Lonely Clouds


Ugonna Wachuku


I dream through the night! 
When all hope is won
Love will be my strength
That's my hopeful dream! 


Lonely clouds: 

Where my dreams come true
Where I am full and whole! 

Love is all I dream 
And all hate is gone! 


Bounties of the night
That's my hopeful dream 
Where I am full and whole! 


Lonely clouds: 


Where my dreams

come true! 


Eagles carry me
over meadows and sea
to the land of my dreams 
Where I am made whole!  


When all faith is bloomed
That's my hopeful dream!


Every shadow of

doubt is lost on

this meadow land
Where I dream

through the night! 


When all hope is won, 
Love will be my guide! 
That's my hopeful dream
All for you, 
for humanity!


Lonely clouds: 

I dream through the night
Where I am made whole! 


Eagles carry me over

meadows and montains
where love is so real! 


That's my hopeful dream 
All through the night, 
All for you: 



















Lonely Clouds 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 

Gwendrina Howe  

Dear Ugonna, 

I am drawn in the breathtaking simplicity and eloquence
of your poem. You capture life's truth and hope with such poignant
beauty and understanding. This reads like a psalm from "The Book of
Psalms" and infuses my spirit with a serene faith in both The Creator
and a compassionate humanity. 

Thank you for your blessed insight,

Wendy    faith.

Robin Schmidt

In dreams of love I feel no pain, and wish the dreams would last
forever. But unfortunatly dreams don't last forever.. but great poem.
I really like it.
2002-02-01 16:13:37 

Douglas Lazard


What a wonderful, wonderful soul you have!  This is so
beautiful... I have always associated clouds and dreams with each
other for they have so much in common.
Your writing is so pure and heartfelt! Thank you for the glimpse
inside your heart.

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~
2002-03-01 11:16:04

Wendy D'Michelle


I have been reading some of your poetry and I love it. You have such a
wonderful flow and the things you write about are so inspiring:

"Love is all I dream 

And all hate is gone"

this stands out because so many people dream
about this too...as do I.

2002-03-18 00:37:52 

Jill Calahan

Hey, this poem is one of my favorite of yours. It's really really
good. Keep it up, you're such a great writer.

~*~ Jill ~*~
2002-04-28 22:36:12

Farah D

Whenever I need inspiration, I come calling at your door. Dear Ugonna,
your poetry is truly a blessing. and Thank YOU indeed, for sharing it
with us. This poem is truly touching..and I love the Rod Stewart song
2002-11-16 20:08:58

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In 1996, Rod Stewart, with Kevin Savigar, performed Every Beat of My Heart with the Scottish Euro '96 Squard - for a CD generally titled Purple Heather. My poem: Lonely Clouds was inspired by Every Beat of My heart. The proceeds from this Stewart CD is meant for the Dunblane Fund - in memory of those beautiful and enchanting 5 year old kids killed by a gunman at Dunblane primary school on Wednesday 13 March, 1996. My poem: Lonely Clouds, just as my poetry collection titled: Hope for Dunblane, is also a deep-felt tribute - in remembrance of those lovely children of God's eternal kingdom and their families! 


Dunblane School Kids: Scotland March 1996

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One Night of Fun

Tears flooded down my paled face

I sit alone in this empty space

I met him just the other day

I never thought I would have to pay

For the words I'd never say

It happened all in one night

He forced me down and cut the light

I tried and tried with all my might

But I couldn't break his evil hold

So now I lye here in the cold

He wasn't like I thought he'd be

And who he was I didn't see

I close my eyes and try to think

What was I going to do?

And who could I possibly tell this to?

My life was shattered just in one night

My hopes and dreams ripped from sight

My body in so much pain

I cried and cried but no one came

He beat me up and left me there

I was left with no ones care

Blood trickled down my head

What I wouldn't give to be home in bed

All I wanted was just one night of fun

Who would have thought I'd be raped by someone's son

I never thought it would happen to me

And now my teenage sole will never be free

You may not think that this could be

But you see it DID happen to me

So listen to your inner voice

Cause if you don't you may make the wrong choice

I failed to listen

I failed to see

That the ugliest thing could have happened to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was based on a DREAM that I have every so ofter  it's very realistic... even thought it never actually happened to me, I feel as thouhg it did for this dream is so realistic, i feel the pain and the blood and confusion. Each time the DREAM becomes more and more realistic and the girl in the dream i see is me. BUT IT IS A DREAM IT DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO ME

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Dream lover

My Favorites

My dream lover comes to me in my sleep,

unleashing  my fantasies,the ones that I keep,

Hidden away these deepest desires,

coming to me he sets me on fire.

Together we feel the passion so strong,

holding and touching all nite long.

Until the time for the sun to shine through,

knowing my dream lover,always was you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

tell me do dreams really come true?

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I feel like I am floating

in a dream world so real.

I see only in black and white

not truly understanding the deal.

I see men of different ages

all looking at me with desire.

Wishing that they were the one and only

to start with in me this fire.

For now it can't be that way

there is something else that fans the flame.

I walk in this dream like fevered frenzy

trying to find fortune and fame.

My life is one from the streets of hell

for this there is no escape.

I continue to dream of a life so fine

I can wear with pride this royle cape.

For now I live seemingly in a whirl

for in Italy I am just an American Girl.

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head in the clouds

I look up at the clouds and start to dream,

thinking of all the times that I've seen

and wonder where I have come from.

and the many things that I've done.

Looking for someone to hold me in the nite,

someone to hold me so very tight.

Just dreaming and wanting him to be you,

I know this love I have is true.

I just wish you feel the same for me,

let your love go and then you'll see.

This woman in me that needs you so,

hold me tight dont let me go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

somewhere over the rainbow....

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by Jeph Johnson


The plane crashes
waking me
from a Saturday afternoon slumber...



I must call my mother!


...for I am crying and sobbing


Tears and snot reservoirs
flood behind my nose
damning my will


I wonder if my breath
is still worth grasping for
as I dial


she is not home
but has a new cell phone


I jot the long distance number down


after three rings her voice
reassures me she's still there


"But mom, it was me who was in the crash!"


I thought I was alright
-even mad that I wasn't able to sue!
I laid in the airport on a stretcher
you came right away to snuggle
...comfort me in my pain...
and brought me a book called "MNO"


The older I get
the less I can do for myself
My nursery was spotless,
my bachelor pad
is like the set of
Saving Private Ryan
with sentiment
but without purpose


young attractive girls
rear their ugly heads
everywhere I go
(it used to be Jesus)


maybe someone can help
sort through compact discs,
pop culture and porn,
pictures and trinkets,
baseball cards and posters
and maybe someone can
even alphabetize my books
putting the one you gave me
from the dream
in the middle

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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First Dance

amongst the clouds I soared

adrift a calm...... blue...... sea...

I felt like a stranger to my own body

I know I haven't changed, but Ill never be the same

I couldn't look in his eyes

frightened of what I might see

startled by what I felt

eyes I could never ......ever tire of

my hand in his.....trembling

his arm around me.....so strong and yet I was scared

bodies pressed together .......yearning, craving

I felt his gaze....temperature rising


I felt every word he sang ......spinning

I close my eyes .......breathing deeply......a sigh

checks flushed........life had just begun!

deep gasp..........memorizing his scent

filling my lungs

all my unanswered questions ......answered

gaping wounds .......healed

touching me so deep within

making me hungry for love

reaching where No one has ever been

broaching unbridled passions

was it really him

how did he find me......he traveled so far

so many years I have waited

could it truly be him??

music fading, room growing darker

opening up I felt his very soul

silence, calm, completeness, final I was home,

all this with , but that first dance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

perhaps it truly was not only the first dance but maybe
it was the dance of a lifetime.....perhaps I dream too much lol....Im quite unsure.......however
thoughts of a time I will forever cherish ...will
always bring a smile to my face!
what a DEAL!

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Whistles this dream

     Full spectrum trance

     Shrill plummetting

     Down the mind's ears

     Striking it's heart

     Drean claws

This'll be my train

     Aurapierced man

     Leaves the scene

     Then gunfire

     Scares the other cats

     Absinthe darkness

Old coat and white face

     Ne'er betray hollow rust

     Spent days

     Until the dusk of this eve

     Had never been


Sharp shot insight

     The shunned light of this

     Never allowed Box of pain

     The tramplers

     Heavy riding and swift

Withers and fades

     Like Hiroshima and

     Dresden in the collapse of all logic

     Void of feeling

     Then gunfire scares the other cats

     Absinthe darkness

Sleeps like a baby

     Aurapierced man

     Pay him no mind

     He was just a dream

     Hey lover

     They're dropping the bomb

Whistles this dream

     Wild shrieking

     Hammer of delight

     Shredding his sould and vanishing


     With the click of handcuffs

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Dreams, Reality, Lifes Finality

When all your dreams

  become reality...

Thus you have reached -

  the climax...

     Life's Finality.                    


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a thought

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