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Visions * Dreams * Metaphors* Parables * Synchronicity * Voices Heard IN Third EAR * Symbols * Miracles

One of many reasons people keep dream and vision journals
is that as time passes and events occur, they realize that they
were given precognition meanings unfold.. the pages of a book are reminders of buried memories.

The alarm clock is a dream killer..Those who want to receive messages in dreams can can slip into sleep on a day when tyrannical time does not interfere and ask God for visions and dreams. Some keep pen, paper and small lamp by the bed.

. Airborn Tuxedo
. Bad Man's Grave**

* Barberton and Kenmore*

* Caesar Is The Detonater*
. Church Clock Tower AT Six Thirty
. President AND OIL Painting
. Blue Light With Black Rivers
. Eagle AND Boat
. Elephant AND Scorpion
. Elevator TO Living Room
. Four Yolk EGG Becomes Bird
. Four Swans
. Glasses With Windshield Wipers
. Grand Canyon Rainbow

. Home RUN Grace

. Hunting Party*
. Inventors' Revelations
. King'S Homerun
. Miracles

* Pen Squared To Broom
. Running ON Water
. Seashore, Easel, AND Tomatoes
. Sharks IN Indoor Pool
. Snake Becomes Trunk
. Tecumseh Museum
. Thoughts ARE Truck Blockers
. Tree Planting Harms DOG


Eagle AND Boat

An eagle soaring above the sea
swoops down suddenly, alights
on a boat deck, and voluntarily enters
a cage.

(a great soul volunteers to take
human birth again)(BB choosing his also great soul parents)
Grand Canyon Rainbow

The Grand Canyon in the morning.. a rainbow arching
over the awesome void with its
2 bases touching the rock on
either side of the canyon, its very emptiness drawing the light, its pastels
lighter than the reds, oranges, purples, and golds of the Canyon rock.
Clinton AND OIL Painting

William Clinton strides into a room and over to a dark oil painting of
the crucifixion. With confidence and speedy ability he paints a pastel abstract
Easter of golds, yellows, pinks, oranges, lavenders, aquas over it as he holds a palate of rainbow hues. Interpretations: Clinton was impeached not because of his private sex life but because he refused to continue the Iraq war.

A Church Clock Tower AT SIX Thirty

A church clock tower with lighted clock faces on all four sides glows
in the rain at 6:30pm .. as rain slowly drips from the clock hands to the flowers below

(When minute second and hour hand are at 6 or 666, plants
below receive the most direct rainfall. All numbers are holy)
Seashore, Easel, AND Tomatoes

Poster's teacher is with her at seashore. She sees he has an easel
and is drawing for her a red tomato, green tomato and redgreen tomato.
He names the different enzymes in each one, and tells her she needs
most the enzymes on the line in which the green is turning red. (re in her efforts to attempt fruitarian diet and avoid plantkilling she was not getting enough green)
Tecumseh Museum

A circular tower.. on the top floor of a Tecumseh museum full of
knives, scalps, tomahawks. A woman goes around the room opening
the shutters on all sides. The room is full of supernal light so beautiful one is
aware of nothing else.

(Forgiveness allows us to see the divinity in every soul including our own)

Live Chicken Trying TO GET OUT OF
RIB Cage

A woman in the hospital.. her chest is distended
from a live chicken inside her rib cage trying to get out..
She is surrounded by hospital workers
a. the spirit is a bird within the cage of the ribs.. she wanted
to leave her body permanently
b.. chicken food poisoning



Four Yolk EGG Becomes Bird

Shortly after a dream in which 4 women and men in a satsang
were resolving to pray together as one.. and to pray also for egomelt,
poster had a vision of a 4 yolk egg becoming a bird.

(poster in 1970 made eggs for the last time, after breaking them into a skillet, not realizing it had been fertilized...seeing the skillet full of blood, beaks and claws)
Tree Planting Harms DOG

Poster is planting a baby evergreen tree..and to her horror the tree turns into a dog and the planting becomes a suffocation
(Interpretation: well motivated actions can through ignorance be harmful... ask the Source,.. ones favorite indweller form of God before doing something)


Starseed Transmissions: "One never has enough data to assign value to any action."   Only God is omniscient.

Snake Becomes Trunk

a vision of a poisonous snake turning into a greeting trunk of a loving Ganesha elephant**
(Every foe will at some time become an eternal friend.)
THE Grace OF A Homerun

A married man walks to first base where he flirts with the married first baseman. Suddenly Martin Luther King is batting
lefthanded in the batter's box and hits a homerun
. The first base runner
is brought home,
3 additional bases and the end of
a disastrous flirtation, the gift of the hero. (Whatever someone's path in life, truth to those with a right to it is good)
Airborn Tuxedo

A man in a tux is airborn, and his coattails are fluttering in the wind
(the irrelevance of form in a world of spirit? the ability of all to fly?)
Thoughts AND Trucks

a vision of crystallized thought as huge steel cabinets above the street blocking trucks (rigid opinions block communication)

Four Swans..

4 swans pick up in their beaks the 4 corners
of a light fabric and fly with it .. and cover
either a sleeping or dead large animal with it
(a liberated soul..has advanced... loving spirits erase his past)

Running ON Water

A woman dreamt she was running on the water..
she came to a boat in which her companions sat
.. she teased them and splashed them because
they could not run on water.. her arrogance caused
her immediately to sink

Revelation AND Invention

Many 'inventions' are revelation..
Einstein said in his autobiography angels gave him
the relativity theory in a dream

Schumann said he was not a composer but a secretary..
who wrote the music he heard in his ears after having
had a series of painful explosions in them.

The inventor of the sewing machine said he was shown
a vision of warriors carrying spears which had holes in the tips.
He then knew how to design the needle apertures for

The discoverer of the benzene ring was given a dream
of a snake biting his own
tail, which gave him the idea that molecules could come in rings.
Bad Man's Grave Has Rose Bushes

Jan F, had a dream of 3 nuns watering a rose bush at a bad man's grave.

a. rose bushes have rights no matter where they are planted
b. the body of a man who harmed many is becoming fragrant roses...


c. all are sooner or later in some life or other lifted into eternal bliss
c. some in the Vatican did not help enough to stop the Nazis etc.

Elephant AND Cave

From Swami Rama's book "Living With the Himalayan Masters" incident in which an elephant in greeting reached her trunk into a cave.. she was killed by a scorpion's bite..and her size blocked for a while the mouth of the cave

Premature Baby Given TO Intermediary

A Devotee's Dream: he is standing next to his teacher
Rather than push his way to the front a new parent
hands his premature baby in a 9" by 9" box
to the devotee to hand to his teacher  God sometimes sends people to  certain souls who are their temporary guides.
PEN AT Right Angles TO Broom

Writing squared to cleaning



Four Hawks

Not a vision, not a dream.. but a sighting

of four hawks circling..
above the woods... 3 together.. and 1 apart from
them.. (a breaking apart of neocon



Ramakrishna Flamingo

Ramakrishna saw a flock of pink flamingos foiled by a grey sky..
... as beautiful as Sanskrit script

G dreamt someone's rug was put on her bed
as a spread..

( the mattress is a sacred place.. not
Grand Central Station and not a boxing ring)

Wrinkles Ironed OUT Between 11 AND 12

The writer was given a vision of an iron pressing out wrinkles
which occurred between the 11 and 12 on the clock..
a. that the area
of an astrological chart between 11 and 12 is the house of
career, the 10th house
a .removal of obstacles to being aligned to God's will
b. that God is giving grace to someone between 11 and 12 am
or pm
c. Make Straight The Way of the Lord.. (the spine is the
magnetic rod of the body)

Cookies IN Trunk

a family bakes cookies in the empty trunk of a friend's car
(empty trunk: no more karma)


(Unfortunately years after this vision, in 2021 there are so many tens of millions out of work that some are cooking on the trunks of cars in which they live)
Horse Kneeling

a vision of a horse kneeling

a. (the body surrenders to the discipline of
the indwelling
spirit.. )


b. Increasingly there have been fatal and serious injuries to racetrack horses, fox hunt horses, and to horses subjected to cruel riders
Aqua Blue Letters Wrapped IN
Royal Blue Satin Ribbon

Dream that woman hands poster a packet of love letters on aqua paper tied with royal blue ribbon allegedly written by married man. They were returned unread.

a. it is not dreamer's business..
b. they could have been forged falsely to implicate someone

a Chinese green coffee cup.. white inside
.. on it in both English word and Chinese character was Joy

a. we are all made of ananda (joy)..
and can access it through the practice of drilling to its
inner fountains   Sanskrit: Atmananda (Atma indwelling God in all beings, ananda.. joy)
excess coffee or tea consumption through acidification, caffeine
and insecticides can cause, optic nerve damage, heart attacks, need for frequent urination or pancreatic cancer,
Book OF Life

dreamt a beloved nonagenarian relative asks me to sign his Book of

a. be more positive .. life not death

Albany IS Buffalo Buffalo IS Albany

a vision that Albany was in Buffalo New York
Santa Claus Sleigh

Santa Claus' sleigh annually makes a silhouette against
the full moon



Garland OF Rusty Paper Clips

 a woman removes a garland
of rusty paper clips, no longer
wanting the awards of an office
Inverted PEN

a pen point down in a glass of cola

a. Multinational cola companies' contributions to those who
promote war are stifling the peace movement
b. poor nutrition interferes with
c. a sword or pen point down
can mean an end to attack

dream of a lion threatening to eat the father
of a woman
(This woman has 3 leo planets.. The father is the person siring the birth of her newer self...
ego delays spiritual growth)...
Ganesha Trunk Knotted

vision of Ganesha with his trunk tied in a knot

(the blocking of auspiciousness, grace, or kundalini
by unresolved karma)
Golf Club

a golf club threatening to smash a wedding ring
(a golf widow thinks of divorce)

RED Mirror

vision of a mirror showing red..
a. someone who is angry with himself and therefore angry
with all he sees
b. man angry that woman sitting next to him in truck is blocking
his rear view mirror
Orange Crayon Smashed

a saffron crayon is smashed

(orange: sannyasi color
crayon: children)

a soul finds he is not ready for sannyas or renunciation
of all desire.. he began his quest prematurely

Water Visions

the ocean beneath the surface.. there was a gleaming white
cross rooted in the bedrock at the base of the sea.. its top touching the surface
of the water.. it was only a few feet wide and around it
dolphins played.. as if it were a toy for fish in an aquarium.
a cross shaped swimming pool.. the shape of
the pool did not affect the swimmers

(devas {angels} telling people not to fear crosses in their charts)
an ancient Roman walled in courtyard filled with mars
and other statuary.. water rising submerges the statues..
(waters of love in the heart dissolve love of power)

an outdoor stone stairway.. so great is the rainfall
that the stairway becomes a stone basis for waterfall

(the crosses visions.. are meant to remove fear
about their configuration in astrological charts)


Animals In Church,  Mosque,  Mandir, Temple, Shrine
A man after being given 2 books not of the same size walks into a Catholic or Anglican church from which all the pews have been removed. Also gone is the floor partition between the main church and the attic. The interfaith basement has a circular formation and there are altars to virtually every path to God in it. The spiritual leader has said dogs are welcome in the chiurch, but the fire marshal has said no and so the man leaves the church.

SAN Diego Sailor

Woman had a dream she was with a number of sailors
in San Diego. One was angry about her antiwar words
until he found that the Navy had terminated a number
of men right before their benefits were scheduled to take

Man with Alzheimer's
A man walks into a woman's apartment. She in fright
starts choking him with her key chain.. not realizing he
is an old man with Alzheimer's. His name is Green


A man's face is the body of a butterfly between the 2 wings
(Isaac Bashevis Singer publicly regretted Vladimir Nabokov's lepidoptery which involved the impaling of untold thousands of butterflies


Men's ties as snakes (the drive for freedom from taking orders from superiors or being tied to alarm clocks)


A series of full moons travel in a line
across a theatre stage and set exiting right
a. time speeding up

b. someone's time in a current embodiment is finishing

c. moonset is sunrise 

Mother AND Child

A baby is only partially drawn to her own mother
 (The not totally
released old self has not yet
totally learned to love herself)
Beyond Housework

JBC, SV and others have written
of a witch flying on a broom
as a male projection of negativity
(witch label) on healing women
who have transcended the slavery
of housework.. the broom is no
longer a symbol of oppression
but a vehicle for flight
Mother IN LAW

A mother in law left her body after
an unusually long life.. she had
a great love for her daughter in law..
and had entered the body of
a bumblebee to attempt to communicate
with her... dreamer feared there would
be no open windows for the bee at the daughter
in law's home and so went over
to open one.. but need not have
worried... the woman was in a barnlike
garage with the big door open


A Catholic friend was experiencing much anxiety..and his family had repeatedly committed him.. poster was opposing the use
of psychiatric medications for him with their toxic side effects
but had no power with the pharmaceutically
dominated hospital staff.. then had
a vision of a priest
holding a communion wafer.. and breaking off
a tiny sliver.. She heard "lithium"

(Catholics believe that any sliver of the
communion host is Christ.. as much as the
whole disc. She tells friend dream suggests taking a small fraction of what was prescribed..)

(Lithium.. from Greek lithos.. too much can turn the
kidneys into stone)



Priest AND RED SEA (Vision)

A priest walked through a huge crowd which parted before
him like the Red Sea as he carried the lidded monstrance which contained within it the Host, the Eucharist, Jesus as Bread.
He approached a woman and handed her the chalice.

(Of the many possible interpretations one is that
whenever a soul is liberated, she is handed her own
divinity. Another is that women will inevitably
be priests. )

TWO Horses

10 TV Cameras

A dream that 5 tv cameras above and 5 tv cameras
below dreamer focused on an embryo filled with
2 fully grown horses. The light of the tv cameras

caused the placental sac to break and the 2 horses
galloped away.. one to become part of a 4 horse
chariot.. the other to cavort with wild stallions.
This took place in a Western sandy plain
canyon with high granite walls on both sides.
The word "Mathura" or "Matura" was heard, one
a village of Krishna, the other Latin for maturation.

Rocking chairs

an adult rocking chair.. and in its seat and
at right angles to it is a child's rocking chair


No Intersection

Vision of 2 lines at right angles.. but because
they are in different and parallel planes they won't

A IS Aries

(this message came in at least 4 fragments on 4 occasions..
1 or 2 sentences each time..
unlike many messages)

dream that a young Bible teacher opens his Bible
to the beginning of a New Testament chapter.
He points to the big red ornate capital A initiating
the chapter and says "A is Aries.
Aries is Caesar
Caesar is the detonater.
Caesar is the diaspora."

This dream came before the OKC bombing.

The diaspora could be
anything from the mind's explosion of ideas
to different ethnic diasporas, to
the seeding of a field by a wind.
Marine Gives Away Bride

bride being given
away by a Marine
friend.. not the father

(the first interpretation might be
fear that the father is not available..
 that the bride is a soul leaving
militaristic thought behind..)
Wedding Dress Muddied

J dreamt a woman in a wedding dress
got off a bus ..
and stepped into mud up to her knees

Submarine trapped under the ice

Vision of a USA submarine caught under the Arctic
ice.. someone not on ship psychically tells captain to go 3 forward and then 1 up.. to
free the ship
later she hears "3 parts love.. 1 part will"

.. which are the dimensions of the letter L

(this could be any country's submarine caught under the ice)
(Global warming is too quickly melting the Arctic ice)

Man In Crib

A grown man sits in a big crib... several of the side bars are missing.. he could easily leave..once he makes the decision
Sharks IN Indoor Pool


An intelligence agency as  a monastery..
in which
sharks were kept in a pool in the basement.. a pool into which
expendable victims and agents were thrown. Every once in a while the monks had a taste
for shark meat and would kill
a shark.

Powerful War Hawk Leaves Theatre OF Action

Warhawk wakes up suddenly
.. decides he no longer wants to be in the play..
jumps off stage and bolts down the center aisle..

He had been telling someone that in his youth he was psychic and that though he shot birds he wanted to protect mammals.

(Interpretation: Only God decides at what point on a circle someone has
an orbital leap. Only God can judge any soul.)

 Pen ink spilling out (writing too emotional)
Jigsaw Puzzle AND Blue Sky
A room in a house whose walls were made entirely
of jigsaw puzzle pieces.. when the final piece was put in, it
blocked out the blazing blue sky

(Fulfilled desires sometimes block
the infinite)

Kenmore and Barberton

Kenmore a part of Akron Ohio is tangent to a city called Barberton.

Between the 2 cities on the map is a perforated line. The map divides with 1 on one side and one on the other.  Kenmore has been a working class predominantly white area . Barberton for a long time had a large E. European community. It occurred to dreamer that Ken in Kenmore was separating from Barb in Barberton. The 2 stereotypic Ken and Barbie dolls were growing beyond each other.



DOG IN Water

a dog was found in a basement full of water up to her neck

(many interpretations: one that the loyalty of the dog in each
soul is hampered by water of unreleased feelings)
Angel Descends AND IS
SET IN Stone

Richard Paul Evans wrote in
The Christmas Box of a vision
of an angel with spread wings
descending to earth and turning
to stone...

in his book it foretells his
seeing a monument in a
cemetery above the grave of
a child
Another interpretation:
.. living spirit becoming
crystallized into dead form
Unmarried Pastor Dates Three Women

: An unmarried pastor is dating at least 3 women in
his church... saying to them that he wants to select one of
them as a wife. (recipe for disaster)



(many churches are predominantly women..


with a male leader, a situation opposed by a growing number)
Father Artist

Dream: a young blonde master artist of spiritual topics
is a father of a 3 year old boy. The artist strides to his work
so quickly that his little son runs after him crying, unable to
keep up. The artist works with chalk which as soon as it
hits the canvas becomes paint. He overlays a layer of pink
with a layer of gold. The frame is of stained glass.
His work is beautiful.. but it is foiled by his neglect of his
first prioriity: his son.

THE Mind IS A Radio Station

dream of a little mind-operated radio in front of us whose programs were programmed by our thoughts..  psychics can pick up our thoughts..   positive energy plugs people in... negative thoughts unplug energy
Tricycle IN RED SEA OF Cars

MSC had a vision of a tricycle wheeling down Nob Hill..
while buses, cars, trolley cars parted like the Red Sea
to let it past

(one interpretation: often the materially powerless have
great spiritual power.. another: many make way for a child)

Actual Story: Church Sanctuary AND Basement

There is a woman who mothered many children..
Around age 50 she began to be angry that
she had been programmed, she thought, to be
a baby machine...

she stood by herself across the street from 100
prolife demonstaters with the sign Catholics For Choice

Then she had a dream.. that she was in a Catholic church
and realized she could not go across the sanctuary
to the back.. but through the basement

this she interpreted to mean.. more humility
and lower profile


Smoker IN CAR

Dream: France.. in the 1930's..
a woman is smoking as she
rounds the corner in a red
car...nearly runs people
over.. her humor and
charisma are so great
as she apologizes and
blows smoke in their
faces they forgive her
and laugh



Sculpture Garden

Dream that in
Michigan were 2 acres of
desert which had become
a sculpture garden..
small rocks.. gave way
to stone spheres..
some 3 or 4 stories
a woman knew that
to get her feelings to move
she must be around water

After dream following morning
went online and saw
Gandalf's "E pur si muove'

Galileo, as he arose from his knees, (after his trial) exclaimed sotto voce, E pur si muove [nevertheless it does move].
Lutherans AND Catholics

A couple who were fighting with Luther for freedom
from Catholic hierarchy were hooded and on their
way back to a Catholic monastery fortress because
they needed food clothing and shelter

(Martin Luther's virulent statements about Jews
have been repudiated by the modern Lutheran church)
Military Survivalist

a vision of a friend in a previous life..
as the leader of a military survivalist group
manufacturing offshore floating islands very close
to shore

F6 Key

f maroon light
on the F6 key of a computer

US Capitol Bldg.

vision of the US Capitol Bldg.
visible as if directly beneath the plane
which was 300 miles away..
passengers warned to stay
away from the vortex it



a gas nozzle put into the car trunk which contains flammable materials.. rather than the gas tank

(the past, the trunk, should be cleaned


Blue Bird AND Piano

A tiny blue bird perches upon 1 of the bottom octave black and white keys of a piano ** for different people different meanings
a. for a pianist, the message that if he wanted to keep on playing he must give up meat and fish and caffein whose heavy metals and uric acid caused carpal tunnel and arthritis
b. * the value of the blue bird is not diminished by her not being able to play a piano *
c. *Spirit often uses physical media through which to express to those in form
d * black and white are duality... blue transcends division
e. * Is the blue bird strong enough to strike the key?
f. When a bass opera singer's throat is impaired, where do his notes go? where does his throat go?
g. the soul is not the body the music is not the instrument

Salad OF Fruit Vegetables

made a fruitarian salad a year
before (which contained cucumbers,
tomatoes, peppers etc. ..plant products but no
plants)... it was still fresh and could
be downloaded on the web...
coming right through the computer.

 sleeping in the street
at a bus stop

Healing Pool

A crocodile in the Bethesda healing

A fisherman tell others  that he uses
packets of lifesavers for fishing,
They don't save the lives of the fish.

Lamb Drawing

On a greasy garage floor lie
in a vulnerable way, a mechanic's
art drawings of lambs. The dreamer
wants to get them out of harm's way
but decides it would interfere with
the mechanic's sovereignty.

Jesus Climbs Down Rocks

A young boy dreamt that he
was climbing down rocks to rescue
a friend. A church he has not been
to or heard described has
a painting of Jesus crawling
down rocks to rescue the 100th lamb.
Canoe IN Pool

a canoe full of Christians
in a Bethesda healing pool
as large as the average
swimming pool. Canoers had the
boat full of tapes to take
to those on the other side
of the pool.
1st impression: a waste of energy
to use a canoe rather than
walking around the pool
2nd impression: The Bethesda Pool
heals by immersion after
an angel stirs the waters.
This experience is given by
contact with the water, not
through tapes.

Shirt Ironing

One woman in the 1960's who was discouraged
at the thought of endless days
of ironing her husband's work shirts
was given a dream of listening
to records while she ironed. Before
the dream she had not known
there were plays and poetry on records.


dream: someone born Sept 9, 1991
is becoming a leader in the tradition
of Cesar Chavez

Woman Standing UP IN Washing
a vision of a woman
outside the front door of my grandmother's home..
she is standing upright in a washing machine
while it works (cleansing while in turmoil)

Cash When Needed

I was driving across the US on rt 70.. with a quarter..and my sister's credit card..
i slept in car and bathed in motel pools.. i came to a Stop n Shop in Kansas
at which a man was being denied his right to buy a 6 pack because he had no license.. He was not the driver of his truck. He and the driver were sober.
 i bought the 6 pack for him with the credit card. Unsolicitied. he handed me $7... a few miles down the road was the only
toll station at that time between California and Ohio... i was given cash
right before i needed it...

Communion Dream

somone who wants to give up
alcohol went to communion walking from the left aisle, not center or right

before she drank from the chalice, she took out a flask and added a few drops of whisky

the entire church applauded

(To conservatives what the dream character did might be offensive. interpretation: to sanctify ones
weaknesses by offering them to God
is a path to abstinence)


vision of plums and purple grapes.. GOD telling viewer to eat more
purple fruit

RED Shoes ON Books

EDW, the daughter of an academic man..dreamt on top
his bookshelves were her red high heeled shoes..
(she though brilliant separates from his rigid cerebral world)
(the knowledge of the past founds a new future)
or ?)


Hunting Party

a young Native American male crouches in the woods
as a white hunting party files by a dozen yards away..
the Erie tribe member knows intuitively that the 13 year old
boy in the hunting party is dressed in girl's clothing so that
he not be required to hurt animals
CAT Tail Plants With Corn Tassels

cat tail plants with corn tassels on them

a. many cats will eat corn if given the chance

Before 'don't ask don't tell)

Dream of a friend discharged from the army for being gay as a 3 or 4 year old adopted boy whose father was often brutal to him. He is coming out of a Catholic chruch with his mother and dashes into street without looking. An African American male saves him.

( Some of many interpretations):
1. the black vote in the US
will bring the troops home
2. the prayers of black Christians
3. the Catholic church needs to be more active in the peace movement)
4. his life in Iraq was saved by a black
Blue Ball Purple Square
was shown a blue ball on the left and a purple square on the

several meanings:
1. the blue ball of meditation  Purple is a higher color but the circle is more spiritual than the square
2. generally purple as a higher frequency than blue..
and of squares as a form of slavery.. in comparison
to spheres....

Rolling Dime

M's vision of his situation..
he was shown himself as a dime.. with 2 faces.. on 1 side
was 'i must' 'i have to'.. on the other 'i can't i won't'
the dime was alright when it was rolling but spent most
of the time fallen on 1 face or the other

then he saw a thorn from Jesus' crown driven by the hammer of
God which removed the 2 faces from the now resurrected coin
Noah'S ARK

from a house on a hill.. looking out.. one finds that
as far as the eye can see every tree has been leveled
.. every building bulldozed.. there is only dirt everywhere..
and from the left seawater is being channeled in, in front
of the house.. from a hill on the far right... thousands of
animals are running away from the rising waters

(this vision was so intense poster felt she was witnessing
the Noah flood.. thinking upon it afterward she felt hostility
toward GOD for causing such terror.. )

(the ark is still high up Mt Ararat in Turkey near the NW border..
its wood long ago petrified.. into stone..embedded in the mountain its prow sticks out but is only visible occasionally
behind the snow .. behind the clouds.. least 12 Russian expeditions were sent to it in the
20th century)
CIA Library

Robert Dole gave peace, environment, and animal rights
activists the keys to the CIA library...which at one end, in
the vision, was a multistory semicircle of glass

(those who meditate gradually
develop through 1 or several lifetimes
the ability to see the akashic records
which contain all knowledge)
( later saw that a state university library
 was shaped
similarly to the dream library).

Family Journal

a dream that families were keeping family journals
in which each could make an entry whenever motivated..

Estate sake,,  travel diaries of RQ and WVQ were pricetagged at 10 cents each.. reminding one of another estate sale in which the most precious possession of the deceased woman, her family photo album, was considered worthless by the crowds passing by it


East River Barge

A woman dreamt she was piloting a flat barge
full of boxes on the East River.. her crew
had to unload the cargo in such
a way the boat would not tip




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Into the Depths of Chaos

I slip into an onyx dream
darker than any decaying thing
From the void trying to fill the void
Like Erebus I too am born of Chaos
-unraveling in a mist of dissonance
The silken noose tightens
I am cast into my own Spellhold-
cursed and forgotten
Pain is a welcomed refuge
Lest the 'stars hide their fires'
I will burn into a blacken ember

The hour of silence beckons
Echidna coils her fiery despair
Round and round, over and over
A mother's love- her beautiful poison
And sinks her fangs while
begging for absolution

I sink below the slithering surface
where nighmares wash away the sadness
There is no peaceful passing
She carves her scars into her child's heart
And only with her blessing does she allow any healing

I slip further into the tangled madness
caught on layers of dissension
The steady beating of despair
is slowly creating a new heir
She shows you the horizon
She tells you it is near
Then she swims in self delusion
all while drowning others with her fear

I close my eyes, I open them wide
Inside a sleepless mind, the quiet
is a beautiful lie
Like it or not I have to choose-
To descend further into a watery grave
or tighten the noose 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**My relationship with my mother can be quite...tumultuous**

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Five Year Journey

The weather is well

The sky is blue

The day anew

The little birds wake and sing

We wake because our alarms ring

I can’t tell

If that was the screams in my head or

The school bell

I’m inside

Inside again

Inside myself

Translation of my ideas, I’m deaf

Sympathetic to several causes

Seemingly smart with scarce solutions

Often imagining the future

Taking the high way in the maze of life

Road block

Stagnated, frustrated


Initially, but it evolved courageously

It’s hard to understand ourselves

Time is the patron of change


Now that I get it


That I think I get it

I’d like to rewind

And restart the picture I painted

Purify the person I tainted

Use the colors that I wish I used

My eyes see nothing new, I’m unamused

Now there’s nowhere to memorize just open your mind

Analyze every line

Because all the world’s a stage

Regressed to Illiteracy 

In my book I can’t seem to turn the page 

Learning till the day I die

Consumption of corruption because it’s easy



Our interests are mutual

Alone like my daily ritual

Instant satisfaction

Failing to ponder and think critically

Why don’t we ask why

By social stigma we act cynically

To me my shadow is colorful


The feeling we search for

Push and pull

Two sides seen by only two eyes

Left & right, black & white

Understanding is out of sight



I might

Still figuring it out


Silence kisses my lips

Only talking when we take sips

Beats my heart skips

My conscious flows in the veins of my eyes

My tongue is red like my lies

Tarnished are my teeth and my thoughts

And without purpose my soul rots

The human hand is the door knob to a person

But my hands are locked in fists

Wrinkles in our palms

The fleshy manifestation of our route through life

Legs like ruined Roman columns

Glory with revitalization

Destruction with mistreatment

Only if he comes to a sooner realization

He’ll become a traitor of stag-nation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first written poem. The title simply signifies the teenage years and I feel as if it really dug deep into my 17 year old head. Please tell me what you thought of it.


Watching the words play on the page,

he begins to learn the rules of thier game.

He converses with the referees and officials,

known to most as grammar and punctuation.

He is introduced to the all the players,

but noun, verb, and adjective are the starters.

Eventually, he is confident enough to coach

his own team and becomes an author.

He develops his tactics and strategy,

and slowly his playbook thickens.

He wonders if one day he and his players can go

the distance and together become champions.

Such a wonder, that such a wondrous

world arose from twenty six scribbles

and a few meager symbols in between.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

A few thoughts on poetry.

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Silver & Gold

Not quite gold

But somehow always compared to it

I've heard of its value,

Its mention through the years

Mostly exsting in wedding bands

Or in cutlery for the wealthy.

I do not know its worth

I do not know gold's either

And there the comparisons continue

I wonder if the element minds

Remaining in second place,

Always being looked down by gold,

Its perfect big brother,

If you will.

Silver makes good heart-shaped lockets,

I'm sure it also serves

To uncover a deadly monster

Featured in Supernatural.

I'm sure silver does not like being silver.

I wouldn't want to be silver.

I think gold is what silver wants to be.

It does not want to end up a knife,



Silver wants to be wanted

So much that others fight for it.

Silver wants to be looked at

For its bright color,

Not the dull grayish one

It comes with.

Silver could be gilded,

Though that would make it worthless.

But I don't think silver is that bad

If you really think about it.

Gold attracts too much attention,

While silver is a reserved one.

I know silver wants to be gold,

And to stop being compared and contrasted


But maybe at the end of the day

Silver just wants to stay silver