An infrequent kiss

A stray touch

An occasional kindness

You stave of my

emotional starvation

and tantalize me with


of the whole cake

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Breakup poem for Stuart, 1987

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Stray Thoughts: For Josephine

prowling back roads

until the busy streets

full of necessary traffic

are abonadoned to the umber dusk

with hollow footfalls they gather

crowding about the doorway of 


their yowls forbidding


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in 1987 for a friend.  

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"Mr. Blue"

Down and blue
Can't hear or feel my heart bloom
Mind of mine going crazy like smurf shrooms
Can't feel my blood rush through
Give me a sign or clue
Because I'm stuck wondering like a dot of glue...


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Hurt To Write?

Poetic Boosts

Does it hurt to write?
Does it hurt to express?
Does writing deprive of pain?
Does expression encourage the depression?

Enough to vent out the anger
Enough to scream out the rage
Express what gives us happiness
Express what cuases us to smile

This never seems that optimistic
This always seem really negative
That something horrible has to distort the artist
Why drama to influence the creativity?
Why someone has to darken the personality?

Has constantly been brought out of realization
Confusion amongst life so personally
And somehow hurting entitles painful intervention

Too oppress all the pain upon a paper
And use the artistic value that creates expression

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Emotional Sacrifice when it comes to writing poetry. Do you have to have emotional events to create good poetry. Does emotional pain have to occur to create.

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love in air

my poems

I thought of giving you a white rose but how it started gaining fragrance of red i dont know......
Though we dont know each other from long. . . ,but sometimes its just a moment that is above all ......
I know "you think" love has meaning if it exist forever ......but for a thing to happen forever, it have to get started ever........
I dont know what you think of me.......but it is in front of you how you have effected me ....
                                                                                                                       by     Ashish Pruthi b

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This I wrote for a girl I met 2 or 3 days before on net,she was my college mate....i am unable to express her what I think directly so I tried to express her through my poem:-)....

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Three symbols delay by the sacrament of oblivion

There the leaves wither down in liony angry

the gaga world then belitttles by the fun of densing weather

which horoscope could predicts the months?

Or tell the tale of the past century

do you know that time when the primate and primitive society slain?

There will no singers,who singer? Or dancer

that dares set the feet on the stage

I,should i ask a question or remain silence like dead clock?

Where the ballistic missile that kills stomach murmurers?

Or belliscose rhetoric that enterprises the degrading pot

why all countries must hold the military defence?

Only reasons i see are those that tormence

and declining the habitants of earth

tell me if i may know why i cannot say what i see

but do you believe there's alternative?

Of course there's table that could enbed the dialogue

so why not the only weapon that ekes out solution to questioning rift

like a customized pennant for princess

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My Love

Some might say the thought of love to be silly
Just a thought rather than a feeling
An emotion rather than an action
A indifference of two mixed emotions
Love and Hate
Jealousy and Lust
One big conspiracy

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One Last Time

Everyday seems like a living dream
Sleeping into a nonexisting world of impossiblities
And then you wake up
Limited by actions and urges to continue more
One last time

Your mind then wanders off into a different dimension
A realm of warmth and comfort
No worries
Just Pleasure
One last time

The urge is no more than just a habit
A soul quenching paradox
Confused and depressed
Only if I did it
One last time

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stressed and distressed

silent screams and suicidal pleas.
distressed and stressed,
he says she couldn't care less.
"love me, you don't",
do anything... he says, "she won't."
her sanity is peeling,
she's getting tired of dealing,
again and again.
she wants to give up,
and he's lost all trust.
she's trying to be,
and trying to succeed,
but all she's doing,
is the devilish deed.