My Own Way

Take me
To the place where lust
Meets broken trust
And show me
All the things I must
Find to clear the dust
And tell me
That it's all a shame
And it's all a waste
And find me
When I'm beaten down
And I can't get out

Find me
In the place, where light gives way
And the darkness takes its place
And keep me
In your memories
Where I'm can never reach
And tell me
That it's all the same
And it will never change
Remind me
That I'm the one to blame
And I should be ashamed
For everything I never gave

Beat me
When I've fallen down
And see me
Lying on the ground
And tell me
That it's all on me
That I'm never free
And wrap me in your chains

Hold me
Like I'll slip away
Berate me
Cause we're not the same
And I'll never change
And know this
This is not a game
That I'll ever play
I'll break the ties that bind me to this place

Reach me
When I've run away
Find me
On my darkest days
While I hide the pain
And show you
The mask I paint
On this saddened face
While I hide myself away

I won't give in
I won't give up
There's a few things that won't change
I've not fallen
I've had enough
I'll make it my own way

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Absolutley loved it!

Absolutley loved it! Amazing!! I wish I could write this well.

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Glad you enjoyed it.
You can write like this one. Just take one of your favorite songs and change up the lyrics a bit with your own style. This sorta follows the beat to a Seether song.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr

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What awesome lyrics.  ....

What awesome lyrics. 


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Sorry for such a delayed response. I just noticed your comment on this one.

"Music is a universal language and needs not be translated. With it, soul speaks to soul" - Songsterr