Up the riverbanks we scrambled.

Across the herb speckled meadows we ran.

Lungs full of dust: how our lives dangled!

Between life and death; as the dust did fan.

A wind sprung up, diverting the dust:

Towards the river and farm it spread.

Quickly to hospital - Oh! yes we must!

Shall we soon be really and truly dead?

But insectestides, are not the answer.

Intensified chemical sprayed!

Do you think it casues cancer?

I daresay and I heard you prayed.

Dead birds and fish float in the river.

Oh! now my lips are all of a quiver.

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My childhood memories of playtime interrupted by crop dusting during the 1960's. What chaos!!

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Enjoyed the read.  Thanks for sharing.  I too remember the 60's.  Hi old friend.


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Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry, your kind and encouraging comments are welcome, nettajack.

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It's a wonder that any of us

It's a wonder that any of us survived the 60s. A delightful read.

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Your time to read my poem and comment on it is much appreciated. Could not agree more with your statment here let's hope there is no repeat.