Rescue is Coming


Her blank stare says it all.


She's got a black hole soul,
a void beneath the skin.


She thinks they can see
right through
her vulnerable heart.


The passersby ask her
what's the matter,
her face downcast
so their glances don't penetrate.


She replies,
"There's nothing wrong with me."
and continues walking.


But the irony is that
everything's wrong,
she doesn't need to be here,
panhandling for love.


She yearns to return
to her youth,
to innocence
when dark corners
were avoided, not embraced.


She wants to believe
things will get better,
but past experience signifies otherwise.


Then a man stops her
in the midst of her misery
and whispers in her ear.


"Rescue is coming.
Just be patient.
There is an end in sight.
Don't give up hope."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Rescue is Coming" by David Crowder Band

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