The Love that i seek
Is something like nectar and vingar
A thing that takes after chocolate made with vanilla
something like heart of ant
The one sings like nitingale at dawn
Like anything mixed with raw cow milk

The Love that i seek
Like broadway leading to Maxwell Mansion
One like fresh potatoes using to prepare lunch
Like water attitude in the night
Something smells like perfume made from Abrosia
Like fancy steps of chamellion
Somehow like Sunflowers in the morning

The Love that I seek
Sunshine sets at dusk
Something like half-yellow moon in the sky
The one like dews arrangement on the valley
Something like light that builds with crystals
Anything like necklace builds with diamond

The Love I seek
Like mountain sits on its throne
The one with pure heart like snow
Like snail with its shell
And the one with mind in its head

Such Love I seek
The one like arable land

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