Savor Every Minute

The sun shines bright
On a world
Still searching
For meaning in life
So busy and disctracted
By their over complicated lives
They run around blind
To the meaning
All around them
Not even bothering
With so called silly things
They deem trivial
Not even realizing
Those are the
Very things
To which
They sould be
Paying attention
A simple gesture
A random act
A puppies kiss
A kittens pur
A childs laughter
A nice cold
Ice cream cone
On a hot day
These are the moments
We should be savoring
Not pushing aside
Like they have
No meaning
Believe me
They have meaning
For at the end
Of the day
They and others
We take forgranted
Are the very things
That give life meaning
And that is something
We truly need
To start seeing

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