To die before we die,

Is the secret key,

Which unlocks the doors,

To divinity.

No will ever prevails,

Against God's Will,

We have been given the choice,

To choose our destruction,

Or an eternal life of bliss

And real happiness.

The ruins and remains,

Of all bygone generations,

Lull in sombre silence,

A living testimony,

Of how everything chooses,

Its annihilation,

And extinction.

By not accepting the supreme Will:

Die, before death takes away the chance.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Eckhart Tolle's book will resonate in you as you speak here of things he speaks of to die before we die without actually dying. Meaning letting our ego die and us realizing we are more than our mere ego and self. You'd not even read his book yet and this poem reflects like you got what he meant and expanded upon it with your own poetic flair. I love this! you know who! why type it?