"Huck and Jim"

Just a thought!

Olden days on riverways, you'd catch em' on a whim,

Rafting down the Mississippi, an odd sort, called, Huck and Jim.

Skirting rules and fancy free, they frolic in the sun...

One escaping a life of slavery, and the other on the run.

Chains can't hold dreams of men, searching for variety,

Every man is an island, seeking freedom in society.

Stories told by the great Mark Twain, bring us teary sighs and laughter...

Written down in character form, living happily ever after.

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Huck & Jim

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*You Don't Love Me Like You Use To*


 November.3.2013 7:20pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It seems like you're slipping away

This thought could be wrong

I just want you to stay

Our love to be strong


I don't want it to be just about sex

Or who could tease more

I just want to hold you till next

I want you to adore 


You don't love me like you use to

Like the first day we really met

Then it's like you knew

You had our life set


Now it seems like you don't give

You don't hold me as much

Without you I won't live

All the time I want to feel your touch


Baby I love you too much to let go

So I hold on

I think you don't know

I hope when you figure it out it's not long


You are the only one for me 

There is no way I would leave

Can't you see 

What can I do to make you believe


I can't sleep at night

Knowing what I know

How can I make you understand

Your love I just want you to really show

If you're not here where is my heart

Suppose to land


I gave you my heart

It seems like you don't care

But everything is falling apart

Why are you so afraid to share


Your thoughts and dreams

Together with you would make me

So filled with joy

Together we would make a wonderful team

Someday in the future I'd like to have your boy


There is one source of love 

And you and I can cherish

The blue sky above 

If you tell me bye my heart wil parish


It's like you don't love me 

Like you use to

Inside my heart bleeds 

I wish you knew

That my heart..you is all it needs




"Apple Dreams"

Just a thought!

If I were an apple, Id grow high up in a tree

Otherwise some little hands

Would reach right up and eat me.

My skin will glow in richer color, blessed by sunlight fare

The fruit inside me bountiful

From a Southern wind, in the midnight air.

Eventually, they'll shake me loose, my anchor at a loss

I'll hit the ground running, to pursue my dream....

"Granma's Chunky Apple Sauce!"

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Apple Dreams"

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Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I a rise from dreams of the one i care 
The night of the first sleep 
I rest within the sheets bare 
A dream i must want to keep 
Stars burning their gases at night 
And the dream catchers are at my feet 
Soon will come morning light 
And every time i awake with a memory so sweet

So as i wake to greet the morning sun 
A new day is born 
For new dreams my way are to come 
For last nights dreams have been worn 
And may never in my dream world return

Anytime soon again i will be 
The prisoner of the dark silent stream 
And once again my dreams roam so free 
My thoughts will leave me to dream 
In store and ready for anything to see

Many directions the dream may go 
Where my dreams may take me i have no idea 
No one will really know 
Many dreams have no end 
Where others its not up to you where you they send 
To many people some seem so real not pretend

When i wake up to see what i wrote 
You to yourself have nothing to show 
Not even a short little note 
So every night you decide to just go with the dreams flow


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We reminisce about times we never had
In groomed backyards with shining skies
And romantic escapades filled with youthful ploys
Smiling faces fill these sentimental reveries
While alone we sit in old ripped jeans
And realize that these times we had
Were dreams and only dreams
Nothing more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello esteemed reader

I am always looking to better my writing and thus urge anyone who reads this to let me know what they think about it



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Catch a Rainbow

Just a thought!
Beauty in a rainbow from an afternoon rain,

 Seems to arch through the sky with multicolored stain.


Maybe fanned by a fairy and her magical wand,
In a misty colored forest bending light from beyond.


Maybe fat little leprechauns, with a coloring list

catching fairy dust run-off, from clouds in the mist


A sparkling array of colorful dreams

Shooting pockets of light, through rivers and streams


It's a "site to behold" Spectrum, this moist air glow...

I believe I'll chase one down and... catch a Rainbow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still trying for that pot of gold'Tongue Out

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Shadow Dancers

Just a thought!

Moonlit wings dancing in shadows, delicate silken veils engulfing this sweet silhouette.

With every turn, stirs of stardust illuminate her barefoot ballet.

Baby breath hair wisping the air as a sensuous stare peeks through the edge of darkness.

Her innocents motions to draw me in with a soft caress of her lips.

In angelic allure, she whispers my name. Lustfully, I reach for a moments touch.

My mind seduced by this temptress dove, entangled in a blissful abyss,

I am suddenly awakened by a swift palpitating heart.

With a deep breath, regaining composure, I escape captivity to remain...outside the shadows.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got the idea from a little birdie...I think it was a Dove'

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The Dance

10th grade

Sexy skeleton playin' the bass

mindless mushroom without a face

withered pumpkin, dance to the drum

smoke seeps quite softly from bottles of rum


Woman plays banjo, closes an eye

clouds hurry over as rain leaves the sky

catching the raindrops, my bucket is full

I throw it aside and give in to your pull


Dance doesn't cease though the fire's burnt out

it's been way too long since the start of the drought

no one unhappy, the angels exhale

my baby is laughing though strikingly pale


Orange encompasses incoming light

man raises arms in the middle of night

moons fall like water, and piercing my hand

cold to the touch but feel hot as they brand


Windows of stained glass make no sense to me

give me your arm and write down what you see

I can't remember, my love is asleep

the place where he lay is a secret I keep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has always stuck with me for weird reasons. It's kind of an amalgamation of bits and pieces I remembered from three separate bizarro dreams. 

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Walking through the hallways of my life's past
Important memories are the pieces that last
Thoughts of family and friends decorate the walls
As I grow older some pictures fall
I take trips there sometimes not planned
Strolling down the street an aroma makes me land
Back to the hallway when I was only eight
My grandma's cooking, and the wonderful taste
Older now sometimes I drive,
My mind takes me there, Im so alive
My father teaching me, breaking in my glove
Learning to ride a bike, and my first love
I come to the hallway often unannounced
It brings a smile to my face, pains not even an ounce
I wish I could stay here but I only pass
Back to the real world I must crash
Constant construction is done to the hallway
As it is always growing, and I make my way
Through this world, memories compile
I never leave for long, Ill be back in a while
The hallway is holy, but can also be bad
Thoughts of hardships, and times gone bad
But when I visit, I like to have fun
Im just in my 20's, the best trips have yet to come



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I tried wrotem trying to convey getting lost in thoughts, and dreams. Any feedback would be great!!