showing love to stranger

A stranger you are not

A stranger is someone we’ve never met

But that’s not what I would call you

For the love from others has made me know you

Even though our paths have never crossed

Our spirits are connected through universal love

Tied together by fond remembrances of you

And cherished by those left behind

Missing you and desiring your smiling face

Wishing you were here to ease the pain

Saying goodbye…the chance that was never given

But saying hello is a blessing that can be given every day

Memories transferred to me through your spirit

Of connecting with your loved ones

Left behind without the chance to know what you’d be like

20 years later how much would you have changed

Making your presence known in a way we only understand

We listen for you daily, searching for our clues

Letting you know you are missed

but letting go

letting go of the hurt and pain of things said and unsaid

carrying it around like shackles around our ankles

unable to move forward

unable to stay still

Although we’ve never met

I know you through your life that you lived

And I can’t wait to see you face to face

Look you in the eyes

And tell you

“It’s wonderful to meet you”


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to 2 people I've never met. They were taken away 20 years ago, way before their time. The love of my husband for his brother, and my friend for her brother has taught me we are connected. Their spirit lives on through them and they are a part of me, my life as well. Until we meet....

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stranger be familiar

my poems

Ashish Pruthi
My sleep is lost,
My vision window don't wanna close...
Its my ambition boosting me up,
Its not the fake imagination excitement persisting me to doze.

You think i am unaware of all,
But i strife 20 yrs to gain this all..
What i do ,dnt thnk m running on that move.....
Its just a move to get ahead in this human zoo.

I respect my friends
Doesn't matter is that he or she lives near or far, bonded with me today or sm were in the back past
But for me they r always wlcm 4m my heart.

As human is made to mistake.......
For that i want you to correct me always,
When m wrong...... despite of thinking what u r 2 me????
Always think u r "much 2 me........."
If this should not has to be a case
Then think y should we both have come across
By-------------------Ashish Pruthi