Tried to warn you but you wouldnt listen
chastise your smile & wicked disposition.
you can ask the questions but you know the reason why
cover your tracks in the ashen lie
bite your tongue or he'll give you more
followed the path to the devils door.
sing the songs that angels cry
leave you alone, cold as you die.
withering rot as you curse my name
it doesnt matter its all the same.

bat your lashes, toss your hair
throw your hands up in the air.
Round and round the cycle goes
freezing ice and freezing froze
In the ground they'll lay you down
blithering bluber as you drown.
And so the story comes to a end
make peace with the demons as you transcend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poems is based on a very personal event that occured in my life, and how I felt afterwards.

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