This feeling I could not control
Like wildfire burning through the grassy forest
I could not say the momentum of its weather nor atmosphere
It's stinging me like bee and biting me like snake
Doing me like pepper sauce touching the baby's mouth

I could neither comprehend nor equivocate but to submit like losing sleeves
As it speaks to me like fluent speaker of local language
It tints my eyes like cloudy sky
It's even like its incantation and mumbo jumbo witch my soul like magical wand
I don't even know my mind again only know its
I could not help the situation in whatsoever way only resume to its wheel
Could this be a natural or weird? As all the body felt its action
I could still say but still not say but why?

As it still grows like foetus in the pregnant womb
Uncontrollable like electrific magnet
If i could find a way to go out,It keeps blocking my exit
If i move it shelter me with its shadow
If I take a step it keeps following me like snail's shell
If i take a stand It keeps haunting like conscience
If i breath it takes over my Vshape
Why why? I could not believe

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