This feeling I could not control
Like wildfire burning through the grassy forest
I could not say the momentum of its weather nor atmosphere
It's stinging me like bee and biting me like snake
Doing me like pepper sauce touching the baby's mouth

I could neither comprehend nor equivocate but to submit like losing sleeves
As it speaks to me like fluent speaker of local language
It tints my eyes like cloudy sky
It's even like its incantation and mumbo jumbo witch my soul like magical wand
I don't even know my mind again only know its
I could not help the situation in whatsoever way only resume to its wheel
Could this be a natural or weird? As all the body felt its action
I could still say but still not say but why?

As it still grows like foetus in the pregnant womb
Uncontrollable like electrific magnet
If i could find a way to go out,It keeps blocking my exit
If i move it shelter me with its shadow
If I take a step it keeps following me like snail's shell
If i take a stand It keeps haunting like conscience
If i breath it takes over my Vshape
Why why? I could not believe

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The Love that i seek
Is something like nectar and vingar
A thing that takes after chocolate made with vanilla
something like heart of ant
The one sings like nitingale at dawn
Like anything mixed with raw cow milk

The Love that i seek
Like broadway leading to Maxwell Mansion
One like fresh potatoes using to prepare lunch
Like water attitude in the night
Something smells like perfume made from Abrosia
Like fancy steps of chamellion
Somehow like Sunflowers in the morning

The Love that I seek
Sunshine sets at dusk
Something like half-yellow moon in the sky
The one like dews arrangement on the valley
Something like light that builds with crystals
Anything like necklace builds with diamond

The Love I seek
Like mountain sits on its throne
The one with pure heart like snow
Like snail with its shell
And the one with mind in its head

Such Love I seek
The one like arable land

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I cry the tears of anger
I yell the words of hate
I punish those around me
For I can't hardly wait
To avenge the pillow I cry on

I cry the tears of blood
I scar my soul of selfish pain
To hurt those who bash me
On gaining control of freedom

I take what I see
I strive for everything I want
I feel what I distaste
I expect to get what I demand
To make it stand clear

I cry the tears of sorrow
Screaming my cries loud late at night
I'll be similar like the others
And fall low to judge strangers
A scar seen by the wounded

I cry the tears of lonely healing
Speaking hurtful phrases of poetry
Trying to hold everything in
So vile to blow out in curses

I handle the pain
I fight the battle
I hand everything
Standing alone
Though won the war

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a Dark poem, one of my older pieces. Obviously I wrote it going through a rough patch. A way of venting. And I did.
I don't care if people like it or don't, I wrote it to SCREAM because when I'm upset, I burst into tears.. depending on the situation. And fought the battle.


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Goodbye dad

Anger is what I have for you my dad
Your anger you put on me I had
Anger is what you tricked me with
It’s all my fault you said, what a myth
Anger haunts my spirit of ghost past
Shadows of black they taunt so vast
Day light, moon night, a howling goon
No more shall you lurk your anger heirloom

I’m all grown up now, John
Your title of dad is now gone
Your wish be granted, no daughter you have
Be happy your riches
Your monies your bitches
Wealthy you are and wealthy you’re not
Wealth defined by beholder of lot
I’ll see you in heaven
Maybe... maybe not...you heathen

John Dear John, my dad of past
Goons of new moons have no more mast
On winds that once howled
Have now died without prowl
Memories of words from your chilly winds
No longer scream for I’ve made amends
Amends with you? Oh most surely not
Amends with the past, I’m now on top
If I’m now on top, then where are you?
You're not on your pedestal. Oh boo-hoo-hoo
John, oh Dear John, where shall you be?
You’re in that there throne where I shirley pee!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am 37 year old female who had decided that my new year’s resolution for 2011 I was to face my demons of past. I decided this since my demons were surfacing and I was having anxiety attacks. It turns out that my demons are so deep routed that I'm well into my second year of working on them, successfully! I kept flashing images of Scooby-Doo’s haunted mansion when I wrote this poem and it seemed so appropriate for my feelings. This poem allowed me to laugh at John (a.k.a. dad) and I now see him as a ghost in my past! I would like to thank my Reiki practioner for being my spiritual counselor and the book "The Healing Codes" for helping me to process my emotions and this website for letting me post. I have never written a poem before and what great therapy this was!

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The tide coiled like bonfire smoke
Pluming up to kiss the racing cloud's hike
the socrates' thought and wills sensed around the water's heart
her stalking shadow cast towards her journey
then started mentioning the name of wooshes
where all Adams buried their heads and listening to folks of Greeks

the cousin of Abraham who had turned blind pity the reddevils
who had also blind but could sight with grey gurgle
he wondered why he could get that values but not sustain his lives
with the archeaological items that dug out from his pot

there're many who could tell the name of first born of noon
what about the moon that skinned the night like cow
and threw darknesses around like Zuma rock cave
and the sun that drew skeiness upon the beamy day
i could not even say the fight over between dawn and dusk
that engraved within pillow of earth

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stranger be familiar

my poems

Ashish Pruthi
My sleep is lost,
My vision window don't wanna close...
Its my ambition boosting me up,
Its not the fake imagination excitement persisting me to doze.

You think i am unaware of all,
But i strife 20 yrs to gain this all..
What i do ,dnt thnk m running on that move.....
Its just a move to get ahead in this human zoo.

I respect my friends
Doesn't matter is that he or she lives near or far, bonded with me today or sm were in the back past
But for me they r always wlcm 4m my heart.

As human is made to mistake.......
For that i want you to correct me always,
When m wrong...... despite of thinking what u r 2 me????
Always think u r "much 2 me........."
If this should not has to be a case
Then think y should we both have come across
By-------------------Ashish Pruthi

Trust Me

When you’re struck by the greatest fear, feeling abondoned by your near.
When you’re down I will lend you my ear, my feelings for you are all sincere.
Because you are my closest dear, I will support you it’s true I care.
I’ll send you warmth I will hold you near, believe that in my arms you won’t shed a tear.

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I was talking online with a dear friend last night
And something brought her to tears
I felt so very bad for her
Worse than I'd felt in years
I wanted to hold her in my arms and tell her

"Everything will be ok"

You'll get through this night
And in the morning
You'll face a brand new day

This friend is so very dear to me
I'd go to the ends of the Earth for her

I'd care for her and protect her
And if necessary

Die for her

She means so very much to me
I'd do anything to get her laughing

For nothing would mean more to me
Than to see her truly happy.

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