 
I am dependent. 
Captured memories embedded to haunt.
Your sound is feared by me. 
I mirror your love.
Energy's invade, you are their, you are his, an understanding owned.
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The speed of lust 

The fury of pain 

Pitch dark feelings 

Wrapped in a ball of flame...

That’s emotion! 

As the storm of sensation 

And your heart collide 

And it’s like the ocean 

Bashing against the rocks at high tide...


 That’s emotion! 

As the emotional roller coaster

Dips twist and turns 

You can feel the winds friction 

Yet you yearn for the burn 

Traveling faster and faster 

Without safety’s concern 

You crash and free fall into a bottomless pit 

Realizing emotion is long term....

It's forever!

Rushing through your veins 

Like adrenaline for the brain

You can feel the battle between love and hate 

Making you cry for Novocain.... 

That’s emotion! 

-E- is gasoline 

-MOTION- is its fire 

Never fully satisfied 

Yet its sparked by desire 

An incredible encounter 

Overwhelming in its capacity 

Emotion is the master of manipulation

Dealing cards of joy and tragedy 

So don’t worry be happy 

But be afraid be very afraid

Although laughter is good medicine 

An overdose will cause stress and strain…

That’s emotion!

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Leader of the Broken Hearts

I've come so far

And fought so hard

I've been cast out

Bloody and scarred

But I've stood back up

Continued to fight

Through Hell-fire

And unending night

I am unstoppable

A ruthless juggernaut

Embracing every pain,

Negative feeling and thought

I am the broken,

The beaten, the damned

Bent every which way,

Yet I continue to stand

And I'll continue to fight

'Til the day I die

But even death cannot stop

A force such as I

I will always be here

Roaming the night

Keeping guard

Of what is right

I am an angel

Made from broken parts

I am the leader

Of the broken hearts

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Papa Roach

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The Love of the Moon


As the crickets sing sweet lullabies

The frogs hum an aristocratic tone

Stars fancy a twinkle

The moon so bright, on it's throne

Street lights tend to flicker

As if they have sleepless tire

Moths dance where shadows won't

As if they'd catch on fire

The grass is kissed with a wetness

So sweetly lingered into dawn

Whispers of remembrance flow

Left, as suddenly as it's spawned

Flowers reaching for the skies

Welcoming the warmth of rays

The moon honing for his love

Beckoning the day

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Once Upon A Midnight Dove

Just a thought!

Once upon a Midnight Dove, I sold my soul for empty love.

A gentle touch made me shiver, my body shook, my nerves quiver.


Her skin so soft with silky hair, parchment kisses melt the air.

She pressed her tender frame to mine, body waving so devine.

Passion rose in sultry hips, the sweet caress of moistened lips.

Shallow breaths quickened fast, heartbeat shutters, swift and vast.

Beads of perspiration now, a single stream runs down my brow.

Muscles clinched in violent peace, giving up in sweet release.

A moment shared in empty love...Once upon a Midnight Dove'


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Once Upon A Midnight Dove"

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Five Year Journey

The weather is well

The sky is blue

The day anew

The little birds wake and sing

We wake because our alarms ring

I can’t tell

If that was the screams in my head or

The school bell

I’m inside

Inside again

Inside myself

Translation of my ideas, I’m deaf

Sympathetic to several causes

Seemingly smart with scarce solutions

Often imagining the future

Taking the high way in the maze of life

Road block

Stagnated, frustrated


Initially, but it evolved courageously

It’s hard to understand ourselves

Time is the patron of change


Now that I get it


That I think I get it

I’d like to rewind

And restart the picture I painted

Purify the person I tainted

Use the colors that I wish I used

My eyes see nothing new, I’m unamused

Now there’s nowhere to memorize just open your mind

Analyze every line

Because all the world’s a stage

Regressed to Illiteracy 

In my book I can’t seem to turn the page 

Learning till the day I die

Consumption of corruption because it’s easy



Our interests are mutual

Alone like my daily ritual

Instant satisfaction

Failing to ponder and think critically

Why don’t we ask why

By social stigma we act cynically

To me my shadow is colorful


The feeling we search for

Push and pull

Two sides seen by only two eyes

Left & right, black & white

Understanding is out of sight



I might

Still figuring it out


Silence kisses my lips

Only talking when we take sips

Beats my heart skips

My conscious flows in the veins of my eyes

My tongue is red like my lies

Tarnished are my teeth and my thoughts

And without purpose my soul rots

The human hand is the door knob to a person

But my hands are locked in fists

Wrinkles in our palms

The fleshy manifestation of our route through life

Legs like ruined Roman columns

Glory with revitalization

Destruction with mistreatment

Only if he comes to a sooner realization

He’ll become a traitor of stag-nation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first written poem. The title simply signifies the teenage years and I feel as if it really dug deep into my 17 year old head. Please tell me what you thought of it.


You have no idea

How much impact has added to my life

When you came, it was different.

But something was lacking,

Is it you? Is it me?

Various feelings are thrown.

Something feels unusual when we talk

Probably pressured is the word,

As I never want the conversation to end.


Time passes by, things change;

And you confessed

I never thought you would.

Not my fault I have chosen someone

Who is there everyday,

To make me laugh, smile and cry.

You have thrown away something

You think you’d have soon.

This is the real world,

Competition is always around the corner.

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Move On

The actual drug to my heart,

Side effects are depressing.

No one will know.

No one should know.


I’m alright, I’ll always be okay.

Thank you for all the laughs

And tears.

This was a huge surprise,

You are my accidental love.

Accidents happen, accept it.


Move on.

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