Heaven's Gift.

A soft blanket of patchwork green

Sweeps upward across the vale.

And undulating hedgerows

Climb gently towards the skyline,

Where soft winds stroke, the drifting clouds

And guide them on their way.

The early morning sunshine,

Runs her fingers through the sky,

And paints the scene with shadows

As she passes by.

The ancient oaks, a group of three

Stand proud upon the hill.

And lower down, where willows grow

The bullrush edge the rill.

Such beauty comforts saddened hearts,

Sends gentle joy, for Souls embrace.

With sweetest call of skylarks song,

What better to replace?

An icy wind flows through the air

And makes me look again.

The patchwork fields, and willow trees,

The bullrush and the brook,

Have fallen to the hands of time--

The brook beneath the pavement's line

Never again to feel the rain.

The willow trees are now street lights.

And roof's recall, the hedgerow's climb.

Where proudly stood the oaks of three

Now one alone, in a car park grey.

And the sweetening sound of skylarks rise

No longer tunes the day.

No more is solace here to find,

Or comfort for the Soul.

Another piece of Heaven's gift

Is cruelly 'stole' away!
















Author's Notes/Comments: 

This hasn't happened yet, but it will, building's due to start at the end of this year, What makes it so awful is knowing that even more of the countryside I love dearly, and walk every day will die in just a few months, and all that I will have left will be little more than a park and another housing estate, where I now have open country. 

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Sky's picture

Your writing reminds me a lot

Your writing reminds me a lot of my own and that's awesome. The way you make the reader sad to see the landscape transformed is very inspiring. I wrote a poem with a similar theme to this one called trapped. Very nice write!

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.

sweetwater's picture

Thank you for such a kind

Thank you for such a kind comment, I can't bear to keep losing so much of our beautiful countryside. I shall have a look at your poem :-) xx