My Hero Forever You'll Be!

        My Hero forever you'll be!   

He didnt fly like superman but to me that didnt matter
cuz he gave us all he had so that his clothes were just a tatter
always there to give his love all while sipping on his tea
and in my heart i'll always know that my hero forever you'll be
saving up that time he bought stuffed animals for us one year
and was as happy as ive ever seen he smiled from ear to ear
mom had an opportunity to go on vacation and he did agree
so off she went and it made me think my hero forever you'll be
even death didnt change who you were to us you were still our dad 

when you went to be with our mom in heaven it made us so very sad
not a day goes by that we dont think of you and we smile for all to see
for us kids nothing will ever change our hero forever you'll be!






Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one for my dad hope you like it



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My Dad's Car

My dad’s car



I still remember when my dad bought the perfect car; it was a Neon SRT-4 one of the first “street racing cars”, I was a little boy and I loved that car, every day I got up in the morning very happy even if I had school that day just to see it, I went to classes and couldn’t concentrate on what the teacher was saying because I was thinking on going to the drag races with my dad, the best moment of the day was when my parents picked me up from school with the car, I felt very good and I was a little egocentric so I bragged about it to my classmates. My dad used to ask my every year what I wanted for my birthday, and every year I had the same answer… I want the Neon, but he just told me that I was going to get it when I got old enough to drive it.  When my dad and I went to the track races I liked to be on the pits zone where there was a strong smell of burnt tires and excitement waiting for my dad´s turn on the track, the only problem was the strong noise coming from the big engines and the tires sliding on the ground, they were so loud that my friends had to pull me back from there so I didn´t burst one of my eardrums, but I didn´t want to back up because I was always checking the stopwatch to see how much time it took the Neon to get through the quarter mile, it was one of the fastest cars in those racetracks and people there knew it and called it “Starman” so they were always recording it and seeing how my dad let his opponent eating dust, he would come back to the pits and at that moment it was as if time stopped and I was there watching my father, being so proud of him because he didn´t send his car to the workshop to be modified by professionals, no, he did it all himself, every pipe change, every muffler, every screw... my dad and that car were inseparable that is why I wanted it so badly, to be like him and to continue his legacy in the track or on the road.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the story about my dad's car and how I was proud of him.

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I wasn't solid enough to be the,

Things you rather wanted to see in me,

Should I forget myself too?

Get over you not being there?

All I can do is pretend and lie to myself,

Over and over again

The ghost of you still breathing,

It won't leave me alone,

It keeps teasing me,

Reflections of eternity are darkness and hell,

Now I can see and because of that I'm glad,

My heart and soul are still mine,

I couldn't stop believing in fantasies,

You destroyed them and then forgot,

Now I rebuilt this promise land,

Made by sand of an hour glass,

It's misplaced and it's broken,

It has disappeared and so have you...

My father’s safety helmet

I have a lot of memories since I was a child from my father’s safety helmet from his work. He has always use one. Since arriving from work to eat in home, until get in his car and saw there the safety helmet and playing with it in the car. I can remember when I used to be a child to play with it, and pretended to be an engineer just as him.

That safety helmet has been always the same color, but I don’t think it’s the same one, he has been working in the same place for 25 years, so I think they give him a different one, but I know it’s going to be always a white one, with a sticker on it with his name. It’s really strange not to see my father without his helmet or if it’s missing on his car, because it is always there.

One memory I have of something related with this, is the moment when I had a photoshoot for my XV años, my dad didn’t have time for being with me during that hours, and I really wanted to have a photo with him, so we decided to go to his work and take a simple photo of both of us, so we went to his work, my mother made a phone call to told him we we’re already there, so he just came out of his office to take the picture out there, and in the photo we can saw he’s holding with one hand the safety helmet and with the other one he’s hugging me. It was an epic moment and funny, I remembered saying my mom he was holding two of the things he really love, his job and his daughter, just in one picture, and everyone who saw that photo that knows my dad say the same thing.

I’ve always wondered why he has his helmet in the car and why he don’t just leave in his office, so one day I decided to ask him, just to leave it there, and he told me, he has two, just in case of something. But then I discovered they were not only two, one in the office and the other one infront the car. I found it was another one, in the trunk of his car. I just wondered why he needs so many safety helmets if he only needs to used it in his work, not every time he goes out.

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my dad

He is so happy and so enthused


he plays his violin and is very amused


everyone tells him how good he can play


but he says he cannot play that way everyday.


People wonder how that could be


when obviously he can play, you can see


but when he is sober he is scared and afraid


that he will not like the song that he made.


Even though it is beautiful, and even though it is pure,


he says he needs the alcohol, and that is for sure,


to help dull his senses just enough


and make playing the violin a little less tough.


I hope that one day he will learn to play


the violin in a less threatening way


so that he too can hear the sound


 without all of his other senses bringing him down.

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I am who I am because of my dad 2 2015

I am who I am because of my dad 2 ! 2015


from the day i was born my dad prayed every night

when i was a teenager dad never left my sight

and when i got married at night he would pray

he prayed for my safety every day in every way

he knew i was in trouble and he prayed all over again

he prayed for the anger he was feeling he could restrain

if he acted on his anger he knew i'd be in trouble

when i needed him he came right on the double

my dad shed rivers of tears down on his knees

i think his prayers worked because i was able to flee

I thank god every night for dads endless prayer time

he never gave up on that tear stained prayer line

with out him praying for my safe and an end to my fight

theres no way i would be standing here writing tonight

without my dad praying for me i wouldnt be who i am

because i am who i am because of my dad!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a short poem I wrote back in 2011 and i rewrote it a little longer so i hope you all like it.



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Missing You

I miss you dad
More and more each day
I'm trying my best
To get up and stay
To be a part of this world
With all it's ups and downs
To wear a smile more
Than I wear I frown
It's harder than I thought it would be
Living without you
What are you trying to tell me?
I feel confused at night
When I dream of your smile
Knowing that you're gone now
For more than a little while
Why is the question
Because is the only answer
Why does my heart bleed
Because you are not there.


Brandy Noelle Souza


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Daddy's Girl

My heart aches, Dad

for the things you can't do.

My soul breaks, Dad

for all that we been through.


I fear it's too late, Dad

to mend my broken heart.

I'm so full of hate, Dad

I don't know where to start.


You took away my hope, Dad

i think our relationship is done.

And now I'm left to cope, Dad

As I watch you love your son.


I want to scream and yell, Dad

but i fear my vioce will crack.

I want so much to tell you, Dad

I can't always take you back.


Please tell my words, Dad

for they are all i can say.

Treat my like I'm yours, Dad

Don't just throw me away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Daddy's Girl? What a joke.

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I have much less to be thankful for

This Thanksgiving I have much less to be thankful for.

Much less than I did just one year before.

When I lost Mom in March, I lost my mother and my best friend.

I had no idea how sick she was or that her life would abruptly end.

Four months later I lost my Dad as well.

This Thanksgiving I'm living in Hell.

But I am thankful to still have my brother.

We have no parents, we only have each other.

Since March the 6th, I've had very little happiness.

Last year I had much to be thankful for but now I have much less.

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