To Be Free


I desire to live simply,
to not follow the trends of the masses
but to create an identity
that is all my own.


I want to spend my days
pursuing my own desires,
not someone else's pursuit
of power and wealth.


I want to do things at my leisure,
not be rushed to this and that,
places where I have no interest being.


I don't wish to be ruled by clocks,
and schedules, and deadlines,
and unrealistic demands.


All these restraints that
society places on us,
the standards to live by,
the pressures to belong.


When I just want to be noticed
and you can't be recognized
if you look like everyone else.


If only time could governed by my body
not the other way around,
where my world starts when I wake up
and ends when I close my eyes.


I just want to be free,
free to carve out my own path,
to do and be as I see fit,
not to fit someone else's idea
for how and what I should be.

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