Pats Poem


Well!  What can I say, you are the best, Thank you Pat, nothing less..

I remember way back, 30 years, when you came in, rockin no fear..

Low on the totem pole, that’s where we were, straight to the top, you took us nonstop..

With LVVWD, this valley grew, we all did to, working hard for you..


You always said, it’s the people that work here, you lead the way, day after day..

When SNWA, came into site, you stood up tall, just took another bite..

You were the one, each and every day, from leaders in service, to leading the way..

You brought us here, also there, picking up systems, because you cared..


With you at the top, we listened you talked, to save and conserve, with every drop..

You did it your way, great job we all say, you will be missed, everything is OK..

Now, its’ your time, to have fun and to shine, all your hard work, let go it’s all fine..

From Inspection to construction, this we know, thanks again Pat Mulroy, now just go..


We’ll hold down the fort, and get it done, don’t you worry about a thing, just enjoy have fun..

This time in life, we live for change, you did your best, on top of your game..

Thanks again, for all you have done, one great lady, you are number one..

But, before I go, I want to say, a early happy birthday, coming your way..

Fish in the water, I was told long ago, you have been the greatest boss, that I know..


David Mathis  2/5/2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One great boss, lady too..

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