Our Rock In Life

Our Rock In Life


They say, life is what you make it, while Truth, one can forsake it,

By leaving The Lord God behind, within a world that is so unkind,

Living without God in your life, in a time filled with pain and strife,

In dismissing God’s Eternal Son, when trials in your life do come.


I do not know how they live life, without The Savior, Jesus Christ,

The One, in this world so unkind, Who, gives men peace of mind,

As trials in this life come to all; the rich and poor, great and small,

As no one knows about tomorrow, if it brings joy, pain, or sorrow.


This life is filled with uncertainty, with trials ahead for you and me,

From trials, no one is immune, for some, not later, but very soon,

But, sooner or later they will come, trials for all, not just for some,

Knowing not the time or place, as tribulation in life we all will face.


In who or what, do you stand, through trials that are now at hand?

With problems not here yesterday, filling up your life with dismay;

A stability in life you may have built, now is shifting sand and silt,

Filled with uncertainty day and night; while in a tunnel with no light.


That stable Rock is Jesus Christ, for stability in uncertainty of life,

The Rock in all trials we will face, providing us strength and grace,

All those who belong to The Lord, in a world where God’s ignored,

He’s more than salvation friend; He’s our rock in life at every bend.


(Copyright ©01/2014 Bob Gotti)

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