Monthly Archive for February 2010

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the end doesn't come soon enough Poem voighdt Feb 23rd
Our Lord’s Majesty Poem trumpet7 inspiration Feb 23rd
Waqt Poem sardarkhan Prayer Feb 23rd
Hope Poem sardarkhan Hope Feb 23rd
WHILE IN THE CHASM** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
ALL THINGS LOVE ** Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
Ambition Poem sardarkhan Feb 23rd
twists and turns Poem wallis420 1 Breaking Up Feb 23rd
CAST ASIDE Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
GOODBYE LOVER, HELLO STRANGER * Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 23rd
Damaged Poem katyo3 Feb 23rd
LIGHT AND DARKNESS Poem emmenay 1 Feb 23rd
IT MATTERS DEAR FATHER Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
Untitled -- 2.22.2010 Poem babbygirl Pain/Sorrow Feb 23rd
LIVING ON WITH THE HOPE Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
TRIBUTE TO MY DAD Poem candy2buy 1 In Memory Feb 23rd
Angel with broken wings Poem hey Forgiveness Feb 23rd
Friendship Is like a Rose Poem candy2buy 1 friendship Feb 23rd
A friend is one who cares and sees no colors Poem candy2buy friendship Feb 23rd
TO DIE BEFORE WE DIE Poem emmenay 1 Feb 23rd
THE JOY OF BEING Poem emmenay 1 Feb 23rd
REINCARNATION Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
His inspiration Poem crazywhytegyrl love Feb 23rd
dont run from it Poem babbygirl choices Feb 23rd
HATS OFF TO SMOKIN' JOE Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
THE ALPHA AND OMEGA Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
TOUCH WOOD Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
Creation Groans and Trembles Poem alisonsailer Feb 23rd
I am not alone Poem geneconner2008 Feb 23rd
One day you will understand Poem geneconner2008 Feb 23rd
Love is forever Poem geneconner2008 Feb 23rd
PLANNED ENDING Poem emmenay Feb 23rd
BLESSED BY GOD AND DAPHNE Poem emmenay 1 Feb 23rd
If you asked me Poem thecrazypalekid Feb 24th
Orangeblur Poem thecrazypalekid Feb 24th
Mom Poem your_killing_me Feb 24th
A Perfect Stranger Poem desert_rose Abstract Feb 24th
LOVE'S RAINBOW Poem emmenay Feb 24th
THE SANDS OF TIME Poem heatherburns35 1 returning to yesterday. Feb 24th
UNPERTURBED Poem emmenay Feb 24th
Wanting You With Me Poem jaela 1 Feb 24th
Cries of the Damned Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Feb 24th
deathdearthearth Poem charlax7 Abstract Feb 24th
Coming Together Poem jaela Feb 24th
Health Hazard Poem jaela Feb 24th
A Simple Love Poem jaela Feb 24th
bring it on Poem jpike Feb 24th
Abuse Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 24th
Loki Poem JEP-BEAR Feb 24th
I know now Poem JEP-BEAR love Feb 24th
The Girl you lost to Cocaine Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 24th
A Poem for Shawn Poem SinfullySweet Individuality Feb 24th
Why??? Poem SinfullySweet 2 Feb 24th
You Will Never Be Forgotten Poem dancing_corpse18 In Memory Feb 24th
The Why of You Poem odysseus 1 Poetry/Writing Feb 24th
The Apology Poem dancing_corpse18 Forgiveness Feb 25th
To all my lovers Poem alirene Acceptance Feb 25th
tell the white marsh Poem 9inety 1 Feb 25th
An elegy written for Car insurance websites Poem shazi 1 Satire Feb 25th
To Mend A Broken Heart Poem dancing_corpse18 Breaking Up Feb 25th
OUT OF DATE MAGAZINE Poem chris Abstract Feb 25th
Without A Chance Poem dancing_corpse18 Bittersweet Feb 25th
CHICAGO NAVY PIER Poem chris Abstract Feb 25th
Pain Poem taos Dark Feb 25th
Agony Poem dancing_corpse18 Angst Feb 25th
ISLAND Poem chris Abstract Feb 25th
Ignorance Poem dancing_corpse18 Anger NonViolent Feb 25th
Breath Of Death Poem dancing_corpse18 death Feb 25th
Misery Poem dancing_corpse18 Pain/Sorrow Feb 25th
LAKE SHORE LIMITED AT NIGHT Poem chris Children Feb 25th
Moss Coverlet Poem rbpoetry 2 Feb 25th
"Silver" Poem The1TrueMojo Feb 25th
PRISON Poem chris Abstract Feb 25th
PRISON Poem chris Abstract Feb 25th
PINBALL Poem chris Song Lyrics Feb 25th
Insanity Poem dancing_corpse18 Pain/Sorrow Feb 25th
MY HONOR Poem heatherburns35 2 honor Feb 25th
AN EXPERT Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 25th
GAINING KNOWLEDGE Poem heatherburns35 1 gaining knowledge Feb 25th
KEEPING BALANCE Poem heatherburns35 balance Feb 25th
SECOND HALF Poem heatherburns35 Feb 25th
YET TO BE FOUND Poem heatherburns35 Feb 25th
HEART Poem heatherburns35 2 Feb 25th
UNKNOWN BELOVED Poem heatherburns35 Feb 25th
TRAGIC LOVE Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 25th
HIGH SEA OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 high sea of life Feb 25th
Listen Poem humanpulse Feb 25th
Holding Hands in South Dakota Poem halfbaykdbrownie love Feb 25th
SPRINKLING POSITIVE THOUGHTS Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 25th
Can't Hide Poem Aloris Lost love Feb 25th
Leaving this world. Poem ozzypoemgirl Feb 25th
Intoxicated driving Poem randyjohnson Dark Feb 25th
burning question for chrystal Poem jpike Feb 25th
Conscious Poem apri2529 1 Self-doubt Feb 26th
tititititititiiiittttttttttttttttttttttttle Poem anexod Feb 26th
GLENN MILLER Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Feb 26th
im the best you ever had Poem babbygirl love Feb 26th
جريدة القدس : عسراوي النيابة العامة هي السلطة الوحيده ا Poem tariqasrawi Feb 26th
FLOWERS OF MY HEART Poem heatherburns35 fflowers Feb 26th
anti-drug Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 26th
GENE KELLY Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Feb 26th
MY BARED ADONIS (EROTICA) Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 26th
INTERNET BLESSINGS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 26th
PAUSE A MOMENT TO PONDER Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 26th
im gona be me Poem babbygirl Feb 26th
im siting hear Poem babbygirl Feb 26th
Merecer. Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 26th
مطالبات بإخلاء سبيل الموقوفين بالكفالة شريطة عدم تعري Poem tariqasrawi Feb 26th
JEWELS OF KNOWLEDGE Poem heatherburns35 1 Feb 26th
choices of soul. Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 26th
learning to ice skate with CGI Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 26th
snow tubing with CGI Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 26th
Again Poem eduffy Awakening Feb 26th
An Observation Poem eduffy Change/Transition Feb 26th
Untitled 134 Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 27th
Man Jones Poem running_with_rabbits Abuse Feb 27th
Good Morning Sunrise Poem Silver__lining Feb 27th
Dissonance Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 27th
Savior Poem xephornite Feb 27th
SUFFUSED IN POETRY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 27th
ALL ALONE Poem snakie_marie 1 Lost love Feb 27th
Think of Me Poem Silver__lining Feb 27th
THE RHETORIC UNRAVELED Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 27th
CALIFORNIA COLLABORATION (written with Fredericko years ago!) Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 27th
I WISH I AM Poem snakie_marie 1 Life/Living Feb 27th
sultry in and out Poem gemboy Sensualality Feb 28th
STILL IN SEARCH Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
STILL I WAIT Poem heatherburns35 waiting Feb 28th
When I go away Poem vilmazab 1 Feb 28th
UNFORSEEN Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
A HEART Poem heatherburns35 a heart Feb 28th
out and about Poem gemboy Sensualality Feb 28th
ROGER WILLIAMS Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Feb 28th
Love Poem Poem spacecowboy Feb 28th
THE INHERITORS Poem emmenay Feb 28th
STOLEN BY THE WIND Poem heatherburns35 wind Feb 28th
Waiting Poem ChandaHealton Lost love Feb 28th
HOW BIG IS THE WORLD Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
WHEN TIME PAUSES Poem emmenay 1 Feb 28th
The Floating Laughter of the Harlequin's Anti-Gravity Brain Poem enuminous Existential Feb 28th
Amigo? Enamorado. Poem halfbaykdbrownie Feb 28th
HOME Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
your day, save today. Poem halfbaykdbrownie Abstract Feb 28th
ETERNITY Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
Dying Man's Wish Poem sardarkhan Dark Feb 28th
CREDIT Poem heatherburns35 Feb 28th
The Kingdom of God - Tanka Poem blumentopf Feb 28th
At The Evangelist Saint Luke's Gospel 16:19-31, 1 Poem JVersed Devastation Feb 28th
the golden hump in a herd of camels Poem gemboy Sensualality Feb 28th