friendship and love


Fall, winter, greet,

Both embracing each other,

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


You have time for wives,

You have time for the children,

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


Jobs, money -- More and more!

Leave you no time left for me:

Ah, friends! Ah lovers!


I told you long ago,

That all of you will leave me:

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


I 'm too wise now,

To be fooled by excuses,

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


Is it a fault of mine,

To tell you how you have changed?

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


The bright sun decends,

Lenghtening shadows my fate:

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


When I was a youth,

I dreamed  --  Now I am the fool:

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


Blood revolts at blood,

Mother, brother, sisters, son:

All busy, all the time!


I loved "Bonanza"*;

"Little House On The Prairie*:

Now I love Paul Anka*.


But dreams and visions,

Of grand, lovely evenings,

Wait for fulfilment...


Caught in life's rat racel

All of you, day in, day out:

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


Silent solitude,

And my daughter's company:

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


You are all lost souls,

Craving temporal comforts:

But what will you do,

When you too will be alone?

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


What a tragedy,

This age of falsehood unfolds!

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


I am not your slave,

Why take me now, for granted?

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!


You know I stand tall,

The best of friends, able, wise,

Yet you "have your life"!


I crave company,

But now it is so futile!

Ah, friends! Ah, lovers!

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stranger be familiar

my poems

Ashish Pruthi
My sleep is lost,
My vision window don't wanna close...
Its my ambition boosting me up,
Its not the fake imagination excitement persisting me to doze.

You think i am unaware of all,
But i strife 20 yrs to gain this all..
What i do ,dnt thnk m running on that move.....
Its just a move to get ahead in this human zoo.

I respect my friends
Doesn't matter is that he or she lives near or far, bonded with me today or sm were in the back past
But for me they r always wlcm 4m my heart.

As human is made to mistake.......
For that i want you to correct me always,
When m wrong...... despite of thinking what u r 2 me????
Always think u r "much 2 me........."
If this should not has to be a case
Then think y should we both have come across
By-------------------Ashish Pruthi

And I won't leave you until you need me to

Moody & loss

We used harsh words like so many arrows
And those dark times were deadly bows
Those rended us apart, you know!

Time and distance again conspired
to rend what was once together
Making of one couple, two people the poorer
And of beloved promises, truths that expired

But now I'm here for you,
Despite all the resentment we once felt
Now I realizes it has been melt
For far longer
than I can remember
and perhaps, just perhaps
it never was...

And I won't leave
you until you need me to.

Truly, you may have everything
But this is not a thing
that's lacking.

And I won't leave you
until you need me to.

It's a shared time
A presence that's prime
A reflection of old
A time when we were bold

And I won't leave you
until you need me to.

You did not know your need
until it made you bleed
I did not know my loss
until I came across
with that one promise
that I would still honor
that I could still honor
to be there for you
when you need me to.

And I won't leave you
until you need me to.

Because when in need, deeply,
You where here for me, truly,
And such a fine Sanctuary.

And I won't leave you
until you need me to.
For I still love you...

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Love and Friendship

Love can give you friendship
A smile for all eternity
And its shine will never end
But to have friends give you kindness
And gives you happiness
Love is made to give and receive
To that special person your love give
But friendship is made to appreciate people
When their help is for you
But a big difference there is
Because love arrives and leaves
But a friendship stays until the end

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Air hostess,
Beams a smile at me,
Are we to eternity?
But my friend,
The sweetest of them,
Is still a reality...

Why has he,
Who shared everything,
Gone silent and disappeared?

Were it not,
For bold, staunch, Donna,
Would I have been in the air?
Business class,
Has its own comforts,
And she joins me in my dream...
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 25, 2011).

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