Everyday [English Song]

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Everyday yes everyday,

I need to see you darling!

I have much to say,

To you the most charming!


Once to you my heart does say,

‘I love you’ everyday,

I feel like living in joy,

I keep smiling like a boy!

 Everyday yes everyday,

I need to see you darling!

I have much to say,

To you the most charming!


A little time I want,

That you have to grant,

This is a modest request dear,

Each day you should come near!

Everyday yes everyday,

I need to see you darling!

I have much to say,


To you the most charming!

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you.... yes, you

You…. yes YOU

By Jfarrell


You, yes, you,

Dear reader…..

How do you feel

Right now?



From a long day at work?

Wiping the sleep from your eyes

As you awake?

Cursing at the bus

That didn’t stop?

Cursing at the rain

Because it won’t stop?

Hurriedly cooking tea

Because you missed dinner?

Worrying over an ill friend

Worrying at your own misfortunes?


I could write about me.




I’m thinking of you

Because you DESERVE

Thinking about.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

how do you feel? and why?

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Everyday Training

I looked below from a four-legged beast.

The ground closing in around me

I tried my best not to see

my face pummeling the ground beneath.

I lay among the tall green grass

unhurt I seem to be.

The beast came along beconing me,

to get back on willingly.

I sighed "you brat" 

he smiled, nuzzled, and nudged

till I stood and held him closely.

I adressed the scare that sent me pummeling

a sack tied loosely to a stump.

He sniffed then was okay

I praised him and got back on the beast back.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a hard time with the ending, but I do like this poem. Hope you do too :)

The Sun Rises


The sun rises

A puppeteer to the world

Allowing us to brighten ourselves

With itself, brilliant

The air lifting

A thieving sensation of sorrows

Allowing us to unwind

Unbind; resilience

The day faring

A warrior of progressive pleasure

Allowing us to dream

Supreme tomorrows

Writ Of Habeas Corpus

Your Love

123 Iseethat Way

YouLove Me, Everyday 00284


In Propria Persona






In The Insatiable State Of LOVE               

                  County Of Distance                                 



Your Love #1                                 )           No. U2- R4EACHOTHER


                     vs.                                    )           Petition For A More Tolerant 

                                                          )           LOVE That Will Tame Our 

My Love #1                             )            Sarcastic Behinds 


     Petitioner, Your Love, in propria persona, moves this Court to issue 

a Writ Of Habeas Corpus releasing Your Love and My Love from any 

and all triggers that interfere with the orderly running of this relationship.


     Since they met, they have undergone an insatiable relationship

under an extremely difficult situation. Both declaring themselves a little 

flakey, bizarre, and utterly senseless more often than not, they hereby admit

that they are now both completely off their rockers. 


    For the above aforementioned reasons, we ask this court to intervene

and impose a mandatory injunction with kindness, love, understanding a little less sarcasm. Due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control, they are unable to address this matter in any imaginable form of seriousness at the present time. 


   The petitioner, upon oath, states and verifies that on this 13th day of July, 2013,

that the information contained herein is true and correct, and both parties have agreed to pray they be discharged immediately from the custody and restraints

placed upon their LOVE by undue stress, insanity, aggravation, intolerance,

(a horrible telephone connection) and hope to be back on their rockers ASAP.


                                                                   With all Due Respect,

                                                                  Your Love and My Love


                                                                   In Propria Persona





2013 07/13/2013 8:50 pm ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've lost it completely now.