The speed of lust 

The fury of pain 

Pitch dark feelings 

Wrapped in a ball of flame...

That’s emotion! 

As the storm of sensation 

And your heart collide 

And it’s like the ocean 

Bashing against the rocks at high tide...


 That’s emotion! 

As the emotional roller coaster

Dips twist and turns 

You can feel the winds friction 

Yet you yearn for the burn 

Traveling faster and faster 

Without safety’s concern 

You crash and free fall into a bottomless pit 

Realizing emotion is long term....

It's forever!

Rushing through your veins 

Like adrenaline for the brain

You can feel the battle between love and hate 

Making you cry for Novocain.... 

That’s emotion! 

-E- is gasoline 

-MOTION- is its fire 

Never fully satisfied 

Yet its sparked by desire 

An incredible encounter 

Overwhelming in its capacity 

Emotion is the master of manipulation

Dealing cards of joy and tragedy 

So don’t worry be happy 

But be afraid be very afraid

Although laughter is good medicine 

An overdose will cause stress and strain…

That’s emotion!

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