Icarus (day 70)

Maybe flying too close to the sun just had something to do with

needing the light,

chasing the dawn


The people of sparks understand

with their earth walls and their lanterns,

forever searching for something they don’t know

but they know they need


Maybe flying too close to the sun just had something to do with

loving the sky,

breathing pure stardust

while he still could


I feel his longing like a stab to my chest

down here on the ground,

the only time I get close to the light

is with my back to the grass

staring up at the stars.


I want to go out with a burst of smoke-

not a candle, a firework-

maybe then I’ll meet Icarus

on the surface of the sun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/7/16


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A frame down the hallway,


in the shadowed, normal.


moving under the skin


so quietly speaks the broken.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

something about that----feeling

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Better Together

Can it be that we have an inseparable bond like platinum? 
Could not have mistaken if we're better together (for you or for me?) 
For us, time holds and has no boundaries (the sky is boundless) 
Fly me away into your dreams (free my soul) 

Shine on me someday to just be the light 
The one that frees me soul, my all, my ender 
Ender's game, they say: better pray now 
'Cause we're better than ever (we're better together) 

I'll pick up the pieces and build a popsicile stick house 
Our sacred dream home: if things go wrong, I'll build a new one 
Our love saves us: eternally your's, I'll always be 
Our hearts are eternally in the afterglow. Our hearts set a fire. 

I don't have to be the one who completes you. 
I may not be your better half after all. 
Maybe, it's true that we're better together 
But I may not be the one for you if you're still hurting... 

Still, I see through you, your pain, suffering, and denial 
The tears are evident in your face... 
Maybe, I'm just not the one for you after all...this time... 
Could you still say we're better together?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014.


Stretching past these divergent roads (divergent roads), 
I've come to realize that a change of pace (a change of pace) 
Are a continuous, steady flow of life (steady flow of life). 
A wave of life, if you must say so (if you must say so). 

In the time that flows (flows plentifully) 
The flower petals floating down the river (down the river), 
And the river that flows in you (river that flows in you) 
Do let it pass and shine on us tonight (shine on us tonight). 

Why worry? A worrybomb ticks in the distance. (ticks in the distance) 
So close yet so far. (Where'd you go?) 
It's driving me crazy (you drive me over the edge). 
I've been standing too close to the edge (too close to the edge). 

Disengage this worrybomb (disengage, in silent disarray). 
Up all night, I wonder (I wonder if you think of me). 
'cause I'm scared to know that I'm always on your mind (on your mind). 
Somehow and someday, we'll collide (we'll collide into each other). 

Let our evanescent glow of light shine (let it shine). 
Our hearts are eternally set in the afterglow (in the afterglow). 
Encompassed in it are our lives (pain dissipates). 
Shine one me and free my soul (free my soul).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A song I wrote back in 2014. Will post more as time goes by. Wrote notebooks full of songs in 2014.

The Here The Now

Did you see the nothingness

Taste your dreams delight

Feel the pain of helplessness

Diving head first into the night

Which is my reality?

The here 

The now

Or where?

If only you could come with me

I could show you

But beware

One day through the dark mist

The Here

The Now

Or where

My soul will merge

Gently stop

And end this life's despair?


© Tony McNally

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We have never met
Not in this realm
But we know each other 
So well……………………..
Its hit and miss
If I meet you again
The vale of sleep descends
Where shall I go?
Toss the coin
Throw the dice
You are perfect
I love you……………..
You opened the door for me
One day…………………..
We will enter…………..
Never to wipe the sleep from my eyes
But home……………….
What is a dream?
Maybe its real?
Just maybe………….
I will Rest In Peace.

© Tony McNally

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The Mystery Beyond

He stares down at me with hundreds of blinking eyes

I stare back,

Mesmerized by the mysteries he holds dear


The damp blanket beneath welcomes me.

The green claimimg my fingers,

my toes

Begging me to remain


I see his eyes coming down on me,

Lifting me, 

Telling me he wants to show me,

Show me his secrets


He lifts me.


I meet with a blakened curtain,

His eyes have gone

I am alone,

alone in a pool of darkness


I hear his voice

A tiny whisper in my mind.

He tells me to come,

says he wants to show me


The black curtain follows wherever we go.


He tells me he has nine children

Nine who are so different.

He wants me to see


He says he has a favorite,

He says he is beautiful,

He says he has the bluest of eyes,

And skin like oatmeal

He says I have met him


I see the other eight

I am in awe 

I want to know their secrets

I reach out,

they are too far


The air feels funny,

My eyes feel heavy,

I open them and find the stars above,

My coat damp from the green carpet beneath,

My fingers buried in it

I realise then,


I HAVE met his favorite

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Searching for a way to Sacramento

Leaving these dark east clouds behind

Because maybe this way they’ll remember me,

caught under the waves,

asleep in the sand,

a writer on a park bench under a palm tree.


Pros and cons, back and forth

Weddings and funerals

as the hourglass of the storm ticks away

All I can think, all I can dream

is maybe in Sacramento it’s blue

Maybe they see the light of day.


But not this blue,

the view of the rain clouds and the puddles and my chest and my veins that struggle to wake up every morning.

I poke them.

I have to remind them, order them around so they pump my blood and keep me from turning into one of those empty body suits on the street over there, straining against a gray concrete existence.


No, not this blue.

The blue of the sky you can drink

and the ocean you can touch

with fingers that have never even been buried in sand,

fingers that haven’t even left home yet.


Hey, Sacramento, I’m willing to try

Unlike a lot of those clouds that slip by

and make out like they’re moving on to somewhere

better and less idealistic than there.


No, Sacramento, I’m a dreamer like you

and I know right now I’m a stranger to you

but I won’t be a stranger for very long

if you open my postcard and start humming this song.


Wrap me in the sunshine of the ocean view

and send me sea glass, a tiny piece of your blue

I’ll remember this promise, I swear it’s true

Hey, Sacramento, I’m coming to you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/1/16

The Beauty in Love & Art

I doubted I would find real, mutual love for the longest time.

That is only because I've looked in the wrong places and have fallen hard every time I thought

I found a missing part of me.


The problem with me is I don't fit in when I'm in any other group.

All around me in my daily life, I end up doing things I didn't want to do.

My life is getting stuck between a rock and a hard place when I choose

To be something I feel is right for me.


You're not hard to please for you are a fellow artist who shares my passion and attraction.

We color each other's worlds and we help each other out when we need it the most.

I give you my passion and you give it back in return.

We are not dependent on one another because we can take care of ourselves.


The sea leads to many places and although I have not landed where I needed to go,

You found me and led me in the right direction.

With you and me together, "lost" has no meaning.

We are simply taking our time to get to where we need to be.


The forsaken world and everything that was wrong with it will be far behind

Once I leave what destroyed me before and look for who I am.

The chains that keep me from breathing no longer exist

When I am somewhere else in the consciousness hidden within.


The art I color is vital to me as taking a breath.

Likewise, the more we are next to each other,

The more I see how selfless and warmhearted you are.


The way you treat me thaws my own heart until there is a flame that surrounds it.

A flame that only burns when you and I continue to bond.

Only you can see and feel how special it is to me that you make me feel that way.

I dream of us meeting face to face so we can make our artistic worlds come to life.


You teach me many things that I hold onto in my life.

Being with you helps me resist temptation that hinders my goals.

Speaking my tongue to you helps me become wiser in knowing the right things to say.

Presenting my own art to you helps me gain the courage to keep blossoming until my colors bloom like summer flowers.

More importantly, revealing my hopes and dreams to you gave me the escape from misery I longed to achieve.


In return for your kindness, I give you my passion and complete our missing soul.

To truly build up trust, all we have to do for each other is stay and that's what I will do for you.