The tide coiled like bonfire smoke
Pluming up to kiss the racing cloud's hike
the socrates' thought and wills sensed around the water's heart
her stalking shadow cast towards her journey
then started mentioning the name of wooshes
where all Adams buried their heads and listening to folks of Greeks

the cousin of Abraham who had turned blind pity the reddevils
who had also blind but could sight with grey gurgle
he wondered why he could get that values but not sustain his lives
with the archeaological items that dug out from his pot

there're many who could tell the name of first born of noon
what about the moon that skinned the night like cow
and threw darknesses around like Zuma rock cave
and the sun that drew skeiness upon the beamy day
i could not even say the fight over between dawn and dusk
that engraved within pillow of earth

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